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January 2, 2002

Ah yes, another year. Hopefully it will bring better luck than 2001 (which, let's be honest, kinda sucked.)

A very kind (and cute!) gentleman is buying the "Queer As Folk" DVD set for me, can't wait to get my hands on that! The second season of "QAF" starts this Sunday on Showtime. One of my other favorite shows "Oz" also returns that night.

Anyway, my Christmas was fairly blah actually. If memory serves, it was the first time I didn't get a gift from anybody.

New Year's was fairly predictable, had just one glass of champagne and that was that. Still, it really didn't bug me that I was at home instead of out. I barely noticed the holiday!

I'm gonna do my best with my credit card debt. I don't charge ANYTHING other than my monthly MSNTV fee. Whatever it takes, I'm gonna get those payments lower. It sucks because I haven't bought ANY new DVD's since August, 2001 but I gotta do it that way. I'm slightly in trouble with one of my cards so I can pretty much kiss that one good-bye but that won't happen with the other ones. Believe me, if I had it to do over again, I wouldn't have been so easy with charging stuff.

Plenty of new "Star Wars" books coming out. They seem to be the only novels that really capture my interest.

I do wonder how my love life will end up in 2002. Maybe I'll meet that special boy....and he'll move here instead of San Francisco.......hehe. (Big wink to you know who.)

My oldest brother Brian got a DVD player for Christmas. I helped him set it up over the phone. First movie he rented was the horrible "Joe Dirt".
Then the subject of widescreen came up (uh oh!) and I began to explain to him how much better it is than so-called full screen. Well he wasn't buying it and just said "You watch movies your way, I'll watch movies my way."
Ugh! What is the sense of buying a DVD player unless you want the best video/audio quality as possible? With full screen, you lost up to 43% of the picture, not to mention definition/clarity! HELLO?????
So anyway I began e-mailing him links to web sites that showed examples of what you lose with "full screen" DVD's....movies like "Escape from New York" have Kurt Russell (the STAR of the friggin' movie!) cut out of some scenes!
New Year's day Brian pops over and wants to look at my DVD collection. First he asks if he can borrow some (boy, saw THAT one coming!) but then he bowls me over by saying that he only wants to watch movies in widescreen now! That "Joe Dirt" DVD he rented? It had both versions (WS, FS) to choose from, so he checked out both of them and saw for himself that widescreen shows the ENTIRE picture and that "full screen" cuts off quite a bit.
I was so happy to hear him say that and for him to appreciate it, I jumped up, hugged him and said "I'm so PROUD of you!" brings families together.


January 7, 2002

Watched the season premieres of both "Oz" and "Queer As Folk" tonight. Gotta love gratuitous sex and violence!

My internet campaign for a special edition DVD release for "Return of the Living Dead" picked up more steam this week with the promotion of two fantastic web sites. DVD Drive In and are both covering it. Thanks guys!
Be sure to check out my "Return of the Living Dead" section!


January 9, 2002

Where'd you get those peepers?
I watched "Jeepers Creepers" tonight. I was expecting a mildy interesting monster flick but ended up enjoying the movie. It was very effective in setting a mood and supplying plenty of tension. There was gore here and there but most of the 'scares' were left up to your imagination.
This could've ended up being a typical "unstoppable monster" movie but the ending really got to me. It was tragic and I really didn't want it to end that way, not because the ending sucked but because...I dunno, it made me feel a bit sad I guess.
The male lead, Justin Long, is now one of my favorite "hottie" actors. I always thought he was cute but in this movie, off came his shirt! Yay! Ok, now I'm sounding girlish. He's still yummy though.


January 22, 2002

So today I closed one of my credit card accounts. That whole thing just got messed up. I won't go into it here but it's pretty much a lost cause.

Watched probably the FUNNIEST scene in a porn video last week.
Ok so the scene starts off with one guy blowing the other right? Well, you know how porn actors can get with their "oh yeah baby" type things but the guy getting the blowjob was saying things he probably shouldn't have. See, his dick was fairly average sized yet he kept saying "Oh yeah, you love that BIG dick dontcha?" Well, the fella giving the BJ apparently disagrees as he stops *completely* and looks at the other fella...begins sucking again and looks at the camera like "What the fuck ever, in your dreams." Then stops again, looks at the penis in his hands and just shrugs his shoulders. Way too damn funny.


