January 1, 2005

Happy new year everyone!


January 18, 2005

Ok, I officially want an Xbox now. So many "Star Wars" games are exclusive for that system and owning one is the only way I can play 'em. I have been reduced to renting the machine to play but the big downside is the games are saved on the machine itself unlike the PS2 which you can save on a memory card. So basically you have to keep the rented Xbox until you beat the game or else you face the prospect of someone else playing or deleting your saved game. Grr, looks like I gotta save money.

Queen are going on tour this year (well, 2 of the 3 members anyway) and have enlisted singer Paul Rodgers to handle the vocals (Rodgers was the former lead singer of classic bands like Bad Company.) Hopefully they'll perform in America so I can FINALLY have a chance to see/hear Queen music in person. That would be awesome.

I plan on seeing "Assault On Precinct 13" this week. This is a remake of the classic John Carpenter film of the same name. Hopefully it won't suck too bad.


February 3, 2005

First, the "Assault.." remake sucked ass. What a disappointment.

The WebTV era for me is now over. It was cancelled last Sunday and I've had that sucker since 1998 but now that I have a computer, there's not much sense in keeping both.

Lastly, the big news is that it's looking very likely that I'll have to move later this month, not that it's my decision mind you, it's kinda being forced on us but what can ya do?


February 25, 2005

Ok, the whole moving thing. Well, Feb. 14th was supposed to be the date where I'd find out what's what but that was delayed until the 28th. I love it when my worrying is extended.

The Oscars are this Sunday, I don't really have any film or actor to root for this year so I'm not as excited as I would normally be.

As you can tell by how little I update my journal these days, I don't have as much to say (or not interested enough in taking the time to type it out.) Ah well. Stress does that to ya.


March 15, 2005

Well, I still don't know how the house situation is working out just yet, lots of legal stuff to deal with.

I rented an Xbox again (damn I need to own one) so I could play the new "Star Wars" game "Republic Commando." Even though it's a first person shooter, it still rocks cuz ya know, it's "Star Wars."

Speaking of "Star Wars", the new trailer for "Episode III" premiered last week and man it's got my interest stoked! Palpatine is kickin' some major ass!

I finally got around to renting the new "MLB 2006" for the PS2 this past week. It retains all the stuff I enjoyed about the previous entries while adding a bunch of little things that make it so much more enjoyable.

I turn 29 years old later this month (yippee) and I'm hoping to get a few things, like the SE of "Star Trek: First Contact" on DVD, the "Labyrinth of Evil" hardover book and yes, "MLB 2006." Hey, I can hope right?

I also decided to drop my 'Music Reviews' section on my web site completely, just delete the whole thing. I was never really happy with the writing as I just typed out what came to mind instead of actually sitting down and thinking first. Hey, it'll free up more space on my site.


March 21, 2005

Well! I finally got an Xbox! My boyfriend Derek and my mother joined forces and bought one for my birthday. Cool stuff eh?


March 31, 2005

Oy, 29. I'll admit I was a bit depressed for most of my birthday, how could I not be? I just don't feel that old and yet, 29 is a number I cannot deny. I got over it but it still sucks. Derek took some pics as well, yet again I didn't like 'em (though I guess they coulda been worse. I need a tan again.) I might ask him for a couple of them to scan and put on the site since the pictures currently up are a bit out of date now.

I renewed my driver's license yesterday, first time I had to do so in person. It took maybe 10 minutes so that was cool.


April 18, 2005

I saw "Sin City" last night and wow, that was different. Great cast, unique look and style, gritty, dark.....my kinda movie! Go see it!

I read the "Episode III" book and though I knew the basic outcome of the story, it was cool to know all the details (*how* characters died, etc) and it just made me wanna see the movie even more.

Jesus I have too many DVDs! I have to buy yet ANOTHER shelf! Where in the hell will I put it?????


May 6, 2005

Ok, I got another shelf.

Anyway, as "Revenge of the Sith" gets closer and closer, I continue to plunge into everything that is "Star Wars." Yesterday I rented the "Sith" video game and while I ended up beating it very late last night, I still found it to be very enjoyable. The graphics were great, they included scenes from the film and the duels were difficult enough to give me a challenge. So after beating it faster than I expected I rented "Predator: Concrete Jungle" today so hopefully that'll take a bit longer. I wanted to rent both on Xbox but those were never in so I had to stick with PS2 (hey, I have an Xbox, might as well try to use it right?)

Derek and I went to see "The Amityville Horror" last week. It was definitely better than the original though the ending lacked punch. Up next at the theater? "Sith" of course! May 19th, you are my only hope!

The Cincinnati Reds are stnking up the place lately but at least Griffey hasn't hurt himself (yet.)

I applied for a job at Best Buy this week, I shop there often enough so I figured working there is only natural.

I'm trying to watch my weight these days, at 29 it's much easier to gain pounds and harder to get them off so one must be careful. I cut out junk food like candy and now that it's getting warmer, I'll be going on 30 minute walks. Let's hope I can get slimmer.


May 20, 2005

After reading the book, looking at all the pictures, trailers, etc, I finally saw "Revenge of the Sith" on Thursday and while it had it's flaws, it was EASILY the best of the prequels and is, IMO, the 2nd best of the entire series behind only "Empire Strikes Back." Anakin's "death" was suitably gruesome too. I really enjoyed it, I left the theater feeling fulfilled as opposed to wondering "what went wrong" with the first two episodes. Go see it.


