January 7, 2003

Well I hope you had a festive New Year's. Mine came and went so fast it was as if it was just some Sunday night in September. In fact, for the first time I had nobody to wish "Happy New Year" to. I didn't even have a sip of champagne (however I still had other things to provide a "buzz", if ya get what I'm sayin'.)

Men officially suck, that's my slogan and I'm sticking to it.

I watched "Signs" starring Mel Gibson on DVD tonight. I saw it in the theaters last year and enjoyed it both times. However the rest of this week's DVD offerings are somewhat lame.

The whole house foreclosure problem still looms like storm clouds on the horizon. Will we luck out again and make up the payments or will fate spit upon us and leave us out in the cold? Only time will tell. I fucking hate money. Of course I hate banks even more but hey!
Speaking of debt, I closed one of my credit cards last weekend. Those companies (Providian in this case) really don't give a shit about you. You could be maxed out but oh well, here's our annual membership fee anyway! You'll have to pay $140 instead of $70 to get in back under control. Fuck that, account closed.
Why do old people who don't need the money always win the lottery? That last guy who won the big powerball, did you know he owned 2 businesses?
Hell, I'm not asking for $100 million or anything. $100,000 would solve every financial problem my family has. We'd be very happy with that. I know we'll always struggle and fight every day of our lives but it's nice to dream.


January 28, 2003

Damn it's cold...and snowy, wet snow too, even worse. Ah Michigan......

So it looks like I'll be "double dipping" next month when a new 2 DVD edition of "X-Men" comes out. A gaggle of new extras plus a free ticket for the sequel, can't beat that.
Speaking of DVD re-issues, it appears that the entire "Alien" series will be getting 2 disc sets this year. Looks like I'll be pan handling soon.

My toothcahes have been acting up lately dammit. I think I'm gonna pull 'em out using some rusty tool if this keeps up.

My campaigns to get three movies released on DVD picked up some steam these last few weeks. Go over to my petitions page and have a look. Help a brotha out will ya?


February 4, 2003

My thoughts go out to the families of the heroes who died in the Columbia tragedy this past weekend.
Space exploration is extremely important to the whole of mankind and I hope our venture into the unknown will continue.

The weather around here has been crazy the last few days.
Yesterday was fairly warm and was incredibly foggy. Today it's cold and snowy. Ah Michigan!


February 17, 2003

Some good and bad news. First, the good!

I'm now an official DVD reviewer! I was recently accepted as a review team member at DVD Angle, one of the most read DVD sites around! I get to keep every DVD I review for them...FREE DVD's!
To read the first review I wrote for DVD Angle, click HERE.

I went to see "Daredevil" Sunday and enjoyed myself. When I got the "X-Men 1.5" DVD, there was a free pass included so I used it. There were some trailers for films I've been looking forward to and it was a joy for me because it was my first glimpse at the footage. "Kill Bill" (Quentin Tarantino's next movie) and of course, "X-Men 2" which blew me away!

Now the bad news. We recently found out that my Aunt Karin's longtime boyfriend, Gunter, has cancer and does not have long to live.
I met Gunter when he and Karin visited a couple of years ago (they live in Germany) and I thought he was (well, is) a wonderful guy. Those two love each other very much so naturally I worry for Karin when Gunter passes away. My mom is upset to, she's feels so badly for her sister. Ugh....fucking cancer.


February 24, 2003

Another review of mine has been posted at DVD Angle, go HERE to check it out!

Well, one of my fav TV series, "Oz", ended it's run yesterday. I wish I could say the finale was incredible – afterall, it had six seasons of storylines to wrap up. Unfortunately, more stuff was left up in the air than put to rest. It seemed more like a season finale than the last episode of the entire series. Let's hope HBO will create a 2 hour special that will do the series justice. I can't believe they'd let this graphic soap opera end in such a fashion.

At least a new season of "Queer As Folk" begins this Sunday. Hey, if I can't see naked guys on "Oz" any more.....