February 4, 2002

I did get that "Queer As Folk" DVD box set last week. Very nice packaging, the extras were enjoyable as well.
Watched Sunday's new episode and oh my, one scene had Justin giving Brian head and there was a FANTASTIC shot of Justin's ass. Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen a finer ass in my life.

Been getting conflicting reports on the progress of "The Return of the Living Dead" DVD. I have high hopes for a special edition never knows if *certain* people will get involved.

I wanna smoke a cigarette right now, I tried to cut back a month or so ago and I did pretty good...for about 2 weeks. Ah well, I'll try and try again!

Anyone wanna take bets that Britney Spears' movie debut will fail completely at the box office? Anyone? Hello? Bueller?


February 7, 2002

Bought the latest novel in the "Star Wars: New Jedi Order" series today titled "Dark Journey". About half way through it (I'm a fast reader) but so far, it hasn't impressed me like the previous entry.

I'm still kicking myself over giving away U2's last album, "All That You Can't Leave Behind". It's hard to explain, when I first got it, I hated it and thought it was incredibly boring.....guess none of the songs connected with me. Now that several singles have been released off it, they've grown on me and now I wish I still had the damn thing.

Is anyone remotely excited about the Olympics?

Recently watched a wonderful, little film called "Ghost World" starring Thora Birch and Steve Buscemi. It's tone and sense of humor had me interested from beginning to end.

The upcoming musical based on the music of Queen, entitled "We Will Rock You" will open in a few months over in England. Now I've never been a 'theater fag' but this one obviously has my interest.
The cast recording will be released sometime around the show's premiere, can't wait to hear it.
The official web site is now up, check it out by clicking here


February 14, 2002

Whoops, was today Valentine's Day? I didn't notice. The only thing I got was a jury summons, I'm serious.
Why can't those people leave me the hell alone? I don't wanna be a part of it....I can't believe they require us to take part in this joke. If they pick me, I'll just say I'm racist, sexist and homophobic....that everyone is guilty in god's eyes. LoL.

Flipping through the channels, caught a brief glimpse of the winter olympics. I had to laugh at the....oh what do you call it? Pushing stones around on ice. People win medals for this? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

I've pretty much dumped the use of the "evilbaby" moniker, especially my old e-mail address. Mostly due to getting spammed up the wazoo.

Some MTV tidbits (the channel I love to hate.)
"Dismissed", how fucking SAD is this show and the people on it. Competing for love? People win medals for this....sorry, I'm still on that stone pushing thing.

Then there was this commercial. We see a teen girl in the bathroom, putting on make-up and dreaming of bring a rock star while fighting back the thoughts of "Am I fat? I want an apartment." So I'm thinking it's an MTV PSA right? Turns out it's an ad for the Britney Spears movie "Crossroads". I laughed so hard.....mostly because the humor was unintentional.

Was thinking this earlier today.....
It's a sad world when the likes of that cookie cutter of a man, Carrot-Top, gets to star in a motion picture and a comic genius like Bill Hicks remained obscure until he died.
Just imagine it...some studio execs sat back and thought "Yeah, spending a few million dollars on a repulsive and mind numbing man who's entire routine is based on the cuteness of his props and wackiness of his hair sounds like a winner to us! America needs Carrot-Top! Sign him!"
Yet, Bill Hicks had his last appearance on David Letterman cut out entirely because of his "edgy" and "topical/political" humor. Bill was a man whose jokes were not only profane but also thought provoking (the best ones usually are, Lenny Bruce for example.)
I suppose our society feels safer watching Gallagher smash watermelons than be faced with their own idiocy.
Like Hicks once said "Ok America, keep feeding your faces with bags of Doritos and watch your 'American Gladiators'. Just how the government wants you. Fat and stupid." ----------------------------------------------------

March 1, 2002

GREAT news! I have been excused from jury duty! YAY!!!

Ah, baseball's spring training has begun. Of course the Reds lost their first two exhibition games so far but fuck it, they're only exhibition games.

Pre-ordered my first DVD in a looooong time today. I'm planning on getting the new "Highlander" release. It's called "The Immortal Edition" and has a bonus CD of Queen stuff (not to mention several music videos!)

Queen (specifically Brian May and Roger Taylor) will perform at the Queen's Jubilee concert this year along with Paul McCartney and others. Should be fun.


