Here are some of the pieces I have written. Some are intended as poetry, others as lyrics for intended songs. Some of it's good, some of it.....isn't but as I am not perfect, you can't expect what I write to be as well.
At least you can read at your own pace and don't have to sit through any poetry readings.

Enjoy :-)

Preface: Moments before I wrote my first piece, these next lines came out. I thought it was a bit humorous so I'll share them here:

Here I sit with only a candle to light the way
Writing with a pen on this piece of paper
Trying to think of clever things to say

Heh, how true..... Anyway, please, continue on dear reader......

    "The Prince Of Peace"

    The Prince of Peace shook his head
    he surely should have known
    no one would stand by his side
    so he walked his night alone
    (In the dark of night, brightened only by the moonlight)

    Saw he did, his words rang true
    not a hollow word he said
    but no one wished to follow him
    no one wanted to be lead
    (Bunch of missing links, take them to water but they can't be forced to drink)

    'Listen now to the words I use
    laws are to be followed
    you simply cannot pick and choose'

    Defiance screamed around him
    reaching to the heavens above
    He cried 'till his voice gave out
    but could not get them to love

    The Prince of Peace turned his back
    and walked his night alone
    The lives they lead, the lies they breed
    he simply could not condone

    'Oh gone am I
    returned to the nuclear sky'

    The Prince of Peace closed his eyes
    he felt the coming dread
    With the hearts they break and the wars they make they'll all end up dead
    (Bodies lying in the dark of night
    brightened only by the moonlight)

      1997 Michael Allred

    "I Am Forever"

    A storm is ragin' out in the night
    as you cower in your bed
    but I'm out, screamin' at the sky
    with not a single thing to dread

    Soaked to the bone, standin' all alone
    I chased the thunder away
    Victory is mine tonight
    the fear was kept at bay

    Now.......I am forever
    I seized the day, it was now or never
    I am forever
    there's no stoppin' me
    I am forever
    livin' life long and free

    I'll tell you, life is a maze
    but now I'm forever
    no longer livin' in Jimi's "Purple Haze'
    No more religion bringin' me to one knee
    I am forever 'cause god let me be

    Now......I am forever
    I seized the day, it was now or never
    So......I am forever
    there's no stoppin' me
    'cause I am forever
    livin' life long and free

      1997 Michael Allred

    "Monochrome Dreams"

    I woke up in the day
    without a word to say
    My eyes glanced 'round the bedroom
    you were nowhere to be found

    The note you left behind
    was simply put and unsigned
    I laid back down on my bed 'cuz I knew
    there's nothing left to be said

    The world just shrank away
    left in the dark by the light of day
    Nothing's what it seems
    Left all alone with my monochrome dreams

    With a distorted view
    things seem slightly askew
    I closed my eyes, shut tight
    ready to give in, give up the fight

    Sleeping soundly now
    problems seem so far away.......somehow
    Away from love's schemes
    all alone with my monochrome dreams

      1997 Michael Allred

    "Welcome To My World"

    You see the news bed?
    Another boy today, went to school to spray his classmates - full - of - lead
    The boy's not right - in the head
    Oh what a world......

    So here's the newest story of the day
    Pakistan has made
    the jump to nuclear grade
    How - sweet - is - this?
    the world has turned to piss_______
    and it's my world

    Welcome to my world
    where shit just ain't right
    Filled with cain's, just ready to fight
    Welcome to my world
    where's the good life's out of view
    Welcome to my world
    I'll show you what's new

    Now here's a headline today..
    A big train crash occured,
    *somewhere* in the world
    but americans just don't care
    ...unless it's in their own lair

    It's no surprise to me
    It's plain they just can't see
    It infects us all
    there's a half-price sale at the local mall
    I think I've - seen - it - all
    Our morals have all gone down the bathroom stall

    Welcome to my world
    I'll give you the tour
    You bring the disease
    I'll forget the cure
    Welcome to my world
    the shit's right up to your chin
    In my world, the good never seem to win

    You hear the latest?
    God said it's ok to sin
    What a world we all live in...................

