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January 2, 2001

Hey! My first journal entry of the new millenium! Whoop-de-friggin-doo!

Wow, guess what I did on New Year's Eve? C'mon, guess....
No, I didn't participate in a wild, gay orgy.
Nope, I didn't fall madly in love with a wonderful, cute boy. Come on, you can do better than that!

Well I'll just say it since you couldn't guess. I spent it all by myself accompanied only by a bottle of champagne and Dick Clark. How exciting!
Hell, I got to feeling so bummed I didn't even finish the alcohol (and that's never happened to me on New Year's.)

At least my buddy Jameson was thoughtful enough to call me 10 minutes before midnight. I consider myself lucky to have him as a friend.

Anyway, tonight I am attempting to start a letter writing campaign to get the "Return of the Living Dead" trilogy released on DVD in the near future. I've posted the info in all the necessary discussion groups and heck, I'll do it here too in case you wanna help. The 3 films are owned by 3 different companies so if you have trouble counting, that's 3 letters.
The first film was released in the early 80's. Accompanied by a punk rock soundtrack, it's considered to be the "Scream" of zombie films (it recognizes zombie movies in it's world, the "rules" on how to kill them and abruptly throws them out the window!) Lots of gore and scares with just the right amount of humor.
One of the most quotable flicks of the 80's as well. My fav line? As the 3 hapless workers in the warehouse have encountered the first 'brought-to-life-corpse-from-toxic-gas-lost-by-the-army' i>thing they attempt to "kill" it by puncturing the brain as they had seen it done in countless other "Living Dead" flicks. When they see it had no affect, one of them cries out "WELL IT WORKED IN THE MOVIES!!!!"

MGM owns the home video rights to this one. If you want it on DVD then write to them at;

MGM Home Entertainment
2500 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90404-3061

Part 2 came a few years later. Though it was nowhere near as good, it still had it's moments (and was still "self-aware".) It focused more on the humorous aspects which, to my knowledge, had never really been done before with a zombie flick.
Warner Brothers owns this one, write to them at;

Warner Home Video
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522

Part 3 came out in the 90's. If you think you missed it in the theaters, you did as it was a direct-to-video release. A shame too as, in a strange way, it was a love story. Gory yes but the teenage couple who star in the film bring about a whole new emotional aspect never before seen in zombie films. Dead? Doesn't stop their love.
Yes, it also brings back the gore from part 1 so horror fans need not be worried.
Trimark (now Lion's Gate Entertainment) owns this one. E-mail them at;

or send "snail-mail" to:

Lions Gate Entertainment
5750 Wilshire Blvd. #501
Los Angeles, CA. 90036

These are not merely 'eat your flesh'-mindless drivel. No "dead" film has ever approached it's subject matter in the way this trilogy did (not even George Romero's trilogy attempted this stuff.) Gore, horror, comedy, romance all wrapped up in a "self aware"-"Scream" like presentation. They deserve to be on DVD.

These films won't get to DVD unless the companies know there is a demand for them so they can make money. Write them and let 'em know!


January 11, 2001

Well, last night I watched the MTV film on Matthew Shepard and it still haunts me. The actor playing Shepard was right on.
In the final scene, as he's being beaten....his cries for help, begging for life was so moving....god, I cannot stop thinking about it. I think of what it must've been like for poor Matthew to actually go through that horrific be beaten and then left all alone in the freezing I'm sure most people feel, I wish to god I could've been there to help him.
I read that while filming that scene, the cast and crew stopped and cried. I would've too. It jarred me....while I feel so sad and hurt, I also felt anger and hatred at those 2 redneck assholes who did that to him. I hope they're beaten and raped in their prisons for the rest of their fucked up lives.

I give MTV a lot of shit but I must now applaud them for not only this movie but the 17 hours which followed that they were basically off the air. They just showed scrolling stories of various hate crimes that have occured in our country. The sad part is, it probably could've gone on longer than 17 hours.