March 6, 2003

Well, so much for having the house payment situation under control. My stepfather was layed off from his job today, after working there for 13 years. So, that's $500+ a week we lose. To say I'm a bit distraught would be an understatement. My birthday is only a few weeks away and I have this hanging over my head. Boy, when it rains, it pours.
Mom was planning on visiting Germany this summer to see her family but that's not gonna happen now.


March 14, 2003

Ok, now what? First, my aunt's boyfriend has cancer, then my stepdad is layed off and NOW the bank wants to foreclose on the house again. We got a letter in the mail that they want almost $8,000 by early April or they'll foreclose. Now, we're only 3 months behind, so that should be $1,500, so why the fuck is it suddenly $8,000?????????????? There is NO WAY we can pay that in the span of 3-4 weeks.
Life sucks so bad right now, let me tell ya. What's next, we get robbed? My cat dies? Why can we NEVER catch a fucking break? All this with my birthday coming up. Something tells me I won't be in the mood to celebrate.

Onto lighter news, I have another DVD review up, this time for "The Ref." Click HERE to read it.


March 15, 2003

"Da Ali G" show on HBO is one of the funniest programs I've seen in a while, check it out sometime!

Oh, just found out today, foreclosure has stopped. Long story, but everything seems ok for now. I'm a bit sick of this roller-coaster ride though.


March 25, 2003

My latest DVD review is up, "Assault On Precinct 13", go HERE to read it.

Speaking of reviews, my first batch of free DVD's from DVDAngle.com (that I get to keep but HAVE to review), should arrive this week. Six in all, but only two of them would I ever actually watch by choice, "Ghost Ship" and "The Dark Crystal" Superbit. The others are a bunch of crappy concert discs, by the likes of shitty metal band Manowar (2 discs I'll have to trudge through there, ick!) and Ronnie Wood. Nobody said reviewing DVD's would be easy.

I got the new Queen+ Vanguard CD single the other day, a remix of "Flash", which is actually pretty good.

The family money cruch continues this week as my brother Bobby lost his job. Oh joy.


March 27, 2003

Today is my birthday, I turned 27 years old. It's so strange, I don't feel 27 though. Ok, I know 27 isn't ancient or anything but...still.
I did get a few DVD's today, "Below" and "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" were among them. Some friends were kind enough to send me B-day wishes as well, which I appreciated. All in all, today wasn't so bad.

I made some progress on the DVD campaign front as I am getting John Carpenter together with VCI Entertainment for a possible special edition of "Dark Star". Keep your fingers crossed!

My stepdad has a job interview tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes.


March 28, 2003

*Sigh*...is there such a thing as silent, internet stalking? My ex Nate keeps coming back here, god knows why. Apparently, he doesn't "get" that I know each and every time he visits my web site, hello! I see your IP address, day & time, even your browser type! If he's so happy with his current "man" (and I use that term loosely), why does he feel the need to check up on me? Get a life dude.
However, since he wishes to have a look-see, let's give him something to read, shall we?
Surprisingly enough, this "Stan the man" character is a real human being, how much of a human remains to be seen. My friend Joe, after viewing the link to Nate's Yahoo profile, informed me there's a pic of the happy couple in his briefcase and sent me a link. Enjoy the view folks, click HERE. Nate would be the psycho on the right. Note their matching, bleach blond haircuts. Frightening isn't it? The funny thing is, Nate seems to think that that caveman would be a better choice than yours truly. Ok, compare me to Stanley. Whose better lookin'? Yeah, I thought so.
Some might say that I should just ignore those fools, that I'm better than they are (I agree with the latter), and maybe I should ignore his constant, internet shadowing. Hmm, nah. As long as he keeps coming back here, I'll continue to mock the both of 'em until they stop. Are we getting the message, natey-poo?


April 9, 2003

So, we still have the $1500 house payment issue lingering – the bank wants it all this month. No idea how it'll be payed.

