Icon Guide:

WS = widescreen
FS = full screen
* = special edition
N/A = not available
"now" & specific dates = availability


About Schmidt

The Abyss

The Accused

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

Adventures in Babysitting

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

The Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert

Air Force One


Airplane II: The Sequel

Alien Nation

All the President's Men

American Beauty

American History X

American Pie

The American President

American Psycho

The Amityville Horror -2005-

And the Band Played On

....and Justice for All

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Angel Heart

An Innocent Man

Another You

Any Given Sunday

Another 48 Hrs

Apocalypse Now

Apollo 13


Arlington Road


Armed and Dangerous


Arthur 2: On the Rocks

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Austin Powers trilogy


American Dreamz (WS, now)

The Adjustment Bureau (WS, now)

American Gun (WS, now)

The Artist (FS, now)

The Adventures of Tintin (WS, now)

The Art of the Steal (WS, now)

Angels In America (WS, now)

Adventureland (WS, *, now)

About A Boy (WS, *, now)

Apollo 18 (WS, now)

Anvil: The Story of Anvil (WS, now)

Argo (WS, *, now)

Amazing Stories: The Complete First Season (FS, now)

American Gangster (WS, *, now)

After the Sunset (WS, *, now)

An American Haunting -unrated- (WS, now)

Appaloosa (WS, *, now)

Alexander (WS, *, now)

Alpha Dog (WS, now)

American Me (WS, now)

Arthur and the Invisibles (WS, now)

Apocalypto (WS, now)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Vol. 1

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Vol. 2

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Vol. 3

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 4 (FS, now)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 5 (FS, now)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 6 (FS, now)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 7 (FS, now)

Aqua Unit Patrol Squad: Season One (FS, now)

The Astronaut Farmer (WS, now)

Ali G InDaHouse (WS, *, now)

Another Gay Movie (WS, *, now)

Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild -uncut- (WS, now)

The Abandoned (WS, now)

Anything Else (WS, now)

Away from Her (WS, now)

Aladdin (WS, *, now)

American Splendor (WS, now)

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (WS, now)

At Close Range (WS, now)

Adaptation (WS, now)

Against the Wall (FS, now)

Affliction (WS, now)

Ali (WS, *, now)

Anger Management (WS, *, now)

Across the Universe (WS, *, now)

Angus (WS)

Almost Famous (WS, *, now)

Almost Heroes (WS, now)

Amelie (WS, *, now)

Archer: The Complete Season 1 (FS, now)

Archer: Season 2 (FS, now)

Archer: The Complete Season Three (FS, now)

Archer: Season 4 (WS, now)

Archer: Season 5 (WS, now)

Archer: Season 6

The Amateurs (WS, now)

The Awful Truth: The Complete DVD Set Seasons 1 & 2 (FS, now)

All of Me (FS, now)

Another Stakeout (WS, now)

Article 99 (WS, now)

The Arrival (WS, now)

Albino Alligator (WS, now)

Another Day In Paradise (WS, now)

Alive (WS, now)

The Apostle (WS, now)

As Good As It Gets (WS, now)

Air America (WS, *, now)

The Assignment (WS, now)

The Associate (WS, now)

Angels in the Outfield -1994- (WS, now)

Alice In Wonderland -Disney- (FS, *, now)

Awakenings (WS, now)

Animal Factory (WS, now)

The Break-Up (WS, *, now)

The Bear (WS, now)

Be Kind Rewind (WS, now)

The Bonfire of the Vanities (WS, now)

Borat (WS, now)

Bruno (WS, now)

Bully (WS, now)

Blood Diamond (WS, now)

Barbarians at the Gate (FS, now)

Bug (WS, now)

Babe (WS, now)

The Book of Eli (WS, *, now)

Bridget Jones's Diary (WS, *, now)

Bamboozled (WS, *, now)

The Body (WS, now)

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (WS, now)

Breakfast On Pluto (WS, now)

Beerfest -unrated- (WS, *, now)

Baby Boy (WS, *, now)

Bandits (WS, now)

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (WS, now)

The Brave One (WS, now)