That movie....that scene....will stay with me for the rest of my life.


January 21, 2001

I watched the Golden Globe Awards tonight. Not much to say other than I detest "Sex and the City" and have no idea why it wins awards and praise. Are slutty women all that interesting?

I took several pictures of myself last night. I'll get them developed tomorrow and if any turn out well, I'll add them to my web site for your (ahem) "enjoyment".


February 3, 2001

Well, Valentine's Day is coming up soon.....I'm sure I'll be date-less but I'm okay with that though. I'm just going through a dry spell.

Still waiting on a friend of mine to stop by and pick up those new pictures of me and scan them so I can add 'em to my site.

This week was pretty rough on the family. We had what you'd call a "financial crisis" which could've changed our lives drastically BUT it seems we've found a solution so those dark clouds have passed.

I decided to remove the "Chat" section of my web site. Basically I got tired of IRC servers not working and people asking me why they can't get in. Folks, it's a real bitch changing servers for EVERY room there! Initially it was put there as a service for fellow gay WebTV users but it became to much of a hassle. Sorry guys but that's the way it is.

George Carlin is coming to South Bend later this month. I saw him a few years ago at the Morris Performing Arts Center. I'd LOVE to see him again but I'm not sure I'll be able to. :-(

I'm STILL waiting for Sony to release Oasis' "Familiar To Millions" DVD in America. It's been out for several months in Europe. The release keeps getting pushed back. First it was January, then February and now it's March 27th (my birthday!) so hopefully they'll stick to it.
Speaking of Oasis, I finally found a cool poster of the entire band (with the newer members) & it's been proudly hung on my wall.


February 26, 2001

YES! My campaign to get the "Return of the Living Dead" trilogy on DVD has picked up some MAJOR steam! Ain't It Cool News has now given my DVD movement a full mention! DVD Insider has also started an on-line petition on my behalf and will forward all signatures to the respective companies! Click on the 'DVD Insider' link to fill out the petition!

As for me....not so good news. It looks like I'll be needing a root canal done. Yeah, great, wonderful. Gee I'm soooooo happy about that.


March 4, 2001

Oh is gearing up. Spring Training exhibition games have started. Let's hope the Reds have a great 2001 season.

My brother Bobby may be coming home this week. I don't really have feelings on that to be honest. Still, there goes the peace and quiet. I've added a lock to my door so my room will be secure when I leave the house.

I'm waiting for my friend to finish scanning my new pics so hopefully they'll be up on the site soon.


March 14, 2001

Not much to say.
Bobby came home last Friday, he's on house arrest. Yay.

Next week I visit a new dentist to have a look at what will probably be a root canal. Yay.

I met an internet friend of mine last weekend. I've known him for like 3 or 4 years so it was cool to see him face-to-face.


March 20, 2001

Tripod took this site down for 2 days. Why? I have NO clue and there's no way of knowing how long it'll be here soooooo I've asked my buddy Justin to save ALL my files to disc. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

Yesterday, Queen were inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. Brian May and Roger Taylor performed (John Deacon did not show up) "We Will Rock You", then "Tie Your Mother Down" with the Foo Fighters. Brilliant! Freddie Mercury's mom and sister accepted the award on his behalf. VH-1 will broadcast the show tomorrow night and my other very cool friend Jameson will be taping it for me. Gotta love him!

Tomorrow I go to South Bend, Indiana to visit a dentist who'll decide whether or not I need a root canal. Well, that is if I can even find his offices.

OK, that's it for now. If you come back and find my site gone, you'll know Tripod messed up again! Let's hope that won't happen though.....