For the last week or so, I've been fairly ill. All my symptoms pointed towards a problem with my kidneys, so naturally I was freaked out. Pain, burning, you name it, I felt it. So I went to the hospital Tuesday morning (after not getting any sleep the previous night) to figure out what's wrong. They took my blood pressure and temperature – that turned out ok. Then then tested my urine and blood – after an hour of waiting, the doctor came back and said everything looked good. Ok, why the fuck was I there then? Doc suggested I increase my fluids, lots of water and whatnot, and if I still have pain, to see this doctor he refered me to.
Now get this, the nurse who drew my blood? As she took the needle out (it was in my arm the entire time I was waiting in case I needed medicine), she wore NO gloves! I saw her hand, my blood was on her fingers! I was so shocked, a nurse who doesn't know me from adam, she says she wasn't "picky", and that "if God wanted me to get AIDS, there's nothing I could do about it." A nurse, THAT careless about her own health should NOT be looking after other people. That was just fucked up.
Anyway, I've been drinking lots of water and cranberry juice and I've started feeling better. If/when it goes away completely, I'll never know what caused it, maybe it was an infection of some kind, who knows? Boy, I can't wait to see the bill.

Baseball season started last week, and wouldn't you know it? Ken Griffey Jr. is injured yet again. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come.

I've got two more DVD reviews coming, so be sure to check out DVD Angle to read 'em!


April 20, 2003

Hmm, if I'm bored enough, I might go see "House of 1000 corpses" tonight.

The whole foreclosure thing might have been solved, I dunno yet, we'll see.

I have been feeling better lately, however, I still have to drink loads of water to maintain the general good feeling so whatever I had is still in my system. Oh yeah, got my first bill from the hospital too. $179 for what exactly? Reading my blood pressure and sitting in a room for an hour by myself?

I'm very happy to say that "Memoirs of an Invisible Man" will finally be released on DVD August 19th! If you'll recall, it was one of the movies I was campaigning for a DVD release – perhaps the studio listened? Well, that's a total of two down....and two more to go!

PS Went to see "House of 1000 Corpses" this afternoon. I'm still not sure what to make of it. I liked Zombie's visual sense, even though I felt I had already seen his tricks in the music videos he's directed.

I suppose I liked it, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it. It's certainly nothing worth waiting 2-3 years for, and its not any kind of horror landmark. I think, perhaps, it was a little too much like "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" instead of merely being "inspired" by it.

Of course, I liked the sadistic aspects of the film (I guess I'm a sicko) and I think some of the images will stick with me for a while.

It's not a bad directorial debut for Rob Zombie, but I hope he goes for something more substantial story-wise next time.


April 22, 2003

Whoo-hoo! I participated in an on-line chat with Warner Brothers tonight and they announced that "Return of the Living Dead part 2" will be released on DVD next year! If you'll recall, that was yet another film I campaigned to get released on DVD. *pumps fist*


April 26, 2003

The "Oasis: MTV Unplugged" CD/DVD Campaign!

Check out the following link HERE and find out how YOU can help get one of Oasis' best concerts released. Tell your friends :)


May 5, 2003

I saw "X-Men 2" on Sunday and wow wow wow, What a sequel! It kept all the wonderful character driven ideals from the first film and expanded the FX/action/fights, making it a more "complete" film than the first. You do feel for these characters, even the villains (both human and mutant.) Ian McKellan as Magneto is brilliant and his violent escape from his plastic prison is brilliant in execution. Of course, as a gay man, i was touched by the underlying subtext (Bobby/Iceman "coming out" as a mutant to his parents for example.) The casting (except the awful Halle Berry) is spot on, the opening sequence was terrific, and the ending was such a "Wrath of Khan" that I teared up. THIS is what a comic book adaptation should be - not that popcorn, family friendly pap that was "Spider Man". With an $85 million opening weekend, we're assured of an X3 (yes!) and much like the first film, X2 will lead in very nicely with the third. This is looking like a wonderful trilogy of films that few will ever match. Love, fighting for acceptance, death, heartache, great performances, and a real effort to make these superheroes as "real" as possible. 4½ stars out of 5!


May 9, 2003

Well, I think the foreclosure ordeal is over for the time being. Thank the maker.

I'm gonna try to see "X-Men 2" again this weekend. Last time I had to go to the bathroom 4-5 times, and I only had one small glass of water that entire day! So I wanna catch the bits I missed. I got the novelisation today so I'll read that this weekend as well.

I'm removing the "Raves" section from my web site today. Why? I guess ranting about things is a bit more enjoyable, and there's more to bitch about, hehe.

