Here's my interview with actress Beverly Randolph, who played "Tina".

1) How did you get involved with "ROTLD"?

My agent sent me on the interview and after many callbacks and a screen test I got the part.

2) What was it like working with Dan O'Bannon?

Very interesting, very fast paced. He knew exactly what he wanted. It was fun. Although I must admit, he must have loved seeing me face down in the mud!

3) Any difficulty working with cast/crew members?

I remember a few tempers flaring and a vase hitting the wall, but that's what happens sometimes when you have a lot of talent and creative differences in one small set. That stuff happens.
The cast, actually everyone on the show was very kind and nice to each other.  When you work that many hours and days together you become very close. It's sad when it all ends. Miguel was especially kind to me. When I didn't like my wardrobe, I was trying to tell Dan and the wardrobe ladies what I wanted to wear. They had me dressed really goofy. Miguel walked in, in the coolest outfit (he always dressed cool) and I said, "I want to wear that." It was approved and Miguel even went to the trouble to get the outfits for me. (We had duplicates of all our clothing) We didn't have much time left and he was going into Beverly Hills anyway. Wasn't that sweet? You don't see that to often. OK actually you never see that out here!

4) Do you enjoy meeting "ROTLD" fans?

I've never really met any fans except for friends and family who know that I was in the film. People would ask me if I was on TV or would recognize me from other things but not ROTLD. My hair was dyed black for the part and I'm blond and I think I look different then Tina. When I first saw the movie I was at a movie theater in southern Illinois. It was packed with people, I walked in & out and no one recognized me. It was an odd feeling. The friends I was with couldn't believe no one noticed, I thought it was funny. Who would have expected Tina to be sitting there.

5) How often are you asked about the movie?

Every time someone sees the film and had no idea I was in it. Then I get asked about it! Not to often though. As you know the movie is hard to get a hold of and it doesn't play on cable all that much.

6) Are you happy the film is finally returning to home video?

Yes, & Yes! Thanks to you!

7) What did you think of "ROTLD" the first time you saw it?

I think I was in a bit of shock. As I watched it I was remembering all the different takes we did. All the crazy mishaps. Miguel {Nunez Jr.} dragging me through the mud because he ran so much faster than I did. I just loved it. I thought it looked so good and everyone really did a great job.

8) Have you seen the 2 "ROTLD" sequels? If so, what did you think of them?

No, I have not. Actually I did see some of part 2.

9) Were you asked to appear in Part 2 since both James Karen and Thom Mathews reprised their roles?

No. I don't even know if I was ever considered.

10) How did you feel seeing another actress basically playing a different version of 'Tina'?

Who wrote such original material? I was killed off in the original....remake ha ha.

11) Did you and Thom discuss your characters and their relationship?

At one of the rehearsals Dan had all of us discuss our characters and relationships with each other. The production company and Dan sent Thom and I on a date so we would be more comfortable with each other when filming.

12) Please describe your last scene in the movie with actor Don Calfa. How did you prepare for such an emotional performance?

Don was so wonderful in that seen. I had gone to Don before we started shooting that scene and told him I didn't think I could cry anymore. I cried for weeks to shoot this movie. Don said, "Here honey listen to this." He gave me his headset and cassette player (he was preparing for the scene) and it was the most emotional and beautiful opera music I'd ever heard. I think Don and I were sitting on his cassette player through that whole scene. I listened to it in between takes to drown out the crew and stay in character.

13) Finally, what are you doing these days?

Today I am a stay at home Mom. I have a 9 year old son and I'm married to the Assistant Art Director from ROTLD. I quit acting not long after ROTLD. I often think about going back in to acting. I think I left at a really bad time when my career was doing pretty well. I was young and naive.  I love my life right now and my family is most important. Maybe someday I will go back.