March 26, 2001

On March 19, 2001 Queen were inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. I finally saw it this afternoon, what a show. I swear I am so fucking proud of those guys!
Queen were inducted by the Foo Fighters and as you could tell by their speech, they are HUGE fans.
Queen kicked off the show with "We Will Rock You". Brian May and Roger Taylor shared lead vocals.
Then they were inducted by the Foos. Brian was very humble and Roger gave the best one-liner of the night. "This means more than all the Grammy's we never got."
Then Roger asked Freddie's mother to come up to the stage to accept the award on his behalf. Bono, Ricky Martin, etc gave standing ovations. VH-1 didn't show her comments which I thought was a shitty thing to do.
Queen end their set by performing "Tie Your Mother Down" with the Foo Fighters and they all out rocked!
The only downer was that John Deacon didn't show up. Why? Who the hell knows? He's been a fucking hermit since Freddie died anyway, only appearing at the Tribute Concert, the Bejart Ballet and to record "No One But You" with Brian and Roger. Why on earth he wouldn't appear on the night when Queen gets the biggest honor in the music industry is beyond me. I've lost an awful lot of respect for him and now, I could care less if he retires for good. As far as I'm concerned, Queen are Brian May and Roger Taylor....period.
They did have to find a bassist that night so Roger asked the guy in his solo band to do the honors.
Simply put, Brian and Roger were in top form considering the very few times they've performed together over the last couple of years. I say Queen should go on, with or without John. Hook up with Robbie Williams for a new singer, whatever! I just want new Queen music and to at least see them live once in my lifetime.

My 25th birthday is tomorrow. Yippee? Egads! I'll be OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I watched the Oscars last night, I'll save most of my venom for the "Rants" section so look for that in the next few days.


March 31, 2001

Oh forget it....ranting about the Oscars just doesn't interest me any more.

My birthday came and went without much happening...the 25 cupcakes I requested ending up being baked too long, my older brother Brian throws his religion into my face (and pissing me off even more) and then some odd accusation is made about my mother and I using drugs. Um, ok anyway, to top that all off, I'm officially a quarter of a century OLD now. Yeah, I'm wearing a HUGE happy hat now.

This fucking tooth problem is really kicking me in the ass now. Should I waste $600 on a root canal (plus I have to actually wait longer to save up which sucks 'cuz the dentist refuses to give me any decent painkillers) or just figure out which tooth is being a bitch (it's one of two teeth right next to each other), get it pulled and be done with it? I mean the tooth is in the back so it's not as if my smile will be affected. Besides, pulling is quicker and cheaper. Yeah, I think I'll have it pulled.

I did have a bit of a bright spot today as I finally got my hands on Oasis' "Familiar To Millions" DVD. After months of delays it's in my grasp! I will be posting my full review of the disc soon in the "Music Reviews" section.
Along with it I got two other DVD's, "Alien Nation" and "Creepshow 2".
The coming months have many "must have" releases in store such as the "Superman" box set and the 2 disc, special edition of "Big Trouble In Little China"! OK, so I'm a movie geek. Big whoop!

Baseball season starts this Sunday! Hopefully my Reds will contend for their division title this year.


April 13, 2001

OK well, The Reds are (as of today) 4-6....not too bad. The lost their Rookie of the Year (from '99) to an injury for the entire year though.

It's Friday the 13th and I'm getting a haircut move?

Monday I go to the dentist...perhaps I'll get that tooth removed and take care of that pain finally.

Great news this week. Queen have indeed recorded with pop singer Robbie Williams! They re-did "We Are the Champions" to be included on the soundtrack to the upcoming film "A Knight's Tale". CAN'T WAIT!!!

Well it seems as if there are some legal issues to be resolved with the "Return of the Living Dead" movie. Seems MGM does own it but another studio is claiming it as well. An MGM rep told me that it's likely to boil down to whether or not the licensing agreement has expired or not. Regardless of who owns the rights to release it now, why hasn't the film even been re-issued on VHS in the last decade???? It's been out of print for ages!


April 21, 2001

Well, went to the dentist last Monday and had that problem tooth pulled out. Man did it go quick. He gave me 4 shots, waited 'till I was numb, yanked and it was all over.
Like I said, the tooth was near the back of my mouth so you can't notice it missing.

May 1st is almost here...cannot wait to get those "Superman" movies on DVD!