The "Indiana Jones" trilogy is coming to DVD this November! YES! I still haven't gotten the "Back to the Future" DVD's yet as tracking down the corrected widescreen version in stores has proven difficult.

I'm gonna try to get an appointment for my yearly eye exam this month, though unlike year's past, I can still see pretty good with these contacts.


May 22, 2003

Ok, it's almost 4 am as I type this. I've been sitting here wondering if I should discuss the events from the last week. Why? Because it deals with the dating side of my life, and as anyone who reads this often enough knows, I've shied from that ever since the "Nate fiasco."
Meeting guys come and go, more often than not it usually ends up how it started, being single. As one of those odd gay men who dislike going to bars and clubs, my options are limited - whether this is the best way to go about dating, or at least actively dating, seems obvious. However, I strive forward hoping that I'll find someone to connect with. I rarely pop into chat rooms any more, if I get one more "ASL?" message I'm gonna pop my top, so every few months I will check out personal ads (hey, I've met a few guys this way so shuddup.)
It was through a personal that I began talking to a guy named Sean who lives a little over an hour from me in Indiana. We chatted, IM'd, and spoke on the phone for a few weeks and quickly noticed how well we could communicate with each other. This of course is a good thing. Eventually Sean proposes we meet to which I readily agree (though at times I tried to steer the discussion away from meeting, he always went back to it which indicated how much he wanted to do it.)
So we met last Friday at a restaurant. Neither of us had worked much lately so money was....tight. We just decided to go back to my place, hang out, watch a few movies and get to know each other.
Now, I won't betray his trust and divulge everything we did, so let's just say it went extremely well. In fact, short of being on some moonlit beach, it was everything I ever wanted in a first date. We spent the night together.
Finally hitting the sack around 6:30 am, we woke up around 11:30 in the morning. We cuddled for a bit, spoke some more, then he had to be off. The rest of Saturday I felt more alive than I had in a long time. The confidant swagger in my step that I had lost a few years ago was back. It was a beautiful late spring day and the sun couldn't have been brighter. Blue skies, nothing but blue skies.
Somehow, Sean re-ignited a spark in me. It was reminder of a feeling that I had almost given up on. Regardless of what may or may not happen between us, it struck me that I shouldn't give up on love, or the prospect of it because love hasn't given up on me. It's just playing hide and go seek. In this game, it doesn't matter who finds who, the heart always wins out in the end.

I felt a connection with Sean, and I'm determined to win his heart. I've dated long enough to know that feeling when it hits, you know that feeling. It just says "This is the one, don't let him slip away. Don't scare him off, if you fuck this one up, you'll regret it." Well, I'll try my best.

A month from now I could be right back here saying it didn't work out, and if that happens, so be it. Life is a gamble, and you have to risk getting your heart broken, or else there isn't much point is there? I'll still be glad I was given a moment to bask in someone's affection, not just anyone, but a person whose eyes I looked into at a certain moment and wished it would last forever.

We'll see what happens.....


May 28, 2003

See? Now you know there's a reason I never mention my romantic life on here.
My time with Sean (the boy refered to in the previous entry) is officially over after tonight's chat. I don't know what happened, I'm a bit bewildered to be honest. How it can go from an incredible and intimate first date to him changing completely, I don't know. He was a different person after we met. I'd hate to think he used me for sex. A few years ago I'd have no problem with that, lol. Now? That just sucks. He was my type, that's something a person just knows, but he's got his own problems apparently. Man, do I know how to pick 'em or what? They start out sweet, then end up monsters. What the fuck, do I have a Gremlin fetish?
It doesn't matter, this is only a blip on my radar, I'll be back boys - just be ready for me....and don't turn into some creature after midnight, please?


June 4, 2003

Well, after two months of dealing with this health crap (and the first trip to the hospital not doing any good), I went to another doctor, one my mother has been to several times.
They tested my urine and results indicated I had an infection, probably a urinary tract infection. So the doc gave me two different kinds of anti-biotics and I hope this will help. I've been taking them since last Sunday, results have been mixed so far but I know I have to give it some time to work. The doc also mentioned the possibility of kidney stones(!)....let's hope it's just an infection.