Barbershop (WS, *, now)

Barbershop 2: Back in Business (WS, *, now)

Blaze (WS, now)

Breakfast of Champions (WS, now)

Bad Boys (WS, *, now)

Bad Boys II (WS, *, now)

Bride of Re-Animator (FS, now)

Better Off Dead (WS, now)

Blue Streak (WS, now)


Back to School

Basic Instinct

The Basketball Diaries

The Beach

A Beautiful Mind


Behind the Candelabra

Behind Enemy Lines

Being John Malkovich

Being There


Beverly Hills Cop trilogy


The Big Lebowski

Billy Madison

Biloxi Blues


Black Hawk Down

The Black Hole

Black Rain

Black Sheep

Blazing Saddles

Body Snatchers

Boiler Room

Boogie Nights


Bowling for Columbine

Boyz N the Hood

The Brady Bunch Movie / A Very Brady Sequel

Brain Donors

Bram Stoker's Dracula



The Breakfast Club

Brewster's Millions

Brokeback Mountain

The Bridges of Madison County

Broken Arrow

Bruce Almighty

A Bug's Life


Bull Durham


Basic (WS, now)

A Bright Shining Lie (FS, now)

The Boys from Brazil (WS, now)

Bye Bye Love (WS, now)

Breach (WS, *, now)

Bruiser (WS, now)

Bad News Bears -2005- (WS, *, now)

Billy Elliot (WS, now)

Bobby (WS, now)

Beowulf -unrated director's cut- (WS, *, now)

Black Circle Boys (FS, now)

Bent (WS, now)

Black Snake Moan (WS, *, now)

Buried (WS, now)

Beyond the Mat (FS, *, now)

Blood Work (WS, now)

Baadasssss! (WS, now)

Bolt (WS, *, now)

The Bounty (WS, now)

Bedrooms and Hallways (FS, now)

Brooklyn's Finest (WS, now)

Blue Velvet (WS, now)

The Big Kahuna (WS, now)

Bob Roberts (WS, now)

Blue In the Face (WS, now)

Beyond the Sea (WS, now)

Born On the Fourth of July (WS, now)

Bullets Over Broadway (WS, now)

Beautiful Thing (WS, now)

Body of Lies (WS, *, now)

Big Fish (WS, *, now)

Black and White (WS, now)

Baby Mama (WS, now)

The Blind Side (WS, now)

Blown Away (WS, now)

Bridesmaids (WS, *, now)

Black Dynamite (WS, now)

Bring It On (WS, *, now)

The Babe (WS, now)

Big Fan (WS, now)

Before and After (WS, now)

Big Hero 6 (WS, now)

Burn After Reading (WS, now)

Beginners (WS, now)

Broken Flowers (WS, now)

Billy Bathgate (WS, now)

The Ben Stiller Show (FS, *, now)

Baseketball (WS, now)

Brick (WS, now)

Battlefield Earth (WS, *, now)

Blind Fury (WS, now)

The Boxer (WS, *, now)

Broadcast News (WS, now)

Brainscan (WS, now)

Babel (WS, *, now)

The Believers (WS, now)

The Celluloid Closet (FS, *, now)

Confidence (WS, *, now)

Chopper (WS, *, now)

Critical Condition (WS, now)

Coraline (WS, *, now)

Cadence (FS, now)


Cadillac Man


The Cannonball Run

Can't Hardly Wait

Cape Fear -1991-

Captain Ron

Carlito's Way


Casino Royale -2006-


Catch Me If You Can

Cat's Eye

Changing Lanes

Charlie's Angels

Chasing Amy


City Slickers / City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold

Clash of the Titans / Wrath of the Titans

Clear and Present Danger

Clerks / Clerks II







The Color Purple

Coming to America

Con Air


The Conjuring


The Contender

Cop Land

The Core

The Craft


Creepshow / Creepshow 2


Crimson Tide

Crocodile Dundee

The Crucible


Charlie Bartlett (WS, now)

Closer (WS, now)

Choke (WS, *, now)

Can't Hardly Wait (WS, *, now)

Common Ground (N/A)