      1997 Michael Allred

    "I Don't Wanna Say Good-bye"

    Well I saw you on the street just the other day
    stopped in my tracks wonderin' what to say
    'cuz I looked into your eyes and I knew
    that you'd be mine

    I had a moment flash before my very eyes and
    I saw what the future had in store for me
    We parted a haze
    and all my tears ended up in the sea

    I don't wanna say good-bye
    'cuz I feel together we can touch the sky
    Promise that you'll be....there for me
    and I'll go to sleep with stars in my eyes

    When we met...secrets kept
    I didn't wanna scare you away
    Wanted time with you,
    didn't wanna lose a single day

    That night in the sand,
    wanting to hold your hand
    but afraid to look in your eyes
    So instead we shared our dreams underneath starlit skies

    I don't wanna say good-bye
    'cuz I feel together we can touch the sky
    Promise that you'll be...there for me
    and I'll go to sleep with love in my eyes

    Laying in the sand I asked to kiss you
    You acquiesced to my request
    The waves crashed 'round but didn't make a sound
    'cuz all I heard was your heart beating

    Time spent was all too brief
    but I know I'll see you again
    You know the word I cannot bare to say
    and that is why I write with this pen.........

    I don't wanna say good-bye
    'cuz I feel together we can touch the sky
    Promise that you'll be....there for me
    and I'll go to sleep hearing our love lullaby

      1997 Michael Allred

    "Kaleidoscope Man"

    Let me introduce you to
    a new certain kind of style
    It's a little hard to comprehend
    so it might just take you a while
    Just take a hold of my hand
    and I'll show you all I can...
    ....I'm your Kaleidoscope Man

    You only think you've seen it all
    the light's shining off your disco ball
    Blinded by the light of day
    Come on, I'll help you wash it all away...
    ....I'm your Kaleidoscope Man

    Walk on down life's narrow road
    see if it really takes a hold
    If you survive it's evil plan
    then I'll do all I can...
    ....I'm your Kaleidoscope Man
    ....I'm your Kaleidoscope Man

    So you wanna know who or what I am?
    See if what I'm sayin' is a sham?
    Look in the mirror and you will see
    I am you and you are me
    I'm the Kaleidoscope Man
    You are the Kaleidoscope Man
    We are the Kaleidoscope Man

      1997 Michael Allred

    "I Don't Believe"

    I Don't believe in God
    I don't believe in fame
    though there are those
    who believe they're one in the same

    I lost my faith some time ago
    when I shed my last tear
    When you've seen what I've seen
    there's nothing left to fear

    I don't believe in fantasy
    I don't believe in greed
    I've been through enough
    I've sown my last seed

    I can't look at you
    and believe another word you say
    I've stopped looking over my shoulder
    wondering who's next to betray

    I don't believe in man
    when they treat their brothers this way
    They cause the world's pain
    'cause they can't keep paranoia at bay

    I don't believe in heaven
    when snobbery is the catch of the day
    I don't believe in hell
    'cause they take who's left over anyway

    I don't believe in love
    It's another lie we've been sold
    Read that story
    it's gotten old

    I don't believe in miracles
    Why can't I make you see?
    I don't believe in others
    I just you and me

      1997 Michael Allred

    "Requiem For A Midnight Sun"

    I was there when the sun burnt out
    so I've seen your kind before
    My power is beyond the scope
    of medieval lore

    I've read your mind
    and all I find
    is a blankness beyond comprehension
    You have your fun and when you're done
    You dance at night
    under a Midnight Sun

    You search for joy in a bottle
    and get swept away
    by the latest drug-of-the-day
    Life deals and you play the hand
    'cause you know
    your dreams are unseemly bland

    Under a Midnight Sun
    you play your games
    Until you find the one
    you'll be counting your days

    Sometimes lies fill your eyes
    and there's nowhere you can turn
    Keep counting your days
    Your soul will surely burn

    With a downcast look you close the book
    and close your eyes one last time
    Gone is the day when you kneeled and prayed
    You have no reason or rhyme

    Under a Midnight Sun
    you no longer run
    You see.....
    you cease to be

    No more counting the days
    No more mindless fun
    Now there's just time enough
    for one last dance
    under the Midnight Sun

      1997 Michael Allred

    "Journeys Of The Mind"

    Right now, I'm awash in red light
    all by myself, listening to
    fantastic rythms and beautiful melodies
    letting it take me away
    wishing you were here to partake
    in these journeys of the mind

    Come with me through that door of dreamscapes
    I'll show you more than you can handle
    Maybe, I don't know
    Come and find out

    Will you remember what you see?
    Will you try to convince yourself it didn't happen?
    Maybe you were caught in-between
    dull realities and kaleidoscope dreams

    I'll convince you
    by my actions and words
    that anything you can fantasize about
    can be brought to life
    by me

      1996 Michael Allred

    "A Sweet Sigh"

    You lay down upon me
    under an atomic sky
    I begin to ponder
    and ask myself why...