So since I'm home a lot these days, I got a Playstation 2 last weekend. I've been wanting one for a while now.

Oh, there's a poll on the main page asking which section of my web site is your favorite. Please cast your vote, this'll help me know which areas that need to be improved and which to keep doing what I've been doing.


June 16, 2003

I went to the doctor yesterday to see how things were going. While the bad news is I'm still experiencing symptoms, the good news is the infection is going away. Hopefully in a week it'll be gone entirely.

Queen's "Live at Wembley Stadium" DVD comes out tomorrow. I ordered it from amazon.com with a 1 day delivery so I should get it Wednesday or Thursday. I can't wait!


June 29, 2003

Got the Queen DVD and enjoyed it, well, as much as I could anyway. The day it arrived (last Tuesday), I was incredibly sick. I hadn't been that sick in a long time. I'm better now but geez!

Speaking of health, I am still experiencing the same fucking symptoms. ARGH! Will it ever go away? I was supposed to see the doctor again but I just don't have the money right now, so I guess I'll have to deal with it for now.

The dryer stopped working this week, so I can wash clothes at home, but I have to dry them at the local laundromat.

I went to see the film "28 Days Later" this afternoon and enjoyed it. It's about a virus that spread like wildfire through England, infecting anyone who came into contact with blood/saliva, they get "sick" within seconds, go mad and will literally tear any living thing apart. So they're not really zombies, but they sure as hell ain't human either. The movie centers on a small group of survivors trying to make their way to a military compound. There's not a lot of gore, but when it's on screen, it's very graphic. "28 Days Later" is a quality horror film, and you should check it out if you can. (Sorry, I know that was shitty writing but if you're a horror fan, chances are you've at least heard of it by now. Just know you won't be disappointed.)

The Supreme Court struck down a Texas sodomy law this week, which pretty much sets up every other one to be struck down as well. About fucking time people, STAY OUT OF OUR BEDROOMS ASSHOLES!
Now US lawmaker pricks are trying to amend the Constitution to say marriage is only between a man and a woman, no doubt because Canada was decent enough to allow gay marriage soon. I don't think it'll pass but what the fuck are these republican cunts so frightened of? How will 2 men getting married affect them at all? This has nothing to do with their petty religious beliefs because marriages are only legal when recognized by the law, not your fucking church.

I was tempted to see, but ulimately decided against checking out "Hulk" at the theater. The monster always looked bad, reviews have been decidedly mixed, etc. I'll just wait for the DVD.

4th of July is coming up rapidly. I doubt I'll be doing much. I'm just one of those people who, if they aren't seeing someone, won't bother doing "holiday" stuff because, you know, it reminds you that you're single. I don't need that, do you?


July 4, 2003

Happy freedom day you patriotic people you!

As I said in my last entry, I'm not doing shit today. I went up to Hollywood Video in St. Joseph and rented a few DVD's to watch over the weekend....and oh my god, one of the guys working there was so fuckin' hot! When he turned around, I took a good look at his ass....mmm mmmm MMM! You can just tell he has a GREAT body underneath his uniform. The kind of body where, if he was naked in front of you, instant erection! So if that hunky, sexy man ever reads this, e-mail me! hehe.

I watched "The Real Cancun" yesterday, the 'reality' movie. Well, I can see why it bombed, it was just like any youth-based reality show on MTV, just with the cussing and boobs uncensored.


July 9, 2003

Bravo finally aired the Songwriters Hall of Fame tonight, so I finally got to see Queen's performance. Predictably they did "We Will Rock You" (though they did do something a bit different with it) and "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" with that big, red-headed woman Wynonna singing. It's nice to see Queen recognized here in the U.S.

Speaking of Bravo, they have two gay themed shows debuting this month. One is called "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" which features five gay men doing make-overs for a straight fella. The other is called "Boy Meets Boy", kind of a gay "Bachelor." I'll give both of 'em a shot to see if they're even remotely entertaining.