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (WS, *, now)

Career Opportunities (WS, now)

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (WS, *, now)

The Constant Gardener (WS, now)

Children of the Corn (WS, now)

The Count of Monte Cristo (WS, now)

Courage Under Fire (WS, now)

Charlie Wilson's War (WS, now)

Capturing the Friedmans (WS, *, now)

City of Ember (WS, now)

Cellular (WS, *, now)

Crossing Over (WS, now)

The Color of Money (WS, now)

Celtic Pride (WS, now)

Capitalism: A Love Story (WS, now)

Communion (WS, now)

Chinatown (WS, now)

The Cooler (WS, now)

Citizen Cohn (FS, now)

Cradle Will Rock (WS, now)

Club Dread (WS, now)

The Caveman's Valentine (WS, now)

Citizen X (FS, now)

Citizen Ruth (WS, now)

Cassandra's Dream (WS, now)

Conan the Barbarian (WS, *, now)

Cheech & Chong's Still Smokin' (WS, now)

Cheech & Chong's Next Movie (WS, now)

Cheech & Chong's The Corsican Brothers (WS, now)

Coriolanus (WS, now)

Coneheads (WS, now)

Crazy Stupid Love (WS, now)

Can't Buy Me Love (FS, now)

The Change-Up (WS, now)

A Civil Action (WS, now)

The Chase (WS, now)

Carriers (WS, now)

Cabin Boy (WS, now)

Couples Retreat (WS, *, now)

Chicago (WS, *, now)

Copycat (WS, now)

City Hall (WS, now)

Cop Out (WS, *, now)

The Cable Guy (WS, now)

Crazy Heart (WS, now)

Cold Creek Manor (WS, *, now)

Class Act (WS, now)

Cry Wolf -unrated- (WS, *, now)

Cube 2: Hypercube (WS, now)

Cube Zero (WS, now)

Clean Slate (WS, now)

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (WS, *, now)

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride (WS, *, now)

Company Business (WS, now)

Cinderella Man (WS, *, now)

Colors (WS, now)

Capote (WS, *, now)

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (WS, *, now)

Casino Jack (WS, now)

The Croods (WS, now)

Cruel Intentions (WS, *, now)

Cyrus (WS, now)

Curb Your Enthusiasm -HBO series-

Clear History (WS, now)

Chaplin (WS, *, now)


Chuck & Buck (WS, now)

Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant (WS, *, now)

Conspiracy Theory (WS, now)

Disney's A Christmas Carol -2009- (WS, now)

Canadian Bacon (WS, now)

Cemetery Junction (WS, now)

Children of Men (WS, *, now)

Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope (WS, now)

The Clearing (WS, now)

The Company Men (WS, now)

Caddyshack II (FS, now)

Dallas Buyers Club (WS, now)

Diggstown (WS, now)

Duplicity (WS, now)

Don't Say A Word (WS, *, now)

Death Sentence -unrated- (WS, now)

Deadgirl (WS, now)

Deep Rising

Dragonfly (WS, *, now)

Dracula Untold (WS, now)

Donnie Darko [Director's Cut] (WS, *, now)

Dead Again (WS, *, now)

Dazed and Confused (WS, *, now)

Don King: Only In America (FS, now)

Dancer In the Dark (WS, now)

Darkness Falls (WS, *, now)

Darkness (WS, now)

Dragonheart (WS, *, now)

Dances with Wolves

Dante's Peak

Daredevil (Affleck)

Dark City

The Dark Half


Dawn of the Dead (original and remake)

Day of the Dead -1985-


Dazed and Confused

Dead Poets Society

The Dead Zone

Defending Your Life


Demolition Man

The Departed

The Descent

The Devil's Advocate

Dick Tracy

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels


Disturbing Behavior

Dog Day Afternoon


Donnie Brasco

Donnie Darko

Don't Be a Menace


Down and Out in Beverly Hills

Drag Me to Hell


Dumb and Dumber


Deterrence (WS, now)

Derailed -unrated- (WS, now)

Deconstructing Harry (WS, now)

Disconnect (WS, now)

