January 1, 2004

Happy New Year everyone.


January 12, 2004

Watched a kick ass flick last week called "Underworld" which was about an age old war between vampires and werewolves. You should definitely check that sucka out (and yes, I want that DVD dammit!)

So Pete Rose finally admitted he bet on baseball. Gee, what a surprise huh? Ok baseball officials, allow him to be eligible for the Hall of Fame but keep him from working as a manager. 'nuff said.

After reading so much about "The Sims" game on pc, I thought I'd finally play it now that it's on the PS2. "The Sims Bustin Out"....it sucks. I don't see what's so damn interesting about it.


January 24, 2004

Wow, Howard Dean came in third at Iowa. Didn't see that one coming. (Seriously.) I suppose John Kerry isn't too bad, nor is John Edwards. I really don't care who the Democratic nominee is, as long as Bush Jr. is out of a job by year's end.
By the way, will the media ever shut the fuck up over Dean's post-Iowa rally??? So he was excited and getting his supporters riled up, BIG DEAL! They keep making it out like he was blowing his stack like a lunatic. You just cannot win with the media if you keep your emotions in check, you're "stiff", "wooden" and "boring" ala Al Gore. If you freely show your emotions, you're a raving psycho like Dean.
Let's give a big fuck you to FOX "news."

I've been watching "American Idol" this week and laughing my ass off each night. I only watch the audition shows as the rest of the series is filled to the brim with absolute shit.

The ol' love life is on an upswing, we'll see if it pans out or not.


February 14, 2004

Ahhhhh, Valentine's Day. Mine started off goooood, how about you folks? (I'm not saying a darn thing other than I have a smile on my face at the moment, take that however you wanna.)

FINALLY, the original "Star Wars" trilogy is coming to DVD September 21 of this year. Damn Lucas, what the fuck took you so long?

John Kerry, hmm....Democratic nominee? Probably. Will I vote for him? Let's see, a Democrat or George W. Bush? Hmm.....lemme think.....



March 11, 2004

Well I'm trying to get a gig as a movie critic (this job pays) so hopefully my previous experience will help out on that one.

My birthday is coming up soon (it's March 27th in case you were wondering.) I'll be an ancient 28 years old.

but I've got a lot of financial worries this month that could have some negative results if things don't turn out well. I'm a bit pissed that this same problem keeps rearing it's ugly head. I need to win the lotto...or rob a bank - one of the two.


March 21, 2004

I went to see the "Dawn of the Dead" remake Saturday night with my brother Bobby and one of his friends, had a blast too. I was going to see it anyway but when USA Network aired the first 10 minutes uncensored last Monday, it sealed the deal for me.
It was fun, gory and yes a bit scary. I'm also glad to see that the influence of "The Return of the Living Dead" (fast moving zombies) has finally shown up. I'm willing to bet it'll be #1 at the box office this weekend.

The new "MLB 2005" video game for the Playstation 2 has been released. I haven't played it yet but I hope to soon. Maybe I'll get it as a birthday gift.

Next month sees the release for the "46664" AIDS in Africa charity concert where Queen performed several songs so obviously I plan on buying the DVD. There is a 3 CD companion release of the show but apparently that's not getting released in America and the import prices are putting me off it for now.


March 27, 2004

Ok, so those "46664" CDs will be released in the US afterall. Color me impatient.

Today is my birthday, turning 28 years old. That's just wrong. Anyway, I'm surprised as many folks remembered like they did. Got a few cool things today too. Thanks everybody.


April 12, 2004

The Cincinnati Reds have started the new baseball season surprisingly well and are currently in first place. I don't expect them to stay there all season but I'm positive the 2004 Reds will be dramatically better than last year's horrific team.

Now that baseball is underway, I've got the new "MLB 2005" game for Playstation 2 to keep the juices flowing. It took a while to get used to the controls but it's the best version of the game yet in the "MLB" series.

I ordered the "46664" concert DVD and hopefully it will arrive this week. I've only seen the heavily edited version on VH-1 so I'm looking forward to watching the whole thing.

I've gotten a bunch of new DVDs the past couple of weeks including the "Pink Panther" and "Police Academy" box sets. I'm still pretty pissed off that 2 of the 7 "..Academy" flicks are not widescreen but maybe Warner Brothers will consider re-releasing them in OAR down the line if sales of the DVDs meet or exceed expectations.

