Here's my interview with actress Linnea Quigley, who played "Trash" in the film.

1- How did you get involved with "ROTLD"?

I got called in by Stanzi Stokes, a casting director that cast me in "Silent Night Deadly Night". I guess the role was already cast by this girl who got pregnant. So I auditioned 3 times and got it.

2- What was it like working with Dan O'Bannon?

Dan was brilliant. He really got into the film.

3- Was the rest of the cast easy to work with?

Yes, we all got along. A lot of long nights. People held up good. It was hard outside all night with rain machines.

4- Were there any difficulties with the extras, especially during the scene when your character was attacked?

The extras were mean. I had to suffer with white paint all over and be cold and they said rude stuff. I wanted to bite their brains out.

5- Were there any other problems on the set?

Oh yes but my next book is going into more detail on that. A lot of tensions built on the set and things happened. In my books "Chainsaw Bio" and "I Am Screaming As Fast As I Can", I go into stuff but the next book will really spill dirt.

6- Do you enjoy meeting fans? Any interesting stories?

I love meeting fans. Oh god, lots of stories. Some are close friends now but the fans lately have been getting a bit more obsessive and stuff. The guys now have them also.
The last con {convention} FrightVision, was real gossip. One cool guy, Cameron, had a "Trash" tattoo. I signed that, was a huge honor for me. He had it on his back.

7- Are you happy ROTLD is *finally* being re-released on home video?

Yes I'm happy but it's cool people got a chance to miss it.

8- What did you think of the movie the first time you saw it?

Wow, I was blown away. I was like "Was that what I filmed?"

9- Have you seen the 2 sequels?

No - I was promised to be in them.

10- How did you approach your (now famous) strip dancing scene? Were you nervous?

Nervous - Yes, very. I was so glad not to be in the rain machine. I'd been tortured so it was nice not to be cold and wet.

11- Contrary to what most believe, you were not fully nude in the movie. How was this effect achieved?

I had a mold made then they glued on this flesh, latex g-string.

12- Finally, what are you doing now? Any future projects we can look forward to?

Lots. I have a Drive Inn Horror movie, back to the 80's type "Scream" stuff.
Also a documentary. Working for Doris Wishman this month and John Waters.
Joe Bob also involved, it's called "Each Time I Die".
Also doing a DVD for horror workout and skin book with Rebel Films.
Doing full length film of the short nerve with Jose Prendes and working with Brian Singlton on our own stuff.
Oh, they want me to direct a Bettie Page movie in London in August but they wanted me acting but I want to direct.