    ...can't I tell the difference
    between your eyes and the stars above
    Why you are to me
    as peace is to a dove

    You lie next to me, your body bare
    I turn my head slowly, my eyes close from the glare
    It's quite bright (my soul sighs)
    it is my reflection I see
    in your eyes

    You rest your head on my chest
    as we slowly fall asleep
    Comforted by the knowledge
    of how our love
    could be so deep

      1996 Michael Allred

    "Lay Down Your Arms"

    Lay down..your arms and be with me tonight
    Close your eyes and I promise
    I'll make everything all right

    Trust me..when the night comes
    I'll be there when you wake
    So go to sleep now, my darling
    Broken promises I don't make

    So lay down..your arms
    I'll hold you when you dream
    Close your eyes and I promise
    The nightmares aren't what they seem

    If you're cold I'll warm you with my touch
    all night
    Rest easy, my love
    I'll do it to the break of light

    Lay back and relax now
    I'll whisper into your ear
    "I love you, my baby"
    How can I be more clear?

    Now lay down..your arms
    I'll be here when you wake
    Close your eyes and I promise
    Our love was no mistake

      1996 Michael Allred


    The time is right
    in the opulent night
    to look to our shadows
    and fight back our darkest fears

    Fight back the spidery hands
    of the enemies in our memories
    that never seem to release us from their grasp

    I will guide you along
    the apocalyptic path
    In that time, I will tell you stories
    You say nothing as your every breath
    hangs in the balance
    Exhaling only when I speak

    We shall break the ties that bind us
    when we speak of our love for each other

    Time's hallway will shorten to but one door
    Unlocked...waiting to be opened

    Bathe in the light
    for the opulent night
    will fade

      1996 Michael Allred

    "Stand At The Ready"

    That first night we met
    was the beginning of the end
    My joyless nights
    filled with a strawberry promenade
    that lined up and down my head

    Packless punches were the arsenal
    of all the others

    You're star bright beauty
    caught my star gazing eyes
    I wasn't blinded

    We looked up at the sky
    to the moon, so pale bright
    I wondered, "Will you be mine forever?"

    We touched the sky
    Riding on translucent clouds
    Well balanced and ready
    for our inescapable turmoil

    We stand at the ready
    from the cradle of the universe
    In love

      1996 Michael Allred

    "Tell Me"

    Tell me you love me
    just one more time before you go
    Let me look into your eyes one last time
    only then will I know

    At night you're still with me
    as I close my eyes good night
    Then you whisper into my ear
    "Everything will be all right"

    A solemn tear wells in my eye
    wishing I could touch you
    Only knowing there is nothing
    causes me to cry

    I can't tell you I love you
    as many times as I would like
    or make love to you as I want
    when I turn off all the lights

    If I've ever made you smile
    over something I have done
    or ever made you laugh
    at a silly, little pun
    It makes it all worthwhile

    I long to kiss you
    before you go to sleep at night
    and tell you some how, some way
    *I'll* make you feel all right

    Your happiness means everything
    I'd sacrifice my soul
    I'd do whatever it takes
    to make you feel whole

    Your wish is my command
    Your dreams are mine to deliver
    I'll keep you warm
    so the night will never make your body shiver

    Tell me again you love me
    and I'll respond in kind
    Tell me again you love me
    and true love you will never have to find

    It's here
    You have it with me
    My dear

      1996 Michael Allred

    "Fend Off"

    Old friend fear still haunts me
    Looking over my shoulder
    Whispering in my ear
    Telling me things..I don't wanna hear

    It's never easy to get over

    Old man jealousy
    Harbours resentment towards me
    Lurking in every recess of my soul