March 9, 2002

Went to see "The Time Machine" last night. It was the first time I've been to the theater since "X-Men" in the summer of 2000.
It was a decent film but I can't say I'd recommend it.
I wanna see "Resident Evil" this month, hopefully it won't suck like many of the video game adaptations do.

I was due for my annual eye exam yesterday but I don't have the cash quite yet even though one of my contacts is getting a bit fuzzy in regards to eyesight. It's rather annoying so I hope to get new lenses soon.

My mother broke 3 of her fingers yesterday, she slipped while getting out of the bath. I wish she'd be more careful.


March 22, 2002

So I decided to make a picture gallery of the various male celebrities I find attractive and would "do" in a flash (wink wink) and you can see it by clicking here.


March 25, 2002

Holy crap was the Oscars long this year!
I was hardly surprised at the winners though, "A Beautiful Mind" was the same kind of safe, happy bullshit the academy honors every year.
My biggest disappointment was when Ian Mckellan lost in the best supporting actor race but considering his boyfriend is some hot, 20 year old model...somehow I think he'll still be happy.

A BIG thank you to the following sites for mentioning my "Return of the Living Dead" DVD campaign. They are DVD House of Horror, Women of Horror, Really Scary, All Horror Movies, Arrow in the Head, The Cinema Laser, Dark Horizons and


March 27, 2002

Ok, so today is my birthday. I'm 26 years old. I'm supposed to celebrate THAT?
I bought 1 DVD for myself ("Used Cars") and got 1 as a gift ("A.I. Artificial Intelligence").

Several more web sites have mentioned my "Return of the Living Dead" DVD campaign. They are;
The 80's Movies Gateway, Alien Online, DVD Shrine, Davis DVD, Monsters At Play, Terror Zone, Cinescape, Gorezone and Online Horror Source.
Thanks guys!


April 6, 2002

My mother had surgery yesterday. She'd been having pains in her stomach since the surgery she had over a year ago.
Apparently scar tissue was on her intestines so that was removed.
She's home now but obviously, in pain. She can't really do anything for two weeks but hopefully she'll recover nicely.


April 19, 2002

Mom seems to have fully recovered now, she's up and about doing various chores.

Weather of late has been very muggy/humid but a cold front came through last night and now temperatures are more spring-like.

Got the new Oasis single today, "The Hindu Times". Can't say it really grabbed me on my first listen but I really enjoyed the B-sides.

Still waiting for my "Highlander: Immortal Edition" DVD to arrive. It's filled to the brim with Queen goodiness.


May 15, 2002

I got that "Highlander" disc a while back, nice one Anchor Bay!

Well, some extremely bad news for me. It looks like I'll have to find a new place to live on or around June 6th this year. I won't go into all the details here but 1) We got late with our house payments 2) The bank screwed us over. I *hope* we can find a place to live so we don't become one of the dreaded "homeless".

On the bright side (which I need to see more of these days) I got my tickets for "Star Wars - Episode II: Attack of the Clones" and I'll be seeing it May 18th with my oldest brother Brian. I saw "The Phantom Menace" opening night in 1999 but just couldn't do that this year.


May 21, 2002

I must say I REALLY enjoyed "Attack of the Clones" and hope to see it a second time soon. It's my second fav "Star Wars" flick behind only the brilliant "Empire Strikes Back".

"The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert" was released on DVD in the UK last week. Surprisingly they made an NTSC version which (I guess) means it's region free. Wonder if I should risk ordering it.

"The Return of the Living Dead" will be released on DVD August 27th with some nice extra features. Guess my campaign made a difference afterall.


June 8, 2002

Some good news, for once. Our situation regarding the house has been resolved (literally just minutes before the deadline) so we get to stay, YAY!
I wanna thank some of my friends who were VERY supportive during that very depressing period, especially very own glam/goth boy. :-)

I did order the 'Freddie Mercury Tribute' DVD and it was shipped out this week. I won't dump my old VHS copy since the DVD isn't the complete concert and the VHS has more songs on it.

I decided to jump into the DVD ring again and help get another film released (or re-released I should say.) This time it's for a film called "Dark Star", it's the very first film John Carpenter and Dan O'Bannon ever did in their careers. The studio that owns it is really jazzed about a re-issue and I already got them in touch with Dan. As for Carpenter, I expect to be speaking with his personal assistant next week.