By the way, I had a really great time last Thursday/Friday and I'm looking forward to repeating that experience again very soon! :-)


April 20, 2004

Well Sunday was interesting. The temperature was lovely but the wind was blowing something awful. I was laying in my bed with the window open and watching the season premiere of "Queer As Folk" (which sadly isn't offering anything better than what we've seen before) and I suddenly hear a very loud thump and a dog howling in pain. The kind of animal cry that makes you cringe.
Even though I'm not much of a dog person, I still have feelings so I grab a flashlight and walk outside to look for him/her. I didn't see or hear it so I began to think it died quickly. I then remembered that several of our neighbors own dogs so I went to the nearest house to see if it was theirs.
An older gentleman was rustling around in his van and I approached him with my query. He quickly said it was his and suspiciously asked if I was the one that had hit the dog. I told him I wasn't but I saw the white mini-van that did (it slowed down but drove off anyway, the bastards.) He informed me that he heard what happened and was taking the dog to his vet but he thought that the mutt was going to be fine. He then thanked me for trying to help and I walked back home. I haven't checked back to see it the dog did indeed turn out fine but it sure sounded like it was in some serious pain.

More details have emerged about the upcoming DVD release of the original "Star Wars" trilogy. The fourth bonus disc will contain a 2ス hour long documentary which has certainly grabbed my interest. I'm still hoping some deleted scenes will make it on somehow but I won't hold my breath.

I think each week I'll give a brief mention of what DVDs I'll be renting and what I thought of them (if I feel like typing that much.) Tonight is "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World." Haven't popped it in yet but I'm sure I'll enjoy it. The rest of the week will be "The Haunted Mansion" (which will no doubt suck) and "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton." I've watched thousands of movies in my life and I've learned that I should always give every film a shot as I've been surprised on several occasions.

The Cincinnati Reds are still playing well (and thankfully no major injuries yet knock on wood) and currently reside in second place. I think the best they can hope for is a wild card berth in the playoffs.

Comedy Central recently wrapped up their 100 greatest stand-up comedians show last week. Their #1 pick was Richard Pryor and that's pretty hard not to agree with don't you think?


May 2, 2004

Crap! Last week I was getting ready to play "MLB 2005" for my PS2 but when I was loading the game, it froze up on me again and again and again! I tried various things like starting over real quick in a new season and it seemed fine but my saved game wouldn't load. I was half-way through the season getting ready for the All-Star Game (the video game keeps player statistics and I had a few guys all set to be All-Stars too!) Anyway, you can imagine the frustration.
So I called Sony's customer service and by all indications it seems that the data saved on my memory card was probably corrupted so sadly I had to delete the whole thing and start over. My luck I'll likely get back to the same point in the season and it will freeze up on me again.
I've never had a problem with memory cards before, either on PS2 or PS1 so this was a first for me. Argh! Why couldn't it have done this like a week into the season! I was in first place and kicking ass!

Also this past week I ordered "The Return of the Pink Panther" on DVD. Yes I know I already own the "Pink Panther" box set but "Return..." was not included in it as it's owned by a different company. Anyway, Peter Sellers was a genius.
Tonight I placed an order for the "Noises Off!" DVD which was a VERY funny film based on a play. It stars Michael Caine, Christopher Reeve and Carol Burnett.

I saw an old friend of mine for the first time in several years last week, Justin. It also marked the first time I met his wife (they've been married for a couple of years.) I hung out at his place and he burned a few CDs for me.


May 10, 2004

Remember the dog that was hit by a car a while back? Well I found out that it's injuries were too severe and had to be put to sleep.

When I woke up last Saturday my digital cable wasn't working and when I called Comcast, I found out they had turned it off (there was an issue with the bill.) Well it was supposed to be turned on today but when I hooked the box back up, nothing was working so now I have to wait for the repairman to show up on Wednesday.

Best Buy had a sale this week, 2 DVDs for $15 so I got 4 of 'em. Check out my DVD collection page to see what I got.

