I will try and scrape together reviews for the new collector's edition DVD here. If you see any that I don't have listed, please e-mail me.

The first I've seen is from DVD Talk which you can read HERE

HERE is one from Dread Central.


With the posting of the first review of the MGM DVD, I have opened up this new sub-section that will be devoted to rounding up internet reviews. I'd also like to encourage fans to send in their own reviews of the MGM DVD after they watch it. Oh and if you've seen a review of the DVD that's not listed here, PLEASE tell me about it so I can include it in this section, thanks!
New review links are added to the bottom of this page.

Mondo Digital is the first to write up a review of the disc. It's not terribly in-depth but it is positive. Check it out HERE.

DVDfile.com has their review up. This is my favorite DVD review web site and once again, the 'ROTLD' DVD has gotten a thumbs up!

DVD Review has written their review of the disc. Yet another positive one!

Home Theater Forum has given a very detailed review. They've also included numerous screenshots from the movie, the DVD's menus and from the various extras (like a NEW picture of Dan O'Bannon during his interview.) Great stuff and yup, it's another positive review.

DVD Verdict has just posted their review.

DVD Authority has made their feelings known.

HorrorDVDs.com just wrote up a very positive review of the DVD!

Here's one from DVD Savant.

GenreOnline speaks out on the DVD.

DVD Movie Central also has something to say.

Upcoming Discs shares their opinion.

Classics on DVD spews forth an opinion.

Creature Corner crawls from the darkness with their review.

DVD Angle has something to say.

Here's one from DVD Movie Guide.

Even DVD Empire has something to say!

DVD Journal speaks out as well.

Digitally Obsessed wrote up a good review.

Cinescape speaks up.

DVD Drive-In takes a bite.

Film Freak Central delves into the disc.

Here's one from Arrow in the Head.

Daily Reviews um...reviews the DVD.

Cineschlock-o-rama has been up for a while but I forgot to post it.

and here's one from The Digital Bits.

Here's two more reviews from Audio Revolution and Eccentric Cinema