Man, August is gonna suck. So many of my favorite films come to DVD all at the same time. Where's the money gonna come from???
Special editions of "Pulp Fiction", "Reservoir Dogs" and "Jackie Brown" (aka "The Holy Tarantino Trilogy"), "The Fog" and "The Return of the Living Dead" to name but a few.

I ordered the 2nd CD single from Oasis, it comes out June 17th. Their new album "Heathen Chemistry" is due in early July. I cannot wait!


June 28, 2002

I started tanning a few weeks ago. I got a bit burned at first but now I've got some color, which brings the blue in my eyes out.

I miscalculated with my credit cards last week and ordered the DVD set of "Transformers" but I didn't have as much money as I thought I did so now I'll have to wait to buy the Queen stuff I wanted. No matter what, I HAVE to make sure I'm set for August with those big releases that I MUST have, like "The Return of the Living Dead".

One of the best bass players of all time, John Entwhistle of The Who, died the other day. RIP buddy.

The Cincinnati Reds fell out of first place last week as they went through an awful slump but thankfully they've pulled it together and won 3 games in a row. They play the first place Cardinals this weekend.

My mom's had surgery on her big toes the last few weeks. She's had really bad ingrown toenails but they've been removed so she should be without pain soon.

Freddie Mercury recorded a few songs with Michael Jackson back in the early 80's (when Jackson actually had talent) and nobody has heard those tracks, until now. They've recently been leaked onto the internet and I hope to hear them soon. The songs will likely never be officially released so these MP3's will be the only way to hear them.


July 7, 2002

I've set up a petition to get Oasis' "MTV Unplugged" concert released on CD and DVD. Please sign it, head over to this page.

I also decided to start up another online petition to get a different Oasis concert released on DVD.

This time it's "All Around the World Live" which was originally broadcast on MTV a few years ago ("Be Here Now" era.)

Sign up by going here.

They're both GREAT shows so I hope you'll help by adding your names to the cause. Thanks in advance!

Speaking of Oasis, I got their new album Friday and it's excellent!


July 31, 2002

So a few weeks ago my digital cable box went bad. Got a replacement and everything was fine but this past weekend, every digital channel was bad...picture kept breaking up, etc. So Mr. cable repairman has to make yet another visit to see what's wrong. Grr.

A few months back I finally tracked down an old friend of mine, Jason. We'd been out of touch for a few years but my have things changed. The boy has moved to Australia! G'day Jason :-P

Finally saw "Resident Evil" tonight. Wasn't too bad but should have been better. I'm hoping a "Silent Hill" flick will be more effective.

One of my fav shows, Dennis Miller Live, has been cancelled. After 9 years, it's last show will air at the end of August. "Politically Incorrect" is gone....shit, what's next? "Oz" has one more season to go, all I'll have left is "Curb Your Enthusiasm".


August 24, 2002

Looks as if I'll have to make a dentist appointment soon as this toothache of mine has become tiresome.

A couple of my fav cartoons from childhood have made a comeback on Cartoon Network. "He-Man" returned last week and it just ROCKED the house, totally blowing away the 80's series. Unfortunately the new "Transformers" blew chunks....clunky Japanese animation (which I detest, ever notice how humans always look the same?) It's just low quality, dumb, boring and idiotic.
I also "discovered" Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim" and am now hooked. It's insanely funny, especially "Harvey Birdman".

Ah, "The Return of the Living Dead" comes to DVD next week (YES!) along with "The Fog". Both are on their way to me via Fed Ex but I'm pissed 'cuz their 2 day shipping will take 3 days. If I'd have known that, I would've taken the cheaper route with UPS.

I already got the new "Pulp Fiction" & "Jackie Brown" DVD's (which I love) but am holding off on getting the new "Reservoir Dogs" disc, read too many negative reviews about the picture quality so naturally I'm concerned. I even tried calling Artisan Entertainment but got the run-a-round. Is the overly bright and washed out transfer a mistake or the filmmaker's vision (the previous DVD does NOT look this way.) Artisan better say something soon because I know I'm not the only one who won't buy the DVD until I know what's what.

Had several wonderful days spent in the company of a Bastien Rebel from NY this past week. We saw the Mel Gibson flick "Signs" and enjoyed it quite a bit!

Did I mention I only tan once a week now?

My poor Cincinnati Reds look like they're finished. They're something like 8-9 games out of first place now. I said they wouldn't make the playoffs before the season started but they went and raised my hopes by being in first place for the first few months. Damn. While it's not impossible for them to get back in it, it is far from probable.