The Day the Earth Stood Still -2007- (WS, *, now)

The Darjeeling Limited (WS, now)

Dark Blue (WS, now)

The Dish (WS, now)


Death at a Funeral (WS, now)

Dinosaur (WS, *, now)

Death Race -unrated- (WS, now)

The Dark Crystal (WS, now)

Death Becomes Her (WS, now)

Dan in Real Life (WS, now)

Death to Smoochy (WS, *, now)

Defiance (WS, *, now)

Dr. Suess' How the Grinch Stole Christmas (FS, animated, *, now)

Dr. Suess' How the Grinch Stole Christmas (WS, live action, *, now)

Dr. Dolittle (WS, now)

Dr. Dolittle 2 (WS, *, now)

Doc Hollywood (FS, now)

Devil (WS, *, now)

Dead Space: Downfall (WS, now)

Daybreakers (WS, *, now)

Dead Man Walking (WS, *, now)

Doomsday -unrated- (WS, now)

Duplex (WS, now)

The Deer Hunter (WS, *, now)

Despicable Me (WS, *, now)

Dreamcatcher (WS, now)

Dick (WS, *, now)

District 9 (WS, *, now)

Devil's Knot (WS, now)

Deja Vu (WS, now)

Death of a President (WS, now)

Don't Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead (WS, now)

The Distinguished Gentleman (WS, now)

Dog Soldiers (WS, now)

Dahmer (FS, now)

Deepstar Six (FS, now)

Dreamgirls (WS, *, now)

Drive (WS, now)

The Debt (WS, now)

The Dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys (WS, *, now)

The Dictator (WS, now)

The Door in the Floor (WS, now)

Dinner for Schmucks (WS, *, now)

Da Ali G Show: Da Compleet Seereez (FS, now)

The Deep End (WS, now)

Dead Silence -unrated- (WS, now)

The Descendants (WS, now)

Date Night (WS, now)

Don Juan DeMarco (WS, now)

Dolores Claiborne (WS, now)

Deliverance (WS, *, now)

Domestic Disturbance (WS, now)

Dig! (FS, *, now)

The Devil's Rejects (WS, *, now)

Death and the Maiden (WS, now)

The Dukes of Hazzard -2005- unrated (WS, *, now)

Driving Miss Daisy (WS, *, now)

Evita (WS, now)

The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill but Came Down A Mountain (WS, now)

End of Watch (WS, now)

The Evening Star (WS, now)

The Enemy Within (FS, now)

Extreme Measures (WS, now)

Elysium (WS, now)

Evocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie (WS, now)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (WS, *, now)

Easy A (WS, *, now)

Eddie (WS, now)

Everybody's Fine (WS, now)

Eastern Promises (WS, now)


88 Minutes (WS, now)

Evelyn (WS, now)

Edge of Darkness (WS, now)

Elizabeth (WS, *, now)

Elizabeth: The Golden Age (WS, now)

Explorers (WS, now)

Eagle Eye

Eddie Murphy Delirious / Raw

The Edge

Ed and His Dead Mother


Edward Scissorhands

Ed Wood

8 Mile


Empire Records

Erin Brockovich

Escape Plan

E.T The Extra Terrestrial

Evil Dead (remake)

Evil Dead II

Executive Decision

The Expendables trilogy

Extras -TV series-

Eyes Wide Shut

Extract (WS, now)

The Emperor's Club (WS, *, now)

Ernest Goes to Camp (WS, now)

Escape from Alcatraz (WS, now)

Eurotrip -unrated- (WS, *, now)

Elephant (WS, now)

Enemy at the Gates (WS, now)

Flight of the Phoenix -2004- (WS, *, now)


Fahrenheit 9/11

The Family Guy trilogy (Star Wars parodies)

Fantastic Four / Rise of the Silver Surfer

The Fast and the Furious franchise, 7 films

Fatal Attraction


A Few Good Men

Field of Dreams

The Fifth Element

Final Destination series, 5 films

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

First Blood

A Fish Called Wanda



The Fly / The Fly II

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Forrest Gump


48 Hrs.

The 40 year Old Virgin


Freddy vs Jason



The Frighteners

From Dusk Till Dawn

From Hell

The Fugitive

Full Metal Jacket

Free Willy (WS, now)