A few days back I got an e-mail from a guy I hadn't communicated with for some time. At one point he was interested in me romantically but nothing happened because he wasn't my type. Well he wrote to say that he's getting rid of his computer (including scanner, printer, CD burner, etc) and asked if I wanted it....for free. Strange huh? I'll probably pick it up in a couple of weeks.


May 21, 2004

We had a pretty big storm here tonight, it's just now fading into the distance. I don't mind rain, thunder/lightening...it's the heavy stuff that makes me nervous. Mikey no like tornados.


May 22, 2004

Speaking of tornados....we had one. Well, in the area anyway. Friday afternoon brought a HUGE storm and a tornado touched down in St. Joseph (just 20 minutes away.) It caused a great deal of damage and knocked out power to 100,000 people, including me. In fact, we still have no power! I'm only able to update my site because my brother brought over a generator (thanks Brian.) It lasts for 8 hours and then we have to fill it up with gas again.
Not having power is a real pain in the ass and reminds you just how much your daily life depends on it. I was SO FUCKING BORED yesterday! Food was going bad, had to watch TV on a portable 2" screen.....folks, that was not fun.
Now we're hearing that power might not be restored until Tuesday or Wednesday which would make that our worst power outage ever. Apparently the idiots in Benton Harbor (which is where our elecricity come in from) are dragging their asses to get it fixed. Figures. No running water (yeah, you imagine our bathrooms 'cuz I won't) either. This stinks (literally.)


May 23, 2004

Well thankfully full power has been restored. We're still under a tornado watch so who knows if it'll last, LOL.


May 28, 2004

Ah....calm weather, I love it.

So now the following was something satirical I wrote about my favorite band Queen. While I love 'em to death they have made some incredibly stupid moves the last few years so I thought I'd have a go at them. It's all in fun but some have remarked that it's too true to be funny. (Note: If you're not a Queen fan you just won't understand a single word of it so you might as well skip this.)

January 27, 2004
ゥAssociated Press

London, England - Frizzy haired Brian May, one time guitarist and current soft drink pusher, was taken by surprise when he was told of the vitriolic response by Queen fans towards the new Pepsi ad featuring three of today's pop music icons, Britney Spears, Beyonce and Pink - why? Because they're singing Queen's signature tune "We Will Rock You."
"I don't see what the big deal is, to be honest" says May. "We sold out way back in 1982 on our 'Hot Space' album. As a band, we decided that we needed to suck the black community dry of their money by copping their tunes. I guess looking back it wasn't the greatest idea ever. Turns out a gay singer and a clog wearing guitarist wasn't what the funk/R&B fans were looking for."
However some 22 years later, the remaining band members seem to think they've learned from their past mistakes. "Oh yeah, on 'Hot Space' we were basically relying on the musical merits of those songs to sell it" says Roger Taylor, Queen's photophobic drummer. "Now all we need is to latch onto not one, not two, but three of the most popular singers around, licence them the rights to a 27 year old song, play dress up and watch the money roll in! My god, we didn't have to do anything for it! If we had known this all those years ago, we'd have closed up shop and sold our catalog to Michael Jackson. I mean he REALLY knows how to match up the right song with the right product. 'Revolution' and sneakers, bloody brilliant!"
The new Pepsi ad comes in the wake of the brilliant collaborations in recent years with the talented boy band 5ive. When asked about that duet (which once again used "We Will Rock You") making a "worst songs" list in the UK, May responds "Well, it's keeping us in the public eye isn't it?"
Jim Beach, who has been the band's manager for a few decades notes that "We're making more money now then we did when Freddie died. If you think death equals skyrocketing album sales, you've never whored yourself to major corporations before."
Beach also divulges details on future Queen releases - "Our musical, which has been a huge success in the UK and Australia will soon be opening in Finland, North Korea and (hopefully) China, though China allowing it to play there will depend heavily upon Brian and Roger publically championing communism....well, there are billions of potential consumers in China so that's a distinct possibility."
Queen's continued dominance of the marketplace also extends into the realm of DVD as their famous Wembley concert and two collections of their music videos all went to #1 on the charts. "See, we are following the basic business model of the major movie studios. Most of our DVDs feature grainy, washed out images, not to mention half of the picture being chopped off, but we know full well of the demand for Queen DVDs. Our fans will buy anything. In a few years, we will re-release them with brand new, high definition transfers and present them in full screen all so people will have to buy them again. Never do it right the first time because you can always sucker them for twice the money down the line. Thanks to 20th Century FOX for that one!"
A few years back, a collection of Freddie Mercury's solo work was released as a box set but notably absent were his duets with famed baby poker Michael Jackson. Brian May's only response? "We'll wait for the trial before deciding on releasing them. Oh, not to see if he's guilty or not, that hardly matters. We'd just rather wait for the media hype to reach a fever pitch. Jim Beach has a solid business mind you know."
Finally, one question that keeps coming from Queen fans is when will the box sets of rare material ever be released. "We'd love to do them. Our marketing research shows that with Pepsi backing us, public interest in Queen is sky high" says Taylor but before he continues, a noticeable grimace surfaces. "but we no longer have those tapes." When asked where they might be Taylor can only say "Our bass player has them and we don't have a fucking clue where he is, much less our master tapes."
ゥ2004 F. Feller