    Father anger follows in my footsteps
    So I don't know he's there
    Waiting for his opportunity

    Your love helps me fend them off
    With you there, it's so easy
    to keep them at bay

    The sun sets and the moon reigns
    I can feel them coming
    but your warmth and gentleness
    makes me stong

    I can fight forever

      1996 Michael Allred

    "If You Can't Say No"

    Just take a look at my face now baby
    and you'll see the life drained out of me
    You've broken my heart yet again
    You've slept with more than 1 out of 10

    It's getting harder to deceive
    You've worn your heart down on your sleeve
    You broke your word more than once
    All your friends are merely cunts

    All I want is for someone to save me
    is that really too much to ask?
    It's gettin' harder each day
    to derive pleasure from my past

    Now listen up....
    If you can't say no
    then just leave me alone
    I'll do just fine on my own
    Go out and make my own home
    I don't need you to tell me
    just what I really need
    So leave me alone, just leave me alone
    (Piss off)

    Finding you with another man
    was more than I could really stand
    I had to wait up 'till half past three
    'till you were home from the bar
    to be with me

    It's gotten harder each night
    to put up a credible fight
    I'm really sick of it all
    The lights faded from your mirror ball

    So if you can't say no
    then you just might as well and go
    Don't let the door hit you on your ass
    Dust yourself off
    you're part of my past
    Just don't come back to me
    'cuz I'll have moved on
    moved on
    to a better life

      1997 Michael Allred


    They escape me, those thoughts I hold dear
    Those sweet thoughts to whisper in your ear
    The words I cannot grasp
    find expresion in my touch
    Slowly giving you the things
    you long for so much

      1997 Michael Allred

    "Where Are You Now?"

    You promised you'd always be there
    even if the heavens and stars would fall
    Here I am, alone and bleeding
    You never answered my call

    I didn't wanna seem
    so young and needy
    but you were mine
    and at times I was greedy

    Now you're gone, no where to be found
    So baby, I have to ask
    just now?

    Sometimes at night, I feel around
    on the side of our bed
    where you could always be found

    I don't wanna spend another night alone
    or forever the telephone
    but I'll ask myself one more time
    and convince myself loving you was no crime

    You said you'd be there to answer my call
    You were no where to be found
    So baby I have to ask
    just now?

      1999 Michael Allred


    He began his trip in a dreamy haze
    following in the foot steps of the moon
    Gone was the world when he closed his eyes
    sealing off reality with a kiss

    ...his soft, pouty lips...

    He wandered 'round in a world unknown
    taking in as much as he could
    Arms open wide to embrace the stars
    feet never touching the earth seemed so surreal...

    "I am the light and will show the way
    follow me now if you dare
    I was once, like you, a simple man
    but I walked away from all my cares

    I turned my back to the sun and cast a mile wide shadow
    Engulfed by the dark were my fears as a boy
    which were snuffing out the man in me

    ...I set him free..."

    He began his trip in a dreamy haze
    Awakened now by the light of the sun
    Reality kissed him back as he opened his eyes
    Earthbound once again, he realized

    ...but just 'till tonight...he smiled

      1999 Michael Allred

    "Morning Star"

    I held you up so no one could knock you down
    but your deeds were what tarnished your crown
    On your knees you begged and pleaded
    A slap in the face was what you needed

    You shone a light in my life
    showing me things I could never see
    Spotlight's solely on you now
    I fail to see how
    you were my Morning Star....

    Oh, Morning Star
    Who would have thought you'd fall so far?
    In disgrace you turn and walk away
    without a word, nothing to say
    You were my Morning Star....