Firestarter (WS, now)

Frisky Dingo -Season 1- (FS, now)

Frisky Dingo -Season 2- (FS, now)

The Fan (WS, now)

54 (WS, now)

Finding Neverland (WS, *, now)

Full Frontal (WS, *, now)

Firstborn (WS, now)

(500) Days of Summer (WS, now)

Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas (WS, *, now)

F/X (WS, now)

F/X 2 (WS, now)

The Fluffer -unrated- (WS, now)

Falling Down (WS, *, now)

Fargo (WS, *, now)

Futurama -TV series-

Futurama: Bender's Big Score (WS, now)

Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs (WS, now)

Futurama: Bender's Game (WS, now)

Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder (WS, now)

Fierce Creatures (FS, now)

The Flintstones (WS, *, now)

Firewall (WS, now)

Fido (WS, now)

Four Weddings and A Funeral (WS, *, now)

A Family Thing (WS, now)

Four Rooms (WS, now)

Fantastic Mr. Fox (WS, now)

Flags of our Fathers (WS, *, now)

The Forgotten (WS, now)

Flushed Away (WS, *, now)

Family Guy -TV series-

Flowers In the Attic (WS, now)

Flawless (WS, now)

Flawless -2008- (WS, now)

Fury (WS, now)

The Full Monty (WS, *, now)

Frost/Nixon (WS, now)

The Foot Fist Way (WS, now)

Fanboys (WS, now)

Far From Heaven (WS, now)

Funny Games (WS, now)

Funny People (WS, *, now)

Fast Food Nation (WS, *, now)

Frozen River (WS, now)

Frozen -2010- (WS, *, now)

The First Wives Club (WS, now)

The Fighter (WS, *, now)

Flight of the Navigator (WS, now)

The Fountain (WS, now)

Four Brothers (WS, *, now)

From Paris with Love (WS, *, now)

Fracture (WS, now)

Fighting (WS, now)

50/50 (WS, now)

Forever Young (FS, now)

Feast II: Sloppy Seconds (WS, now)

Friday the 13th -2009- (WS, now)

Flirting With Disaster (WS, *, now)

Frida (WS, *, now)

Friends with Money (WS, now)

Freaked (WS, *, now)

Furia (WS, now)

The Freshman (WS, now)

Find Me Guilty (WS, now)

Freddy Got Fingered (WS, *, now)

Fair Game (WS, now)

For Your Consideration (WS, now)

Father of the Bride (WS, *, now)

The Good Girl (WS, *, now)

Get Smart -2008- (WS, *, now)

Graveyard Shift (WS, now)

Ginger Snaps (WS, now)

Guess Who (WS, now)

The Girl Next Door -unrated- (WS, *, now)

Grandma's Boy -unrated- (WS, *, now)

The Great Debaters (WS, now)

The Good Thief (WS, now)

The Good Shepherd (WS, now)

Ghost World (WS, now)

The Golden Compass (WS, *, now)

Ghosts of Mississippi (WS, now)

A Good Year (WS, now)

The Grifters (WS, *, now)

Gone Baby Gone (WS, now)

Garage Days (WS, *, now)

Gosford Park (WS, *, now)

Gran Torino (WS, *, now)

The Gate

The Getaway

Get Real

Get Shorty

The Ghost and the Darkness

Ghost Ship


The Godfather trilogy

The Golden Child


Gone in 60 Seconds

Good Morning Vietnam

Good Will Hunting

The Great Outdoors

The Green Mile

Gung Ho

Get On The Bus (WS, now)

Garden State (WS, *, now)

Get Low (WS, *, now)

The Grand Budapest Hotel (WS, now)

Gangs of New York (WS, *, now)

The Green Hornet (WS, *, now)

Gang Related (WS, now)

Ghost Town (WS, now)

Guilty By Suspicion (FS, now)

Gentlemen Broncos (WS, now)

