UPDATE: 8-5-2007

Ok so spring has sprung and no new DVD from Lions Gate as of yet. They've kept quiet on this ever since I got that last e-mail from them so who knows what's in store (if anything.) Best thing I can say is keep writing them, asking for a special edition DVD for "The Resurrected."

By the way, I'm working on an interview with one of the film's producers, Ken Raich and I hope to have his answers up sometime in the not too distant future. I'm sure it will be eye opening for fans. "The Resurrected" has had something of a troubled history and hopefully Ken will shed some light on that subject for all of you.


UPDATE: 7-14-2006

Just a quick update for you. Lions Gate still has "The Resurrected" on their minds. I received this e-mail from the studio today:

Hello Michael

I hope you are well –

we are still considering new incarnations/editions of some of the more "classic" horror titles in our library –“The Resurrected” still included! –while exact plans are not finalized – Spring 2007 looks to be a strong possibility ---

Miguel Casillas

So Spring of next year is a time we can keep our fingers crossed for.


UPDATE: 3-3-2006

Check out this link folks, CHUD.com is reporting that Monsters HD (the only 24 hour horror movie channel) will be broadcasting "The Resurrected" in high definition.
The article is primarily about Stuart Gordon's "From Beyond" so you'll have to read a bit before getting to the mention but it's there.
What does this mean for the re-release of "The Resurrected" DVD from Lions Gate? Frankly I have no idea but it certainly gives us hope that the studio will produce a great DVD for fans.


UPDATE: 10-12-2005

The contest has ended. Congratulations to the winners: Jim Gross, Chris Helsel and Humberto Amador. The DVDs will be mailed out within the next week.
Thanks to everyone for entering!


UPDATE: 10-5-2005

Hey gang! Well, I wanted to do this early last month but was unable to however I can go ahead as planned.
I'm starting a "The Resurrected" DVD give-a-way today. I've got 3 copies to hand out to some lucky winners courtesy of Lions Gate Home Entertainment. How do you win? All you have to do is e-mail me and I'll select the winners at random. Pretty simple eh?

First, the rules.
1) You must be 18 years of age (or older)
2) You must reside in the United States
3) Only one entry per household

Now just e-mail me at michaeldallred@yahoo.com and include your name and home address. That's all you gotta do! The contest runs from today, October 5th to October 12th. Winners will be notified via e-mail.

Good luck!


UPDATE: 9-22-2005

Ok guys, "The Resurrected" was released on DVD this past Tuesday, so who bought it? More importantly, were you able to find it at a local store? Did you have to settle for an online purchase?

Finally, I have an assignment for you. For those of you who have seen the movie before, tell me what you thought of the DVD. Were you disappointed it was full screen only? That there were no special features? What did you think of the video/audio quality?
For those of you who have never seen the movie because it was unavailable but had heard good things, now that you've seen it, did it live up to the good reviews? Tell me what you thought.
I'm doing this because I want to put up a special section filled with your opinions on both the movie and DVD (please note, only e-mail me your reviews and opinions IF and only IF you now have the current DVD.)
One last question, what special features would you like to see Lions Gate include on a future special edition DVD? Be as specific as you want.

E-mail me HERE and once I get enough material, I'll put up the "fan" section with them.


UPDATE: 8-4-2005

Here is your exclusive first look at the DVD art for "The Resurrected", courtesy of Lions Gate Entertainment. Click on the image for a larger version.


UPDATE: 7-26-2005

Ok gang, I've got the exclusive details on the upcoming DVD release of "The Resurrected" here (well, "exclusive" as far as I know. I haven't seen it anywhere else yet.) Now before you freak out with the bad news, there IS good news at the end so read on.

Hello Michael –

There is good news and bad news –

The bad news is that this version of “The resurrected” is a 4x3 FF version, with 2.0 Dolby sound –and captions only –it is a catalog sale promotion item for September –it has a low MSRP and is bundled with a few other horror catalog titles for a “sale” item to major retailers – for the month of September

The good news –

The Resurrected was a fill-in for this September retail promotion – LGE is planning on doing something “bigger” and way better -- with this title and some of the other HP Lovecraft “works” that we own – but I really can’t elaborate at this time ! –

Hope this helps!

Miguel Casillas
Lions Gate Entertainment

So there you have it. I cannot say I'm surprised with it being full screen and bare bones considering it was a last minute decision and it's very low price tag but hey, at least there will be a better version of it down the line. So, buy the DVD that's coming to tide you over, maybe rent it if you can to satisfy your curiosity (if you have never seen it) or just wait for the better version Mr. Casillas mentioned. Nobody's really losing out here I suppose. Personally, I'll likely wait for the more elaborate DVD...how long we'll have to wait is anybody's guess (though I assume it wouldn't be until next year.) As always, as soon as I hear something new, you'll be able to read it right here.

I would like to thank all those at Lions Gate for taking the time to communicate with me regarding this, listening to suggestions, etc. Steve Beeks, Miguel Casillas and Ann Durante specifically. It's rare that ANY studio is so willing to do such things as this and I want them to know how much I appreciate their time.


UPDATE: 7-22-2005

DVD Empire is also selling the DVD, even cheaper than Amazon! Click HERE to see for yourself.


UPDATE: 7-14-2005

Amazon.com is now offering "The Resurrected" DVD for pre-order for slightly less than $10! Click HERE for the product page.


