Probably the most detailed fan site is the UNEEDA fan site. Tons of facts, details, etc about "ROTLD". A great fan site, the best one I've ever seen on the internet. This site contains pretty much everything you need to know!

Be sure to visit Jules Brenner's web site here. Mr. Brenner was the director of photography on "Return of the Living Dead".

Also check out William Stout's web site. He was the production designer on "Return of the Living Dead". Go here to see it.

Actress Linnea Quigley (who played the character 'Trash') has her own official site.

Click on the banner to visit her site.

Clu Gulager has a web site, partially about him but mostly for his acting school. Check it out HERE.

Also check out a great article/interview with Clu by clicking HERE.

I just found Miguel Nunez Jr's official site. Click HERE to have a look.

Be sure to stop by Beverly Randolph's site (she's such a sweetie!) Click HERE to check it out.

Jewel Shepard's site can be seen HERE. The sound file on this page is of her from ROTLD.

Gutz N Gory has a site for all 3 "Return" films.

Here are two other fan sites to check out. House of Horrors and ROTLD Pictures Page has a page for the flick!

Check out Roger Ebert's review of "ROTLD".

You can't miss IMDB's section on the film!

Play the quiz and find out which ROTLD character you are! Go HERE to check it out.


If you know of any other "ROTLD" web sites, please let me know so I can add more links to this page.