The new version of "We Are the Champions" by Queen and Robbie Williams is due on May 8th. It's supposed to be on the soundtrack to the movie "A Knight's Tale" but the online retailers don't include it in the track listings for whatever reason.

My favorite baseball video game series "MLB" has a new version coming out next month which is very cool. I have to get a new Playstation adapter as my old one seems to be going bad (colors going pink, etc but if I wiggle the cable right it goes back to normal.)

Sadly, my brother Bobby messed up again and violated his parole by drinking alcohol so back to the center he went. Still, I felt bad for him.


April 30, 2001

Well today I completed my home theater and bought all the necessary speakers (front, rear, center, subwoofer) so now I can REALLY enjoy my DVD's!


May 11, 2001

A few days after buying those speakers I got the new "Superman" DVD's. The first one was a special edition with restored sound. Well I goofed and had my rear speakers too loud and um....there was a bit of distortion....I don't think any real damage was caused though.

My brother Bobby is off to rehab for the next 3 months. Man, I HOPE this finally helps him.

This week also saw my first contact with my ex Nate since last October. He wanted to apologize for what he did to me and I accepted. Hey, I'm not holding any grudges against him. If we can be friends, I'll be cool with that.

One of my oldest friends Justin (the same guy who got me to start this very web site) is getting married soon. Good luck to ya buddy! I mean that.

The controversial collaboration between Queen and Robbie Williams was released last Tuesday. They did "We Are the Champions" for the film "A Knight's Tale". I haven't heard it yet but expect it to arrive in the next day or so.


May 15, 2001

Holy hell it's hot today!

Anywayz, last Sunday I went nutty and cut my own hair. Pretty much 'army style'. Don't ask why.....just felt like it. Of course I won't be doing it again. It really doesn't suit me.

Well, my Sony Playstation is no more. A few weeks ago the colors were going loopy on me so I figured I'd need a new cord. Got one.....and it's not the cord, it's the Playstation itself. This is the original model, had it for years and now it's kaput. Oh well, maybe in a year (or less) I'll buy the Playstation 2.
I was disappointed as I just got the new "MLB 2002" to play but I'm now returning it as...well, what's the point? I threw my old PS system away. Besides, I did check out the game really quick and they only included 1 of the 2 new stadiums in the game and did not update Cinergy Field for it's new look. Idiots!

I did get the "A Knight's Tale" CD and really enjoyed the Queen + Robbie Williams song on it.


June 1, 2001

Well I began tanning yesterday. Skin's a bit tender but I hope to be a bit darker in a couple of weeks.

Today I returned my home theater speakers and exchanged it for a new set (same model though) and so far I can report that they sound just fine!

It seems as if my DVD campaign for the "Return of the Living Dead" movies is beginning to pay off. I just got an e-mail from Lions Gate Entertainemnt confirming that part 3 will be released on DVD August 28th!

This Friday will mark the 1 year anniversary of my grandmother's death. It will be a difficult time for my mother to be sure but I'll help in whatever way I can.

Speaking of trying to help out, I wish I could help the family with our current financial problem. We are 2 months behind in house payments with the 3rd coming due soon. Any time you are 3 months behind, they can take our home. Basically what we need is $1,000 but unfortunately we cannot come up with it. I have no idea how we'll manage this one. Basically if this site doesn't get updated for several'll know we got booted out. It's a damn shame man.


June 13, 2001

Well the heat has arrived. It'll hit 90 degrees today. Good thing I put my air conditioner in during the weekend.

I started tanning again over a week ago. I've already got some color on me!

Not much else going on.....


June 29, 2001

One of my favorite actors died the other day, Jack Lemmon. Do yourself a favor, skip "Grumpy Old Men" and watch Jack outshine Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey, Ed Harris and Alec Baldwin in the movie "Glengarry Glen Ross". It's one of the finest dramatic performances ever caught on film. I'll miss ya Lemmon.


