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This all started February, 2001. The only copy of ROTLD I owned was recorded off of cable TV. I wanted an official copy but failed to find one since it had been out-of-print for ages. It was hard to even find an old copy to rent!
Eventually I bought a copy in an auction but predictably, the VHS was worn out and the sound quality had a continuous humming sound.
I'd had it, the movie needed to be re-released on home video and I was determined to help get it out.

...and so began my internet campaign. It all started with me trying to figure out *who* owned the film since the company that originally released it, Orion Pictures, went bankrupt several years ago.
Eventually I learned that MGM had picked up most (if not all) of Orion's film library which included "ROTLD" so with this information I cobbled together ways to contact the studio and began to harrass any and every DVD/movie/horror web site to mention it as well as posting the info on numerous forums and newsgroups. Apparently word spread fast and MGM got a taste of the desire of the fans and they announced a DVD release in 2002!
However, at the time, MGM's reputation for putting out quality discs was not good and so I created this web page to tell the world this film needs a special edition DVD. Instead of having to search through newsgroup postings which are quickly forgotten, this site was made for the purpose of collecting all the info in one stop.
So now that you're here, keep reading....let all the info sink in, check out the sections listed near the bottom of the page and get to writing MGM.


"THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD" sections of interest.

Here is my full review of both the film and the 2002 DVD. You can read it by clicking

NEW!!!!! Here is my full review of the 2007 Collector's edition DVD. You can read that by clicking HERE

Contact MGM and tell them you want them to release "Return of the Living Dead" as a special edition - director's cut DVD! This section gives you all the information you'll need.

News & Updates is where you'll find the latest news on the DVD, a hopeful "director's cut" and more! UPDATED: 4-25-2013. "Why The Return of the Living Dead is the Greatest Zombie Movie Ever"

This section rounds up reviews of both the 2002 DVD and the Collector's Edition DVD from 2007. Go to the DVD reviews section to read what people are saying about the collector's edition DVD as well as the previous release! UPDATED: 9-17-2007

Several ROTLD web sites can be accessed here. From great fan sites to the official web pages of cast/crew members, enjoy! UPDATED: 1-20-04

I've conducted interviews with members from the cast and crew of ROTLD. This section contains those very conversations. UPDATED: 6-5-02

I have a section that contains a biography of the creator of "The Return of the Living Dead", Dan O'Bannon.

To check out the other petitions/campaigns I have up for films to get released on DVD (and are "ROTLD" related) go HERE.
UPDATED: 5-17-2013


Do internet campaigns really work? Well I think it's obvious by now that they do. It takes more than just starting one simple petition...it's spending hours and hours researching, contacting the right people and getting the message out.
For all those who tell you campaigns never work, you point them to this web site. This is proof positive that, when people work together, we CAN make it happen!
I'd like to share with you something Jules Brenner (the director of photography of 'ROTLD') said on his web site about me and my campaign;

"We thank Michael Allred for his campaign to convince MGM to release it as a special edition.
The opportunity to have an effect on how a DVD is issued is a rare one in the annals of the medium and we give him lots of credit for all his efforts.
MGM went to the expense of producing the extra features for this DVD because of the campaign and the sense that this film might just have a sufficient following to justify it."

Finally, I'd like to thank YOU for supporting the campaign for this wonderful movie. It never would've happened without you.

Don't forget, I have MORE DVD campaigns for other films, just click on the link in the sections of interest. I still need your help more than ever.


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