Since my symptoms are still bothering me, the doctor wants to do some things I'm not particularly looking forward to. The first thing is an X-ray, the other is getting a urine culture, which means they have to swab the inside of my penis(!) Ah well, if it means getting to the bottom of whatever the fuck is the problem, I guess I'll have to do it.


July 25, 2003

Well, I've been feeling pretty good for the last week – hardly any of those symptoms at all! Hopefully it's going away now.
But no sooner do I start feeling better than I wake up one morning with bites all over my back. At first I thought a mosquito was in my room and had a field day, but the bites lasted much longer (and itched more) than usual. Then I've been killing a few spiders in my room the last few nights. I can only assume they're spider bites and maybe I rolled over on one while sleeping and it bit me trying to get out.

The Cincinnati Reds continue to suck like a whore during a Las Vegas business convention. Ken Griffey Jr. is injured once again and is out for the season. So much for building a winner for the 2003 season....

"Daredevil" is hitting DVD next Tuesday..must buy! Of course there's so many "must buy" DVD's due this year it's frightening. Maybe I should look into that Las Vegas whore thing.....

I've been getting tons of hits on my web site this week. Monday my site was down due to heavy traffic for most of the day. Cool! A big thank you to everyone for stopping by! Please sign my guestbook before ya leave and if you have any suggestions for what I can improve and/or add to my site, e-mail me (an e-mail link can be found on the main menu.)

DVD Angle, the site where I write DVD reviews for, hasn't sent me any discs since April so I wrote one for a disc of my own, "The Punisher", so I wouldn't get too rusty. It's an old DVD of an older film but it was the 3rd most popular review on the site the week it was posted. Pretty cool eh? Anyway, if you want the best DVD reviews and news on the internet, go check us out!


August 5, 2003

So the Cincinnati Reds traded away some of their players the last week of July, effectively giving up on the season, their first in a new stadium (which no team has ever done before.) Bang up job guys!

Had a date last Sunday with a guy named Derek. Very cute, we got along well, etc. Yet somehow I think he's gonna flake out on me just like the last one did. I dunno folks, I'm seriously considering just not dating any more.


August 8, 2003

Yeah, just what I thought. Derek was a flake – yet another asshole in a loooooong string of assholes. I wasn't what he was looking for. Good enough for sex though......whatever.


August 12, 2003

I ordered "Memoirs of an Invisible Man" DVD on-line today. I was hoping DVDangle.com would get a copy for me to review (and thereby I would be getting it for free) but it seems unlikely to happen, even my editor felt the same and ordered a copy for himself. Anyway, it's due next Tuesday and when it arrives, I will own every John Carpenter (theatrical) movie on DVD.
Speaking of Carpenter, I bought the 25th anniversary DVD of "Halloween" last weekend. Not so much for the movie itself, as Anchor Bay fucked up the colors, but for the extras. When I wanna watch the *movie*, I'll just pop in my other DVD.


August 16, 2003

A sad day for me (relatively speaking.)
I resigned from my reviewing job at DVDAngle.com today. I just didn't feel I was getting enough out of it. For every one DVD I would actually watch by choice, I'd have 15 of the crappiest discs in the world to review. That's an awful lot of time to waste I think. I don't regret writing for them, I've learned a lot in the process. DVDAngle.com is a GREAT site for DVD news and reviews and I encourage you to check them out. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

August 22, 2003

"Memoirs of an Invisible Man" arrived Tuesday (I swear the UPS man would be able to give the police a great physical description of me by now.) My Carpenter collection is complete. That might sound dopey but whatever.

Ok, so I've been watching those two gay shows on Bravo for a few weeks now. "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" has been pretty fun actually, a nice twist to the rather lame make-over type shows that fill up the airwaves these days.
"Boy Meets Boy"....oh goodness....James, the "leading man" who gets to pick which boy he wants....GOD he is gorgeous isn't he? I've been surprised by some of his decisions in the show over who to keep around, but he seems so sweet, warm, and caring. Now *he* is somebody I'd love to meet! What a total package.

I've owned my Playstation 2 for a few months now but I've rarely gotten around to playing anything other than my baseball game. Well I rented "Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb" last weekend and I am hooked. I've always loved the movies too (can't wait until they're on DVD this October!)


