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"If a man dies, shall he live again?"

"The Resurrected" was the second (and to date, last) film Dan O'Bannon ever directed.
It was based on a story by famed author H.P. Lovecraft. While some minor changes were made, it is considered by many to be the most faithful film adaptation of Lovecraft's storied body of work.
It starred Chris Sarandon ("Fright Night") as Charles Dexter Ward who, unfortunately for him, resurrects his great, great, great (you get the idea) grandfather who was something of a mad scientist, looking for eternal life.
This is actually a wonderful, brooding film with "atmosphere" (my favorite aspect of *any* good horror flick.) The final scene in the catacombs is quite chilling and unlike the horror films of today, it let's the viewer use his imagination as to what godawful creatures reside there.

The film was a direct to video release and while it *is* a good film, it could've been better. I say that because Dan once told me that after he completed the film, the producers re-cut the entire thing! Using alternate scenes, different angles, etc. Dan's vision was compromised in a BIG way and I wonder how much of a better film we would've gotten had Dan's cut been released.

"The Resurrected" is now on DVD from Lions Gate Entertainment however this site is about encouraging Lions Gate to allow Dan to go back and cut the film to how *he* wanted it. Not to mention releasing it in widescreen......

Below are the sections of interest where you'll be able to find all the necessary pieces of information you'll need for "The Resurrected."



Check out the NEWS section to read the latest updates on the progress of the DVD. UPDATE: 8-5-2007 Interview with producer Ken Raich coming soon

Tell Lions Gate Entertainment what you think! Go to the CONTACT page to do so.

Want more on "The Resurrected"? Head to the LINKS page to check out other web sites dedicated to the film. UPDATE: 6-13-2005


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Do internet campaigns really work? The short answer is yes they certainly do.....IF you put some effort into it.
It takes a LOT more than just starting one simple on-line petition. It takes hours of research, contacting the right people, getting the word out and of course, creating a web page that people can get valuable information from.
You must devote yourself to the objective. In other words, don't start unless you're willing to spend the time needed to accomplish your mission.

It took over a year to help get "The Return of the Living Dead" released on DVD. I even managed to contact the people who made that movie and in the end, it proved to be the key factor in getting extra features added to that DVD.
No, it's not easy to get your favorite movie released on DVD, even more so when it's an older, "cult" title but it makes everything worth it when you can finally pop it into your DVD player.

I'd like to share a quote with you. It's from Jules Brenner who was the director of photography from "The Return of the Living Dead" and he posted this on his web site.

"We thank Michael Allred for his campaign to convince MGM to release it as a special edition.
The opportunity to have an effect on how a DVD is issued is a rare one in the annals of the medium and we give him lots of credit for all his efforts.
MGM went to the expense of producing the extra features for this DVD because of the campaign and the sense that this film might just have a sufficient following to justify it."

If you want something done, sometimes you have to do it yourself but NEVER let anyone say it can't be accomplished.


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HELP NEEDED! Do you have any wav files from "The Resurrected"? If so, please e-mail me using the link on this page. Thank you.

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