    How was I to know you'd chew me up and spit me out?
    Do with me as you pleased?
    Run off with another boy
    leaving me swaying in the breeze

    I was stupid and held you up
    but you tore yourself down
    All your lies
    were what tarnished your crown

    Once you were my Morning Star
    I never thought you'd fall so far
    In disgrace you turned and walked away
    Our time is over..and there's nothing more to say

      1999 Michael Allred

    "Evil As A Nursery Rhyme"

    (Dedicated to Pat Robertson)

    Yeah, I saw you on T.V. again
    spouting your views on the world
    Spreading your disease, increasing your wealth
    Wallowing in your own filth

    With that smug grin on your face
    Desperately wanting to erase
    the sickness you call "faith"

    No financial contribution for you this time
    (though you're ever so eager to take my last dime)
    'cuz your hatred is prettied up as a nursery rhyme

    I'm no member of your flock
    Not as willing as others to suck your cock
    Man when your time is up, it's not gonna be pretty 'cuz

    You're gonna reap what you sow
    It won't be handed to you in a pretty, pink bow
    You'll have to bow down to me and all the others
    you've kept on on our knees
    I may let you up but.....I think I'll just tease

    A great time will be had by all
    except you and your christian brothers
    (half of whom are blowing little boys in the bathroom stall)
    You're morals are a joke
    Swallow them

    I hope you choke

      1999 Michael Allred

    "Pay Day"

    The plastic man calls
    for a moment of your time
    Your mind is so blunted
    You can't see that
    his words have no reason or rhyme

    "The answer, you see
    is in the palm of my hand
    Your life's illusions are grotesquely bland
    Just follow me, I'll show the way
    You won't pay now but you will
    some day.."

    Expressionless faces and hands raised high
    to some unknown and uncaring, "God" in the sky

    The time is now for the plastic man
    to reach out his arm and open his hand

    "I am the way," he says "to the promised land
    but to pass through, there is one final thing you must do
    A fee is required to reach your goal
    it means little to you, it's plain to see
    I want your soul, it belongs to me"

      1999 Michael Allred

    "Chasing the Wind"

    Lost in the words he couldn't say
    Bothered by the fact his life had gone astray
    Looking to the sun, he fell to his knees
    Asking his god why he was afflicted with disease

    Gone were the days of ignorance and bliss
    Realizing now that there was a point he did miss
    Night after night, sleeping with men he just met
    Never once thinking the game being played was Russian roulette

    He spends his nights alone now, to himself he cries
    Feeling all the more guilty as his life was filled with lies
    To his family, to his friends, he put on quite a show
    Never once daring to let them know

    As night fell on his life, he knew his time had come
    Burdened by the knowledge that his parts did not equal his sum

    Religion had told him that he had sinned
    Getting into heaven would be like chasing the wind
    Another had been given his place in the afterlife
    because he chose a man instead of having a wife

    As he lay in his grave, a final thought came to him
    Not all of life's decisions should be made on a whim

      1999 Michael Allred

    "A Promise"

    I felt your pain and offered to share
    I saw your eyes and could no longer bare
    Knowing how you felt so alone
    Your past you could no longer condone

    I held you close, I took you in
    I promised to wash away all your sin
    Your tears were sweet, your kisses burned
    but your past could not be "lessons learned"

    I wanted to help and for you to stay
    I wanted your love never to sway
    but I couldn't break through
    I failed to help though I wanted to
    You said goodbye just when we were getting started
    but you gave up and left me brokenhearted

    My promise still stands
    Forever will it remain
    As long as blood flows through my veins
    and my ears still hear the music we shared
    and my heart still hurts from the burdens we bared
    and my soul still sighs from seeing you that first night
    Forever will it remain....never to give up our fight

      2000 Michael Allred

    "Dark Inside"
    (For Matt B.)

    You bring out the dark in me
    You make me hate the world
    like a child you scold

    The fear I see
    Constricts me
    but the faces reflected
    mirror yours
    You're just afraid to open those locked doors

    I know me but you never will
    My pains are too rich
    for you to foot the bill

    I see you
    and every dark secret boils
    almost to the point to erupt
    I can't stand on the ground your presence soils

    You want to get inside my head and look around?
    Desperate to see what's to be found?
    You'd be safer in your "shiny, happy" world
    or you'll be wrapped up in
    my anger which is unfurled

      2000 Michael Allred


    As long as we're together we will be all right
    backs against a wall with our eyes shut tight
    You and I together we will find our way
    fighting through the dark, we'll keep the demons at bay

    Staying together is hard to do
    We might as well, we've got nothing to lose

    We will coalesce, accept nothing less
    We are one, that's how we'll stay
    Face the future, come what may
    Accept nothing less, we'll coalesce

      2000 Michael Allred

    "Say No More"