June 1, 2004

I finally got around to seeing "The Punisher" this past weekend. It was easily better than the Dolph Lundgren version some years ago (Thomas Jane is a fine actor...and has a sexy chest too!) The violence was more graphic than I had expected. Still, the direction was lazy....less than inspiring and relocating the character of Frank Castle to Florida still sticks in my craw.
I also saw "Shaun of the Dead" (a friend downloaded it off the internet because it won't be available in the USA for a while), a British film which is basically a quirky UK comedy filled with zombies. It's the most entertaining film I've seen this year.
Earlier in the week I rented "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" and found it to be a very satisfying ending to a monumental trilogy. I look forward to the extended DVD later this year.

I saw "The Day After Tomorrow" on Sunday. It was an "ok" film that was only saved by the special effects.

Today is a big DVD day. I bought both "Cocoon" and it's sequel, I've ordered "The Great White Hype" and plan to buy "Summer School", "The Crucible" and "Out To Sea" at Best Buy later today (assuming they have those three in stock.)


June 5, 2004

Well I got "Summer School" & "The Great White Hype" but Best Buy didn't have the other two however I ordered them online and they should arrive by Monday.

So the big news today is that former President Ronald Reagan died.
Well so fucking what? I'm sure all those conservatives/Republicans/christians will cry their heads off and proclaim him to be one of the greatest men who ever lived. NEWSFLASH! He wasn't.
While he was responsible for many crimes during his time in office, the greatest evil was when thousands of people died from AIDS in the early 1980s as he did NOTHING. Thousands died before he even SAID THE WORD AIDS IN PUBLIC! He was so controlled by the religious nutbags in America that AIDS research was barely funded. He contributed to so many deaths and for that alone, he should be criticsized.
Dying does not make you a better man or a saint even if Republicans try their best to convince you otherwise. You remember all those AIDS victims in the next few days as Reagan is made out to be a hero.

Ronald Reagan was the worst President in our country's history.


June 16, 2004

"American Idol" reject William Hung is back and has recorded a version of Queen's "We are the Champions." The video debuted on the Game Show Network tonight and as you can imagine, it's bad....laughably bad. When I look at him, I'm reminded of those "special needs" children.

June 24th may very well be a HUGE day in my life and might radically alter everything as I know it (and not necessarily in a good way.) We'll see what happens.


June 25, 2004

The 24th came and went without a hitch. While it was relatively peaceful, that doesn't mean everything is hunky dory yet. I'll know more in a few months.

I rented the new "Transformers" game for Playstation 2 and while most of the classic characters I grew up with aren't in it, it's still been a lot of fun to play.


July 6, 2004

I saw Michael Moore's new documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" last night and it certainly gave me more to think about.
I don't think that you should take anyone's word as gospel, including Moore's BUT he does pose questions and leaves it to us to come up with an answer.....and the only answer I can come up with is defeating Bush this November.
By the way, Sen. Kerry announced his vice presidential pick today, Sen. John Edwards. An excellent choice! He was my pick all along.

I finally had my eye exam today. I was supposed to have it a few months ago but hey, I got it done right? My new contact lenses will arrive in a couple of days.