The Grey Zone (WS, now)

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard (WS, now)

Great Balls of Fire (WS, now)

Get Him to the Greek (WS, *, now)

Grizzly Man (WS, now)

Godzilla -2014- (WS, now)

Going the Distance (WS, *, now)

Gods and Monsters (WS, *, now)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo -2011- (WS, now)

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints (WS, *, now)

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero - The Complete First Series (FS, *, now)

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero - Season 2 (FS, now)

G.I. Joe: Series 2 Season 1 (FS, now)

G.I. Joe: Series 2 Season 2 (FS, now)

G.I. Joe: The Movie

The Good German (FS, now)

The Guardian (WS, *, now)

Gridlock'd (WS, now)

Gridiron Gang (WS, *, now)

Hedwig and the Angry Inch (WS, *, now)

Hotel Rwanda (WS, now)

Hart's War (WS, now)

Heroes: Season Three (WS, *, now)

Heroes: Season Four (WS, now)

Holes (WS, *, now)

Hidalgo (WS, now)

Hollywood Shuffle (WS, now)

Home Alone (WS, now)

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York (WS, now)

Harvey Birdman - Attorney at Law: Volume 1 (FS, *, now)

Harvey Birdman - Attorney at Law: Volume 2 (FS, *, now)

Harvey Birdman - Attorney at Law: Volume 3 (FS, now)

The Help (WS, now)

Hoosiers (WS, *, now)

Hamlet (Gibson & Branagh's)


Happy Gilmore

Harlem Nights

Harry Potter films, 8 movies




The Heist

Hellboy / Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Hellraiser / Hellbound: Hellraiser II / Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth

Higher Learning


The Hills Have Eyes -2006-

The Hitcher

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The Hobbit trilogy, extended editions

Hobo with a Shotgun


Hot Shots! / Hot Shots Part Deux

Hot Tub Time Machine

House on Haunted Hill -1999-

House of 1000 Corpses


The Hunt for Red October


The Heat (WS, now)

Hardball (WS, now)

Head On (WS, now)

Hairspray (WS, now)

Hollow Man (WS, now)

Hot to Trot (WS, now)

Half Baked (WS, *, now)

Hostage (WS, now)

The Hangover -unrated- (WS, now)

The Hangover part II (WS, now)

Hideaway (WS, now)

House of Sand and Fog (WS, *, now)

The Hoax (WS, now)

House Party (WS, now)

Hard Candy (WS, *, now)

Hackers (WS, now)

Hollywoodland (WS, now)

Hitchcock (WS, now)

Homegrown (WS, now)

High School High (WS, now)

Half Nelson (WS, *, now)

Housesitter (WS, now)

The Hunting Party (WS, now)

House of Cards: Season 1 (WS, now)

House of Cards: Season 2 (WS, now)

Houseguest (WS, now)

Harsh Times (WS, now)

The Hunted (WS, *, now)

Hiroshima (FS, now)

Hoodlum (WS, now)

Hugo (WS, now)

The History Boys (WS, now)

Hercules -Disney- (WS, now)

The Heartbreak Kid -2007- (WS, now)

Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who! -2008- (WS, *, now)

Honeymoon In Vegas (FS, now)

Hostel (WS, now)

Hostel part II (WS, *, now)

Hard Eight (WS, *, now)

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People (WS, now)

Hard Rain (WS, now)

High Spirits (WS, now)

Howards End (WS, now)

Hustle & Flow (WS, *, now)

High Tension -unrated- (WS, *, now)

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (WS, now)

Happiness (WS, now)

Happy Endings (WS, *, now)

Horrible Bosses 2 (WS, now)

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (FS, now)

Highway (WS, now)

The Hurt Locker (WS, now)

Hotel Transylvania (WS, *, now)

Hit and Runway (WS, now)

He's Just Not That Into You (WS, now)

The Hunting of the President (WS, now)

Hamlet 2 (WS, now)

Hero (WS, now)

Hulk Vs. (WS, *, now)

Hook (WS, now)

Hancock -unrated- (WS, *, now)

The In-Laws 2003 (WS, *, now)