    The choices I've made
    Have left me where I am
    Naked, exposed and all alone
    Facing a world dimly lit

    Time goes by as quickly
    As all the chances I have squandered
    I have only moments to ponder
    Where exactly it all went wrong

    My smile sits behind me
    My joy looks away
    My humor is stifled
    My thoughts are in disarray

    Surrounded by dark disquiet
    Blindly searching for the truth
    Swallowed whole by the demons
    Who've come to collect their due

    My soul sways in a violent sea
    Destined to crash ashore
    Paralyzed in my ruins
    I fall asleep and say no more

      2001 Michael Allred


    Let's dance
    shake your ass 'round the club
    lookin' for romance

    Put a drink to your lip
    lookin' so hip
    That's a rule you skip

    Hard body, a model look
    light's are out
    but you're ready to cook
    "Love" is a Madonna hook

    Dangerous look, quick glance
    drugged up to dance
    Eyes open, mind closed
    body naked and exposed

    Foolish nature made bare
    losing love is a chance you dare
    Many choices, take your pick
    long as he has two legs and a dick

    Your life is empty
    you're free to roam
    leaving your boyfriend
    oblivious and alone

      2001 Michael Allred

    "Staring at the End of the World"
    (For Nate)

    Your lonely voice was all I heard
    the night I said good-bye
    I said those words
    with a quiet, trembling sigh

    Wish I could've had
    a last kiss from you
    and stand in your arms unfurled
    then I could accept you fading way
    and stare at the end of the world

    Now draped in darkness
    in an unending sea
    Once stood a place and me
    Seems like the sun never shone here
    ...and I never showed a smile
    but memories creep up on me
    every once in a while

    With two words
    our future was swept away
    With those two words
    there was nothing left to say

    I closed my eyes
    into the void I was hurled
    I saw you fade away
    and stared at the end of the world

      2001 Michael Allred

    "Truth of a Memory"
    (For Bobby)

    I saw him
    locked away in his past
    running towards a future
    but coming in last

    I saw him sitting
    drowning in sorrow
    eyes shut tight
    with no hope for tomorrow

    The truth of a memory
    is that it never fades away
    The anger and confusion
    never seems to sway
    and you wake up and you realize
    your ghosts are here to stay
    So you take up with an old friend
    to deal with that memory for just one more day

    I saw him searching for an answer
    that he'll never find alone
    Looking for that missing piece
    from his childhood home
    Wandering around the lost and found
    he cannot find his way
    Lost both in darkness and the light of day

    The truth of a memory
    is that your ghost will always be there
    but I will be by your side
    when it all seems too much to bare
    Your tears won't go unnoticed
    even when you feel no-one will care

    The truth is
    that what matters is now
    not a nightmare long past
    When you face the sun
    let your shadow cast
    Hold on to our love
    and I promise
    You will never end up in last

      2002 Michael Allred


    Some soul-less spirit
    rests here right beside me
    Wafts on through the dead calm of night
    Clenching my heart and throwing me to the demons
    and I no longer have the will to fight

    A blood red moon watches over me coldly
    Sympathy, it has none to give... a man who's lost the will to survive
    and as I struggle, the words escape me
    My life no longer has meaning
    when the cold chills me to the bone
    and the daylight slowly slips past me
    Another day I cannot behold

    'cuz the pain quickly engulfs me
    Snuffing out the boy in me
    I'm lost in a sea of my own rage...

    It's become plain to see
    that soul-less spirit
    was always me

      2002 Michael Allred


    I just want to thank you
    for reminding me of what I missed
    An intimate night with a denied kiss
    Lust unbridled, love unrequited
    You had turned away, but that's not what I did

    A fire long faded returned with a hunger
    A dormant heart torn asunder
    Faded colors, tattered dreams
    A simple glimpse of you and all was not as it seems

    But as fast as it returned
    it quickly burned away
    When a flame burns bright, it casts a myriad of shadows
    but leaves only ghosts upon my wall

    Could you find it in your heart
    to simply fade away
    and leave me with the last piece of my heart
    that hasn't turned to gray?

    I'm grateful for the reminder of the love I still possess
    and regretful of the opportunity that I will have missed

      2003 Michael Allred