July 7, 2001

Well the 4th of July came and went. I didn't really do much that could be described as "exciting". My older brother Brian and his family came over late and set some fireworks off in the backyard. His kids had a blast though (no pun intended.)

Geez, there are so many DVD's coming out this year, I don't know how I'll afford to get them. I've got 16 pre-ordered so far (including "The Godfather" trilogy and "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace"), if I'm lucky I'll have just enough left on my credit cards to get them.

I'll be taking the rest of the month off from taning. I've got a decent color so far, hopefully I can start back up again in August.

Another Queen tribute CD should arrive sometime this month. No doubt it'll suck but I am a collector.

My old (bad) haircut continues to grow back in thankfully. It'll probably be another month or so before it's at a normal length.


August 7, 2001

Man, a whole month since I last updated? Geez...

Well, my hair has finally grown back in to a "normal" length (thank the maker!) I sure learned my lesson. Leave the haircutting to the professionals!

The Cincinnati Reds have shown signs of life in the last few weeks. Of course they're too far back to have a chance at the playoffs but they can at least hurt other teams making a run for it.
It's been a disappointing season to say the least. I can only imagine what this team would've been like had there been fewer injuries. Ken Griffey Jr was out for (essentially) the first 3 months and is still not a 100% yet. Team captain Barry Larkin is out for the rest of the season, etc, etc, etc.
We also had to suffer through the debuts of several rookies out of necessity. However with the players at full strength and the rookies getting experience, 2002 should be a fun season.

Queen's "Storytellers" concert was to have been held next month but apparently it's been delayed until winter. Trouble is they have to come up with a good date to accomodate the schedules of the other artists they want there.

This past weekend saw the first ever official Queen convention in America. It was held in Cleveland, Ohio but sadly I could not attend.
At that convention a representative from Queen's U.S record label, Hollywood Records, attended to answer fan's questions. Predictably he said they were not going to commit to releasing the upcoming Queen box set(s). Fucking typical. NO support, NO promotion for Queen here. Hell we're lucky if they release anything at all! Instead they'll just put out a sampler CD (1 or 2 CD's) of rare stuff the fans ask for. Whoop-de-fucking-doo.

DVD's I'm eager to get this year include; The Goonies, Waiting for Guffman, Nightbreed, Forrest Gump, Return of the Living Dead 3, The Phantom Menace, The Godfather trilogy, Cape Fear, An American Werewolf In London, Paradise Lost 2: Revelations, Tales from the Darkside: The Movie, The Terminator, Willow, Masters of the Universe and Heathers. Financial contributions are welcome.

Two tribute CD's for both Queen & Oasis come out in the next 2 months. Both will probably suck.

My brother Bobby is out of drug rehab and is working again. Hopefully he'll stay clear of trouble this time.


August 26, 2001

I've been watching Madonna's HBO concert on and off tonight and I've invented a new drinking game because of it. Every time you spot a fag in the crowd, down a shot of vodka. You'll be drunk in 10 minutes easy.


September 9, 2001

Well today I got a new version of the WebTV Classic and though there were problems connecting at first, it works a-ok now. A big improvement so far over the "old" classic. This certainly has been a bright spot for me.


September 12, 2001

Tuesday, September 11, 2001 will be a day that will forever be frozen in time. The worst attack on U.S soil in history, shockingly caught on camera for the world to see.

I awoke to hear a frantic message on my answering machine from my brother Brian. Immediately I turned on the TV. The only word I could manage was "CHRIST!" It all felt (and still does) as if I was watching a new terrorist movie starring Bruce Willis.
The planes flying into the World Trade Center buildings, the people jumping from 100 stories up, the towers collapsing, the Pentagon being attacked by yet another hijacked plane and a fourth crashing near Pittsburg. It was all too much for my senses to bear. How could this be real?

Everyone I know is utterly shocked, they're beyond words.

America MUST strike back with as much force as possible against these cowards and the countries who support them. I don't care how, nuke them, make them pay. There are NO rules any longer. We must be any means necessary.