July 20, 2004

My contacts came last week but I noticed my right eye wasn't seeing as clearly as my left so I went back to the eye doctor and was told I have an astigmatism and that a contact lense won't correct that (unless it gets worse and then I can get a special lens that will correct it.) Oh well.

Been buying loads of DVDs lately, mostly catching up on some hard to find discs (for me anyway.) Today, as part of my DVD catch o' the day, I got the 2 DVD set of "Tron." Yay!

I started tanning this month. As usual I got burned pretty bad my first day....the redness, pain and eventual ITCHING FROM HELL was a lot to deal with but that's over with now. I'm beginning to show some decent color so the pain was worth it. Ahhhhhh.....vanity!


July 31, 2004

Now that the Democratic convention is over, John Kerry is the official nominee for the party. I tried to watch several of the speeches given and was most impressed with Senate candidate Barack Obama (I think I spelled his name right.) He definitely has a future.

My DVD buying continues as today I picked up six more, one of them being the excellent "Hellboy." I know a "director's cut" DVD is coming later this year but the studios aren't getting me to double dip on every friggin' movie!

The Cincinnati Reds' hopes of the postseason are essentially over with. There's always the wild card slot but that's very remote. I guess I'll just have to hope for a better season in 2005.

I still haven't seen "Spider-Man 2" yet (shame on me!) and now that "The Village" and "The Manchurian Candidate" have opened, I'm starting to pile up a backlog and it ain't pretty.


August 20, 2004

I went to see "Alien Vs Predator" last weekend and despite the negative reviews, I ended up enjoying it. No, it's not a classic and it's certainly not better than the first films from either franchise but it delivered what I was expecting. Besides, I can't complain too much...I got to see it for free because there was a free ticket inside the special edition DVD of "Predator" so it's all good. Anyway, I'd say "AvP" is on par in terms of quality with "Freddy Vs Jason" (which I also liked.) I was a bit worried when they rated it PG-13 but apparently the DVD will feature an R rated cut.
Speaking of Freddy and Jason, word is that they want to make a sequel and add "Ash" (played by Bruce Campbell) from the "Evil Dead" movies to the mix. Sounds good to me!


September 21, 2004

Sorry for the delay.

Today is the day.....the original trilogy comes to DVD. "Star Wars" will rule my bedroom over the next few days. I'll be picking up my set later in the afternoon.
George Lucas has made even more changes to the films but you know what? I don't care any more. I just want to add them to my collection.

I believe I've mentioned that I've been somewhat ill in the last year and a half (maybe not in this year's journal but perhaps in 2003, I forget.) A constant ache/burning sensation in my lower abdomen, right around where the bladder is. So you'd think I have some kind of urinary infection right? Nope. A few weeks ago I had some new blood tests done (urine culture too) and everything came back normal. No kidney infection, nuttin'. My symptoms all seem to indicate I have *some* kind of problem with the urinary tract but tests ay otherwise.
It's a pain in the ASS, lemme tell ya. March to May/June I felt fine and thought it had passed but it eventually came back a couple of months ago (on a nightly basis to boot.) At least it doesn't hurt my lower back (kidney area) as much, just the lower abdomen but I still have to sleep with a heating pad to help with the discomfort. I guess I'll have to find a regular doctor and.....I dunno what. What other tests can be done? I would think a blood test (two of them) would indicate something if there was a problem and there IS a problem. Grrrr.

Oh yeah, more "Star Wars".....there's a new video game called "Battlefront" where you can play in every battle using any character from ALL of the films! You can even shoot those fucking Ewoks! Oh yeah!

Another Lucas film, "THX 1138" came out on DVD last week. I've never seen the film but Lucas has fussed with this one too (extra CGI, etc) and I REALLY want to see it. Hopefully I'll find a place to rent it from soon.

I've proudly put a Kerry/Edwards sign in the front lawn to show my support for them. I hope to god Bush isn't re-elected, he's been a disaster and I cannot believe some folks think he's done a great job. Have they even been paying attention the last four years????? After watching the Republican convention, I was convinced they have NOTHING to offer but fear and hate. If there's a god, Kerry should win.

I bought "The Punisher" on DVD last week. I was skeptical at first but I really enjoyed it. Finally, a comic book movie with a hard R rating! There was a trailer for the video game (due later this year) and it looks awesome.