June 20, 2005

I went to see "Batman Begins" saturday and was extremely pleased. Realistic and gritty unlike the last wretched piece of dog poo "Batman & Robin." It's a great relaunch for the franchise and I hope the second is just as good (Hello Joker!)
For shits and giggles, I played the video game companion as well and though the fighting aspect of it was somewhat lacking, it more than made up for it in the stealth department.

I plan on seeing "Land of the Dead" this week....I love them zombie movies!


June 26, 2005

So Derek and I saw "Land of the Dead" yesterday. It was certainly entertaining, it had some great gory moments to be sure but it didn't quite hit my personal "awesome!" button as much as I was hoping for. It's my second favorite Romero zombie movie (behind "Day of the Dead") but it almost feels like it didn't "fit" into the series. I'm not sure why.

Last night our water pump finally went out (it was a good 20 years old) so it sucked not to have any running water. My oldest brother Brian came over, installed a new one and the water is flowing freely now (thank Hades!)


July 5, 2005

I hope everybody had a happy 4th. Mine was a bit of a disappointment. It rained slightly last night but it could only be described as "light." The fireworks display was supposed to have been one hour long but all we got were about 20 minutes. Even the finale was sadly shortened drastically. I should've gone to St. Joseph on Sunday instead.

This weekend Derek and I will go see "Fantastic Four", I've got two free tickets so it should be all good.

My brother Brian was rushed to the hospital today but mom called and said it was an infection of some kind (I'll get more details later) which caused him breathing problems.

So Queen and Paul Rodgers will not be touring America this year, just 1 or 2 shows in NY and LA. My good friend Jameson will go see them in Aruba though and I'm very jealous!
Right now Q+PR are on their outdoor summer tour and from the pics I've seen of their stage, it looks incredible!

Speaking of concerts, I watched bits of Live 8 this past weekend. As expected the TV coverage from MTV/VH-1 was AWFUL! They kept cutting away from the performances so we could listen to the idiotic VJs talking about god knows what. What the hell is their problem??? Even worse is that the DVD release of Live 8 will be tailored for each country so the US DVD will focus on the Philadelphia show instead of the really cool shows like London which had the Pink Floyd reunion. WHO THE FUCK MAKES THESE DECISIONS????????


July 12, 2005

Ok, so "Fantastic Four" wasn't exactly fantastic....more like average. Honestly, I was disappointed. The Thing and Human Torch were just about perfect but Invisible Woman? Badly miscast...and don't even get me started on how they mucked up Dr. Doom. Let's hope the sequel will be a BIG step up like "X2" was.


August 18, 2005

Well I've been dealing with this problem concering my TV for a few weeks now. Simply put, it's going bad and the picture problems are very distracting. I HOPE to get a new one before the end of the month.

One of my favorite films of the year, "Sin City", came out on DVD this week and naturally I bought it even though I know a special edition will be coming in a few months. I just couldn't wait for it though. Yes, I'll get the SE but this will hold me over until then.


September 25, 2005

On Saturday, Derek and I celebrated our one year anniversary. Man, it's been quite some time since I've been with someone this long. I've been completely happy with him and I really hope we have many more years to come.

We've also been playing the new "X-Men Legends 2" video game the past couple of days. God, we played for HOURS today but I still enjoyed it 'cuz we were a "team", hehe.


October 22, 2005

I did end up getting a new TV, a 27" Philips. Barely fits on my desk but hey!

The house situation continues as the bank filed a motion which will have a hearing on October 31st where they're basically asking the judge to dismiss our case and grant them the judgement. Hopefully we can convince the judge (without a lawyer) that our case has merit and continue on towards a trial, otherwise we're fucked and we lose the house.

Queen+ Paul Rodgers finally began their US dates of the current tour this month (there's only two unfortunately.) Their CD/DVD "Return of the Champions" really kicked ass, especially the DVD as it gave me a clue as to how the show looks. I loved the lighting they used. The band really sounds great together, I highly recommend the CD/DVD. I hope they'll come back next year for a full tour, I've gotta see them at least once before I die. My good friend Jameson saw them perform in Aruba and is going to see the "We Will Rock You" musical in Las Vegas this weekend. What a lucky guy but he deserves it. He's just as big a fan as I am.


November 5, 2005

I dunno, I think I'm going to eventually swap the TV with another one. There are just things I'm not liking about the picture. It's not a MAJOR issue but it's enough to get my attention.

I've had a nice "Star Wars" week with buying "Revenge of the Sith" on DVD and playing the new "Battlefront II" video game. I had planned on having a 'SW' marathon, watching all six in one day but those plans went goofy.
I'm still playing the game and am enjoying the hell out of it. I also rented "The Warriors", based on the film of the same name. It reminds you a lot of "Grand Theft Auto" actually. I had never really seen the movie but the game made me want to so I bought it today.

Oh yeah, I also picked up the latest "SW" books so I can catch up on the latest storyline, there were only two so it's not taking long. I've bought every single book to date (not including the youth friendly books) but as they were sitting out in the shed taking up space, I decided to donate them to the local library. It made me feel good to contribute something, however small, to the community.


November 28, 2005

Well we had some good news today. The court hearing involving our house took place and the judge denied the bank's motion to award them the house. Whoo-hoo! Mediation was ordered so we'll see how this goes eh?

Queen+ Paul Rodgers have announced their full US tour and (drum roll) they'll perform in Chicago next March 23rd, just a few days before my birthday! God I hope I can go!


December 15, 2005

Well I think I'm kinda done doing the journal thing on this web site. I decided to join up over at Myspace.com and do some blogging there. You can check that out by clicking THIS link which will take you to my profile then just click on 'blog' to see my latest ramblings. Yippee and all that.


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