Oh yeah, my digital cable is a-ok now, yay for me!


September 14, 2002

So Thursday night the car breaks down after I get off work. It's the middle of the night, I've got at least 90 minutes worth of walking to do and any one of these mosquitos might have the West Nile virus. Can you just *see* the smile I was wearing?

The 1 year anniversary of 9/11 came and went. I finally caught that CBS documentary which was incredible.

This toothache of mine continues to nag at me. My dentist appointment isn't until 9/25. I'm wearin' a huge happy hat now.

Queen are releasing a 2 DVD set of their music videos next month and (GASP!) it's actually getting a U.S release!

My brother Bobby and his retarded friend are screaming in the living room watching the Notre Dame vs Michigan football game. Why can't they go to sports bars like normal straight people?

By the way, I recommend watching "The Count of Monte Cristo" (starring Guy Pearce) if you get the chance. It was a lot more entertaining than I expected. Same goes for "Blade II", which was so awesome I immediately bought the DVD.


October 5, 2002

I started a petition in the hopes of getting the John Carpenter movie "Memoirs of an Invisible Man" released on DVD. Go HERE to sign it.


October 18, 2002

Still have the toothache. The trip to the dentist's office was a disaster (long story) but they couldn't find anything wrong with the tooth. What now?

Queen got their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today! Also got their new DVD "Greatest Video Hits 1" this week. Do ya see my smile?

I wanna try to catch 3 movies at the theater in one weekend this month, "Red Dragon", "The Ring" and "Ghost Ship". Hey, it's close to Halloween. So sue me.

Eh, I'm sure there's more to write about but I'm too bored to bother. Catch ya on the flipside kids.


November 9, 2002

Ok, while "Ghost Ship" certainly looked good and had some gruesome kills, it just fell completely flat as a movie.
"Red Dragon" was pretty enjoyable and was much better than "Hannibal".
"The Ring" was easily the best of the 3 though. Creepy, atmospheric and effective (especially the opening scene.)

2 new Queen related CD's are due. One is the cast recording of the "We Will Rock You" musical (which I've ordered) and the other is "Queen Symphony" which, while interesting, I don't have the moolah for right now.

"Attack of the Clones" comes to DVD next week and I expect dear mother to buy it for me as an X-mas gift. There's also the extended edition for "Lord of the Rings" that I'd really like to have. Finally, my 2nd most wanted DVD (due November 19) is "Glengarry Glen Ross", god do I love that flick.

I am so not ready for Winter. I hate the cold.


December 8, 2002

I know I suck at updating but Tripod has been a bitch so I take my time, sorry.

Thanksgiving sucked. My brother Bobby ran off with my mom's car all night. Considering his drug problems, we were all worried...about both him and the car. He came back the next morning with a sorry excuse. The car was fine but he'll never borrow it again.

I might end up becoming an official DVD reviewer for a big web site within the month. You know what that means right? FREE DVD's!!!

My fav baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds, tried to trade Ken Griffey Jr recently. They're moving into a new stadium in 2003 and yet they still wanna slash payroll. It's criminal.

Christmas is coming up soon and there are so many DVD's I want but a limited number of people to get them for me, LOL. I'm sure mom will get the "Back to the Future" set for me (widescreen of course!) but there are others I'd like including (but not limited to) "Ice Age", "Men In Black II" (widescreen), "Resident Evil", "Frailty", "Star Trek" II and III (the 2 disc editions), "Trading Places", "Austin Powers in Goldmember" among many others. I did end up getting the "Star Wars" & "Glengarry..." DVD's though not to mention those 2 Queen related CD's.

I officially hate the cold. At least it hasn't snowed much and forecasters say it will be a light winter for us.


December 29, 2002

Well this will be my last entry for 2002. I hope this year has treated you well. Of course mine could've been better but what the hell, you gotta roll with the punches.

Christmas any other day really. I did get that "Wrath of Khan" 2 disc set though.

This year was the 20th anniversary of John Carpenter's "The Thing". Arguably the best horror/sci-fi film ever made and easily Carpenter's finest hour. It's on DVD now and I strongly encourage you to check it out if you've never seen it. Surf over to Outpost 31 and read about the movie, maybe that will build your interest.

Well, have a happy and safe New Year's Eve everybody!


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