August 24, 2003

Went to the doctor today since I'm still having the same problems. It's been a while since I had been there, which is probably a bad thing but anyway...the doc decided to give me another anti-biotic (a really strong one) before doing any further testing. I was supposed to get them from a pharmacy but it would've cost $80 for 7 pills(!) so she gave me the pills herself from sample boxes. Hopefully they'll help. If not I need to get her a copy of the blood test I had at the hospital back in April and go from there. I'll probably be sent to a urologist.


September 4, 2003

Queen's "Greatest Video Hits 2" DVD is coming this year and it's contents were recently announced. I'm salivating as I type this as it looks fantastic!

Now, some bad news....
My stepfather Tim has never really lived a healthy life. Alcohol, smoking, pot, and overeating (with zero exercise) have really taken their toll. With each doctors visit, he got worse and worse news. Now he's been told that he'll either have a heart attack, kidney failure...well, that's he's gonna die if he doesn't change his life NOW, altering his lifestyle, taking the medications he's been given and so on.
Yesterday, he had a mild stroke. Mom said he cried quite a bit today and is worried beyond belief. I was always worried that it would come to this for him but he never really seemed to care. Hopefully he will now that he knows just how serious this is.


September 11, 2003

I finally broke down and bought a brand new receiver yesterday. Why? Because it's a Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 receiver, DVD-Audio and SACD ready. All for $160 AND I got a free DVD with it!
I had everything set up correctly but for whatever reason, I wasn't getting a DTS or DD signal. I spent the next few hours trying to figure out what was wrong. Eventually, I found I needed a coaxial cable (and one other cable) so I bought those today and now it's all set up!
I still haven't gotten the sound levels just perfect yet (for me anyway) but that'll come in time, I'll mess with it a couple more times this week testing various DVD's (and listening to Queen in surround sound, which I couldn't before because my old receiver didn't have DTS, is a joy!)


September 25, 2003

My stepfather Tim has gone through many tests this month and they finally determined what caused the strokes (yes, strokeS, he had two actually.) Something about blood vessels in the brain. Anyway, they've got him on tons of medications which he'll have to take for the rest of his life. There's no guarantee that he'll never have another one again though. He's got some papers to fill out to get disability (which I'm sure he'll get) so that should help with medical costs.

As for me, I haven't had the cashola to go back to the doctor to do the tests she recommended yet. I want another blood test done to absolutely rule out a kidney problem though she told me (after looking at the previous blood tests I had done at the hospital back in April) that she doesn't see any reason to do a 2nd one but if I insist, she will.

I sold my camcorder to my brother Brian last week for $100, his went in the crapper and they wanted one to film the birth of their 4th child (due in December.) I wasn't really getting much use out of it anyway.

I'm getting a haircut this weekend and as soon as that's done, I will be taking new pictures of myself, get them scanned and GASP put them up on my web site. I've gotten some crap because I haven't added anything new since 2001.

I watched the Democratic presidential debate tonight on CNBC, the first since Wesley Clark entered the race. So far I like Howard Dean and Clark and I feel they have the best chance of winning the nomination. Ol' Bush better hope things drastically improve if he hopes to get a second term.

Oh yeah, head on over to my DVD Campaigns page, I've added two new ones recently – both John Carpenter made-for-TV films. Help the cause brothas and sistahs!

Late September and it's already getting chilly. I took out my AC last week. Ugh, why can't it stay warm all year round?

On September 30th, MSNTV will be making some "network changes" which means that some users will learn that the numbers they call to connect to the internet will no longer be available, their local numbers anyway. If that's the case, they might have to call long distance to connect. Their only other option is to sign up with another ISP. Hopefully I won't be affected by this crap, I have 3 local numbers to connect with (at least) so IF these changes affect my area, I'll at least have one local number to use.


October 4, 2003

Well, I guess everything's cool since my local number's still working!

Baseball playoffs are in full swing now. Since my pathetic Reds are all at home, I'm rooting for the Chicago Cubs to win it all.