Speaking of video games, I was playing a bunch last week. I enjoyed "Max Payne 2" the most, played it all night for three nights in a row only to save my progress at the worst possible point (unlike other games, you can save your progress whenever you wish.) There's a bomb set to go off and I saved it with maybe 4 seconds before to explodes which doesn't give me enough time to escape. I was SOOOOOOOO close to the end too!

I was going to see the "Resident Evil" sequel last week because I bought the new special edition DVD of the first as it was supposed to have a free ticket in it. It didn't. None of the copies at Best Buy did.

Nothing will stop me from seeing "Shaun of the Dead" this weekend though. Do yourself a favor, GO SEE IT! A great zombie horror film with some sly British humor thrown in. One of the best films I've seen all year (I saw it via bootleg a few months ago.)


September 29, 2004

Ok so something did stop me from seeing "Shaun of the Dead"...a limited theatrical release. Ah well, it will expand to more theaters in the coming weeks so hopefully I'll catch it soon.
I was at the theater anyway so what the hell, I saw "Resident Evil: Apocalypse." Wow, did that fucking suck or what?

I enjoyed the "Star Wars" DVDs...at least until my DVD player froze during the first two films. Nothing wrong with the discs mind you, I think my player isn't what it used to be. :(
I did enjoy "Battlefront" though!

I finally got around to watching "Angels In America" this week. It came out on DVD recently and since I always missed it on HBO, it was my opportunity to catch up. What a wonderful (if occasionally bloated) film that deserves all the awards it has received thus far.

Finally, there's a new videogame that has caught my attention, "X-Men: Legends." Haven't played it yet but I will soon.


October 11, 2004

Christopher Reeve, 'Superman' himself, has passed away. He was such an inspiration to so many, he will be missed dearly. RIP man of steel.

Please visit his web site by clicking HERE and donate to his foundation.


November 2, 2004

Well the day has come, election day! Let us hope and pray that John Kerry will be our next President!
I voted for Kerry of course. There was also a proposal to amend the Michigan constitution to effectively ban both gay marriage and civil unions, I voted against it. I hope it will not pass.

I recently got a computer (finally) but for FREE from a kinda sorta friend over the weekend. Also came with a scanner, printer, web cam, digital camera, 4.1 speakers, digital camera, the works. I took it over to a friend's house and upgraded the memory BUT my friend wanted to install Windows XP but that would've taken all night to do so for now I'll stick with Windows 98 (I may upgrade later.)
Anyway, it'll take some time to learn the ins and outs (I don't even have it hooked up to the internet yet nor have I learned how to work the scanner and stuff) so for now I'm happily burning CDs. :)

The Boston Red Sox finally won the World Series last month. I'm very happy for them and their fans. Hopefully another team featuring the color red will win it next year......

This month is a big Queen release month as Live Aid and a live DVD/CD concert will come out. I cannot wait!

I still am not sure what is happening with the whole housing situation yet, next month is the deadline for figuring out what will happen. Wish me luck!


December 4, 2004

Well it's been a while since I last updated, been kinda busy.

My computer crashed so I took it back to my friend's house and he wiped it clean and put in Windows XP. I've got it online (AOL) and have been getting used to it. Though the only add-on I've managed to install was a webcam, the printer/scanner still sit on the sidelines. Kinda pissed because I couldn't get the CD burning software to work right. Plus I haven't quite grasped the 'saving pictures' thing yet so uploading images to my site might take a while. I haven't used WebTV in weeks now but I'm keeping it in case of emergency.

I had a bit of a scare with my mom's health last month as she was having chest pains and the tests showed one side of her heart was working too hard. She's been better lately but I'm still edgy.

Speaking of health, I've been fairly sick this past week, some kind of stomach virus I think.

I've been getting my Christmas presents early, been mostly DVDs but I also got a new DVD player as my old one finally gave out and had a hard time reading most discs. It's hooked up and running!

How the fuck did George Bush get re-elected? Anyone know?

I wanna see the remake of "Assault On Precinct 13" next month (assuming I don't have biger worries like where I'll be living that is.) I loved John Carpenter's original and the new flick looks good so far.


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