"Kurt Russell was spookily like Elvis. He had Elvis's Essence." ~John Carpenter

UPDATE: 2-20-2010

GREAT news people! "Elvis" IS FINALLY COMING TO DVD! It's being released by Shout Factory on March 2! It's a bit of a personal milestone for me as with it's purchase, I will finally be able to complete my John Carpenter collection.
Anyway, here's a link to Amazon.com product page where you can now pre-order it. Get crackin people!



Well "Elvis" might NOT be coming to DVD this Tuesday afterall. A fan posted the following over at www.dvdtalk.com recently saying:

Heard from First Look today...the title is till TBA. No release next week. Apparantly, no one over there has ever updated their website page - but it explains why there hasn't been any press/marketing from First Look about this title.

I don't know. It would seem that page would've been updated if they included a release date on it. Oh well, dates change all the time. If it's not out on the 7th, it WILL come at some point. Just contact First Look via their web site and put the pressure on!


NEWS FLASH: 7-25-2007

The other day I received an e-mail asking about a DVD release of the film and if I had heard anything about it coming soon, etc. I said no. This morning I did a quick search and sure enough, it IS coming! Next month in fact. First Look Home Entertainment will release John Carpenter's "Elvis" on DVD August 7th. I got the official confirmation on First Look's web site but for your convenience, click HERE and it'll take you directly to the product's page.

Absolutely awesome news. However I have no information on special features (if there are any at all) or technical specs (5.1 audio? Don't know.) Here's what IS listed on their product page:

Directed By: John Carpenter
Starring: Kurt Russell, Shelly Winters, Season Hubley, Bing Russell, Pat Hingle
Genres: TV MOVIE , Drama

Kurt Russell portrays The King from his beginnings as a 35-dollar-a-week truck driver to one of the most popular music and film stars the world has ever seen. As the film opens Elvis is about to return to the stage in his heroic Las Vegas comeback show. Alone in his hotel room Elvis flashes back to his past, a lifetime away. He remembers his rebellious youth at Humes High School in Tupelo, Mississippi, his early days in Memphis, and then his meteoric rise to fame and fortune and the one true love of his life…Priscilla. Elvis also features Shelley Winters in a strong performance as his beloved mother Gladys, Kurt's dad Bing Russell as Elvis' dad Vernon, and Pat Hingle as his shady manager, Colonel Parker. Country singer Ronnie McDowell does an uncanny job of recreating Elvis' singing vocals.

Product Information [DVD]
Running Time: 171 min.
Date Available: 8/7/2007
Catalog #: FLP - 80429
ISBN: 1592417418
UPC: 687797804297
MSRP: 14.98 USD

Special Features
Closed Captioning, Spanish Sub Titles

Other Details
Dialog Languages: English
Subtitle Language(s): Spanish
Closed Captioned: Yes

Just because it doesn't list any notable special features doesn't mean there won't be any but really, even if there aren't, we are finally getting it (all 171 minutes) on DVD finally. We can't complain too much. Right?


UPDATE: 5-25-2005

Stay tuned, Elvis may be entering the building very soon.


NEWSFLASH: 9-18-2003

I received a call late this afternoon from Dick Clark Productions regarding "Elvis: The Movie." (Boy, talk about record time! That was the fastest I ever heard back from a company!)

So here's what I was told.
"Elvis" is a priority for the company to release on DVD, however there are some legal issues they need to deal with before anything can happen, specifically song clearances. There are several songs in the film, such as "Blue Moon Over Kentucky" whose master tapes belong to someone else. The songs will have to be dealt with before anything can be done. These issues deal with about 8 songs in total.

They said they have 2 options, either work out a deal to keep the songs or simply re-score the movie with new songs to take the place of the ones they cannot clear.

They said they'd also be interested in getting John Carpenter to do a audio commentary track but that's somewhat down-the-line as they have to clear up the legal issues before even thinking about anything else. However, since I'm semi-regularly communicating with Carpenter's assistant Gina, they'd get back to me about getting him involved when everything's settled.

They again said that "Elvis" is on the "front burner" for them and that they really want to release it on DVD as soon as they can.
As for a specific company distributing the DVD, none of that has been discussed yet for obvious reasons.


UPDATE: 9-22-2003

I heard back from the Carpenter camp today and I was told the following;

"John said he'd definitely do an audio commentary on Elvis if asked."


Now, onto the meat of the matter....

Back in 1978, shortly after finishing the hit "Halloween", legendary director John Carpenter agreed to make "Elvis: The Movie" for Dick Clark Productions.
Originally broadcast on ABC as a 3 hour film in 1979, the theatrical cut was shortened to 117 minutes.

The film did not focus so much on Elvis's music but rather, on the man himself. A quick look at the plot, courtesy of John Carpenter's official web site;

In ELVIS: The Movie, The King is about to return to the stage in his heroic Las Vegas comeback show, but something interferes with Elvis' comeback – a death threat on opening night! Alone in his hotel room, Elvis flashes back to his past, now a million miles away. He remembers his rebellious youth at Humes High School in Tupelo, Mississippi, his early days in Memphis, then his meteoric rise to fame and fortune and the one true love of his life… Priscilla.

Looking to establish himself as a serious actor, Kurt Russell signed on to portray the "King of Rock n Roll." His career took off in a big way and never looked back at his earlier roles in family friendly Disney films. "Elvis: The Movie" marked the beginning of the Russell/Carpenter partnership – the two men later worked together on such classic films as "Escape from New York", "The Thing", and "Big Trouble In Little China."

In the interests of full disclosure, I have never seen "Elvis: The Movie." In 1979, I was merely 3 years old. I suppose that's the point really. To the best of my knowledge, the film was never released on home video in the U.S (CORRECTION: It was released on VHS by Vestron Video, Release Date: September 29, 1993 but it is no longer available) and any subsequent repeats on TV seem likely never to have aired. Therefore many people have been deprived of seeing and owning this film in the years since it was made.

The question remains – why has this film been ignored and left collecting dust in some studio's vault? John Carpenter's achievments in filmmaking are well known and his fan base remains absolutely devoted to his work. Kurt Russell has become one of Hollywood's highest paid actors and continually brings a degree of class to every project he's involved in.

"Elvis: The Movie" was produced by Dick Clark Productions. If you'd like to contact them and ask that they get behind a DVD release of the film, please write them at;

Dick Clark Productions Inc.
9200 Sunset Blvd., 10th Floor
Los Angeles, California 90069

They can also be reached via telephone at;


Also, I created an online petition that you can sign. Click HERE to do so. However, I strongly encourage you to write a letter and/or make a phone call.

Below is a banner you can add to your web site to help promote this DVD campaign. Please be sure you link it back to this page.

Many thanks to AOW13.com for the banner!

For more information on "Elvis: The Movie", please visit it's pages on John Carpenter's official web site by clicking HERE

There is an interview with Kurt Russell about his performace in "Elvis" which you can read HERE, courtesy of Elvis Presley News.com.

For further information on "Elvis: The Movie", visit the Internet Movie Database.

If you have any comments or suggestions on how to help the campaign, please e-mail me by clicking HERE.


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