UPDATE: 7-9-2005

Well folks, it appears that Lions Gate has listened to us. Fangoria is reporting that the studio will be releasing "The Resurrected" on DVD September 20th. Here is the link and story;


"The following Tuesday, September 20, the Gate has a bunch more catalog fright titles joining the PUMPKINHEAD II special edition we told you about here. DOLLY DEAREST, MIDNIGHT, PINOCCHIO’S REVENGE (with Verne “Mini-Me” Troyer as the killer puppet) and THE RESURRECTED all make their disc debuts, though special features (if any) haven’t been revealed yet."

Ok so no announcement on if there will be any bonus material or if it will even be in widescreen yet. Naturally I placed a call to Ann Durante at Lions Gate to confirm the DVD release, aspect ratio and what (if any) supplements will be on the disc. Since it's the weekend, I won't hear back from her until next week so be sure to check back here for further news.


UPDATE: 3-15-2005

I heard back from Lions Gate today. I now have a specific person that you should send your letters to, so here it is:

Eugene Kang
Lions Gate Entertainment
2700 Colorado Avenue
2nd floor
Santa Monica, California 90404

Mr. Kang is one of their brand managers and runs Lions Gate's catalog for their marketing department. Please be respectful in your letters to him and make it very clear just how much you want "The Resurrected" on DVD (in widescreen of course.)


UPDATE: 3-10-2005

I received a call from Steve Beeks from Lions Gate this afternoon. He told me that there are no plans to release "The Resurrected" on DVD this year and that after looking at sales figures (which is their #1 reason for releasing a catalog title on DVD) the title is not a priority for them. However I did mention that since "The Resurrected" has been unavailable to purchase for many years now, using such old data wouldn't be of much help. He did say they're keeping an open mind and said "you never know" (whatever that implies.) I offered my help and said I'd do whatever it took to increase awareness for the title in the hopes it'd encourage the studio to release it.
I also asked if they had a widescreen master for the movie (so it can be released OAR when they do decide on putting it out on DVD) but he did not know as he hadn't been that in-depth when he looked at the title for consideration.
I suppose we can claim a small victory in the sense that we got them to even look at the title and discuss a DVD release in the first place but I know that's just not enough for me (or you I'm sure.) I will continue to work at this and have asked them for a more specific way for fans to contact the studio and ask for "The Resurrected" to be released on DVD (a certain person in a certain department, etc so the information definitely gets into the right hands.) I will post that here as soon as I can get it.
Don't give up guys, we just have to make ourselves heard.


UPDATE: 2-27-2005

Well, I don't have any news on the DVD just yet however I did confirm something with Dan O'Bannon. I never asked him what aspect ratio the film was shot in and was told it's 1.85:1 so when it does hit DVD, it SHOULD be in widescreen. Be sure to ask for that when you contact Lions Gate asking for the DVD to be released.


UPDATE: 8-5-2004

Here's some potentially good news....

"I talked to Ann at Lion's Gate and was told that there is no way I could license The Resurrected for a DVD release as it was tied up with the Artisan merger. She also indicated that it was in a pool of content that would be released sometime in the future. No other explanation was given.
I'll try again once I get a couple of more titles out. I'll let you know if anything else develops."

Andrew Migliore, President
Lurker Films, Inc.

Thanks for the info Andrew! Though Lions Gate is being kind of vague, at least they're interested in releasing it on DVD.


UPDATE: 5-7-2004

Lions Gate called me back today and I was informed that they still have "no plans" to release "The Resurrected" on DVD right now but that "you never know" as future plans may change.
THIS is why you must write Lions Gate and let them know you want "The Resurrected" on DVD!


UPDATE: 1-28-2004

Some good news kids! I heard back from Ann today and here's what she told me. She said that Mr. Beeks hasn't forgotten about "The Resurrected", it's just that things got put on the backburner because of the Lions Gate deal. However, he is currently looking into sales numbers and will pursue Dan for a DVD release, so yes he's actively checking into it!
I called Dan briefly about this today and he's looking forward to it.
Looks like "The Resurrected" will get resurrected on DVD afterall!

However, KEEP WRITING LETTERS AND E-MAILS! They must know there is a market for this movie!


UPDATE: 1-27-2004

Well with Lions Gate now owing Artisan, I wasn't sure who specifically to contact any more so I went back to Ann Durante tonight. I called her once more (her message says Lions Gate instead of Artisan now) and instead of attempting to speak with Mr. Beeks, I simply left Dan O'Bannon's phone number(s) with her and asked that she pass them along to whoever is running the show over there now (Mr. Beeks might not have the same position any more after the acquisition.) So hopefully somebody will take the initiative and call him. With any luck they'll get the ball rolling for a DVD release later this year.
Anyway, I will now be using Lions Gate's contact information on this page and removing Artisan's so if you're reading this, please send your letters and e-mails to them from now on.


UPDATE: 11-7-2003

Well, now I know why Beeks (I can't call him Mr. Beeks because I just end up thinking about "Trading Places" and start to giggle) has been so busy.
In case you haven't heard, Artisan has been bought by Lions Gate Entertainment. Now with such a major acquisition taking place (Lions Gate would become the largest indie studio), I'm not sure if this would delay a DVD release for "The Resurrected" or not. However I will stay on top of things and let you know if anything develops.


UPDATE: 9-16-2003

Over a week ago, I spoke with Ann(e) Durante, the personal assistant to Steve Beeks, president of Artisan Home Entertainment.
She did confirm that Artisan owned "The Resurrected" and then passed along my message to him. I haven't heard back from him yet so if by weeks end he still hasn't called, I'll give Ann(e) another ring.


UPDATE: 9-18-2003

Steve Beeks did call me back today but as luck would have it, I wasn't home. I called him back later in the afternoon but he was in a meeting. I will try again tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed (and keep writing Artisan! Let them know you want it on DVD!)