Ok, I've gotten my new pics scanned (thanks Tim) and though I don't have them on *this* web site, I did add them to a temporary page (courtesy of MSN's scrapbook) until they are. I'll provide a link in a second but let me warn you, I do not like these pictures at all. Apparently the so-so lighting makes it looks like I need to shave (grr!) but it's just a shadow. Honestly, I haven't had a good pic taken of me in about 2 years. Maybe I need a professional to help out, hehe. Anyway, go HERE to see the new crappy pics. Try not to wretch.


October 8, 2003

Well, it looks like my cable company will finally be expanding their channel selection next month. Some of the new additions will be VH-1 and Comedy Central which have been the ones I've been wanting ever since we got cable over a decade ago!

So the California recall election is over and Arnold is the new governor. Absolutely fucking ridiculous. Way to go CA voters....dumbasses!


October 17, 2003

ARGH!!!! Both the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox were eliminated in the playoffs!!! Dammit! Now we get the fucking Yankees in the World Series AGAIN! Oh super.

Picked up the 2 DVD set of "Star Trek V" today, will likely watch it tomorrow. Next Tuesday is my most highly anticipated DVD set of the year, the "Indiana Jones" trilogy!


October 22, 2003

Adventure, thy name is Indiana! I picked up the 4 DVD set at Best Buy Tuesday (and BB had a bonus 5th disc as an exclusive so I got that along with it.) Throw me the idol, I throw you the whip!

Oh yeah, if any of you out there have a soul, you'll be rooting for the Florida Marlins to beat the Yankees in the World Series.


October 30, 2003

Yes! The Yankees lose! Suckas!

Anyhoo, WHAT a week it's been.
Imagine that your favorite actor or musician (or whatever) publically insults YOU personally on his or her web site.
Well that's exactly what happened to me when Brian May, guitarist from Queen, went after me.
The short of it is this, I had started a poll asking Queen fans about the band's decision to release their DVDs in widescreen (the problem with that is, they're old concerts and music videos and they were never intended to be seen in widescreen.) So Brian got wind of it and my comments about the awful decision to not release their product in their OAR (original aspect ratio.) Mr. May got pissed and said some nasty things about me, which of course every friggin Queen fan saw.
Brian misunderstood what I said and my intentions and lost his cool in the process. It was somewhat embarassing for me but he and I did exchange a few e-mails afterward and cleared things up. He eventually apologized to me personally and then did so on his web site.
Still, it was a strange few days there!


November 15, 2003

and the hits just keep on coming! It looks as it someone wants to sue me (credit card company would be my best guess) as a process server was to "serve" me papers today. I wasn't home but oh well. Gee, I wonder what 2004 is gonna bring?


December 5, 2003

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Tripod decided to muck things up by changing servers and that resulted in my site being "frozen" regardless of any changes being made. It's ok as of now but we'll see if it holds up.

So yeah I was served with legal papers last month. I sent off a letter to that law firm so I guess I'll have to wait a bit before finding out if they accept my offer or decide to go throgh the court system.

In the time since I last updated, I've met a few guys. One, a guy named Tim (no, not one of my ex's) turned out to be a lying little shit. The fate of the other(s) remain to be seen.

I've got something of a cold this week, hardly surprising considering it's almost winter. I hate stuffy noses though.

I was given a Christmas gift early this week, the 9 DVD "Alien Quadrilogy" box set. I've gotten through the first 6 discs so far and have enjoyed them quite a bit, especially the alternate version of "Alien³."


December 19, 2003

We got some bad news (do we get any other kind?) from Germany this week.
Gunther, my aunt Karin's longtime love, died Wednesday from cancer. The doctor's predicted 8 months to a year, well he beat 8 months but sadly couldn't outlast the year. He and Karin were deeply in love with each other. I met Gunther when he and Karin visited a few years ago and he was a very sweet and gentle man. He talked to people who contemplated suicide and tried to get them to see the good things in life. He clearly was a good man and the world is a lesser place without him. RIP.

On the lawsuit front, I received further word that a judgement was made against me. However I'm currently attempting to work something out with the lawyers so wish me luck.


December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas folks!

My brother Brian and his wife had their fourth child early this morning, a boy. His name is Joshua. Welcome to the party kiddo.


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