I apologize for not writing this very well. I am facing emotions and thoughts that I am not used to dealing with. I find it hard to keep myself composed.
This wasn't supposed to happen to us.

We will have our revenge.


October 9, 2001

Apparently we are getting revenge as the U.S has been bombing for the past few days. Good. Fuck 'em. All terrorists should die, send them to Allah. I'm sure they'll be surprised when their "god" has horns and a pitchfork.

I caught the new "Star Trek" series "Enterprise" over the weekend and rather enjoyed it. I've always liked Scott Bakula since his days on "Quantum Leap".

I rented "Bridget Jones's Diary" tonight and was surprised that I liked it. In an odd way I could relate to the main character.
I guess I've felt pretty down for the last.....couple of months. Almost as if every shred of confidence has been sucked dry from me. It seems you can only hear "you're not my type" so many times before you wanna give up. Perhaps like "Bridget" once felt, I'll end up a hermit and when I die, I won't be discovered until three weeks later when the neighbors complain of a "smell"...or maybe I'm being dramatic.
Regardless, I haven't had a serious relationship in over a year. The last guy I dated, Mike, lasted only a month as I broke up with him over minor things. He really seemed to like me...christ, he even made me dinner. Not some "from the box" deal but an actual NICE dinner. I really regret breaking up with him. He's dating someone else now and they'll probably move away when Mike gets this great job in Minnesota.
I'm just not very lucky when it comes to love. Of course I'm a spectacular success when it comes to being single.

I'm hoping to get the "Godfather" DVD collection soon. The local video store owner bought a set but is having second thoughts on renting it so I might just get a deal out of it.

My stepdad's truck was vandalized early Monday morning. Some fools threw pumpkins through the windshield. It got replaced today though, no worries.

The U.S version of "Queer As Folk" will be released on DVD this January. The entire first season. Guess I wasted time and money on taping every episode eh?

The 2001 baseball season is now over for the Cincinnati Reds. Thank god. Let's hope 2002 will have far fewer injuries and better performances by the rookies.


October 16, 2001

Looks like dreams do come true.
"Return of the Living Dead" is coming to DVD next year from MGM!
Sometimes life gives you a little something to smile about.


November 3, 2001

Well of course.....I knew I was gonna get sick sooner or later. It started with a sore, dry throat and now I've got the stuffy nose, etc. I can deal with everything else *except* a stuffed up nose.

After watching the last few games from the World Series, I've decided to hate the Yankees for the rest of my natural born life.

It's been pretty cool talking to people that worked on the movie "Return of the Living Dead" the last month. They all seem like decent folk and I hope they're involved with next year's DVD release. Check out my ROTLD page.


November 19, 2001

I saw the new, full trailer for "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones" a couple of days ago. Awesome stuff! Romance, action and a dark edge to it...reminds me of "Empire Strikes Back" which is a very good thing. It's almost 5 a.m. and that's all the energy I have to type.


November 20, 2001

I became an uncle for the third time today. My older brother Brian and his wife welcomed a baby girl into the world today, her name is Grace.


November 29, 2001

Thanksgiving came and went without anything remarkable happening....just another day except we had a larger than normal dinner.

Just watched "Apocalypse Now Redux" on DVD. What an incredible flick. I wish movies of today were as inspired as this one.

I got sick for a whole week and lost that paycheck which screwed up my bill paying. Now I'm gonna be late on a few of them. I need a better job.

My web site has crossed the 104,000 hits barrier which makes me mightily happy. It took a few years sure but I won't complain.

I've added a "Chat" section to my web site so fellow gay MSNTV users can connect with other folk.


December 6, 2001

The last two days I've had the honor of talking to Dan O'Bannon, writer/director of "The Return of the Living Dead". Dan also wrote "Alien" and "Total Recall" among many others. He's just a brilliant writer. I look forward to speaking with him again soon.


December 24, 2001

Merry Christmas kids!