In the Loop (WS, now)

The Illusionist (WS, now)

In the Line of Fire

The International (WS, *, now)

I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (WS, now)

In the Valley of Elah (WS, now)

I Love You Phillip Morris (WS, now)

If Looks Could Kill (WS, now)

I Know What You Did Last Summer


The Incredibles


In & Out

Inside man


Internal Affairs

Interview with the Vampire

The Invasion


Infamous (WS, now)

In the Flesh: Season 1 (WS, now)

In the Flesh: Season 2 (WS, October 7)

Into the Wild (WS, *, now)

An Ideal Husband (WS, now)

I'm Still Here (WS, *, now)

The Ice Storm (WS, *, now)

In the Bedroom (WS, now)

The Ice Harvest (WS, *, now)

I Could Never Be Your Woman (WS, now)

The Invention of Lying (WS, now)

Igby Goes Down (WS, *, now)

The Interpreter (WS, *, now)

Igor (WS, now)

The Best of Insomniac Uncensored Vol. 1 (FS, now)

The Best of Insomniac Uncensored Vol. 2 (FS, now)

Imaginary Heroes (WS, *, now)

It's My Party (WS, *, now)

I'm Not Rappaport (WS, now)

It's Pat (WS, now)

The Italian Job -2003- (WS, *, now)

Ice Age (Blu-Ray)

Ice Age: The Meltdown (WS, *, now)

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (WS, *, now)

Ice Age: Continental Drift (WS, now)

The Island (WS, now)

An Inconvenient Truth (WS, now)

I Come In Peace aka Dark Angel (WS, now)

In Bruges (WS, now)

It Runs In the Family (WS, *, now)

Invincible (WS, now)

In America (WS, *, now)

Idiocracy (WS, now)

The Ides of March (WS, now)

Indictment: The McMartin Trial (FS, now)

I Love Huckabees (WS, now)

Immortals (WS, now)

I Love You, Man (WS, *, now)

The Insider (WS, now)

Idle Hands (WS, now)

Identity (WS, now)

Imposter (WS, now)

The Imposters (WS, now)

In the Name of the Father (WS, now)

The Iron Giant (WS, *, now)

In Her Shoes (WS, now)

In the Land of Women (WS, now)

Innocent Blood (FS, now)

In Good Company (WS, *, now)

Jackass: The Movie (WS, *, now)

Jackass Number Two -unrated- (WS, *, now)

Jackass 2.5 (WS, now)

Jackass 3 (WS, now)

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (WS, now)

Journey to the Center of the Earth -2008- (WS, now)

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (WS, now)

Just Friends (WS, *, now)

Jumper (WS, now)

Junior (WS, now)

Jesus Camp (FS, now)

Julie & Julia (WS, now)

Jack the Bear (WS, now)

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back


The Jerk


Johnny Dangerously

John Q

Joy Ride

Judgment Night


Justice League; Crisis On Two Earths, The Flashpoint Paradox, War

Jingle All the Way (WS, now)

Jerry Maguire (WS, *, now)

Joe Versus the Volcano (WS, now)

Jersey Girl (WS, *, now)

Judge Dredd (WS, now)

The Jack Bull (FS, now)

Juno (WS, *, now)

Jiminy Glick in LaLaWood (WS, now)

The Jungle Book -Disney- (FS, now)

Jacob's Ladder (WS, *, now)

Jarhead (WS, now)

The Jerky Boys (N/A)

Jeffrey (WS, now)

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (WS, now)

Just One of the Guys (FS, now)

The Karate Kid -2010- (WS, *, now)

Kick Ass 2 (WS, now)

Kung Pow: Enter the Fist (WS, *, now)

Kung Fu Panda (WS, *, now)

Kung Fu Panda 2 (WS, *, now)

Kinsey (WS, *, now)

Killing Them Softly (WS, now)

King Arthur -director's cut- (WS, *, now)

Kicking & Screaming (WS, *, now)

The King of New York (WS, now)

The King of Comedy (WS, *, now)

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (WS, now)

The King's Speech (WS, *, now)

The Kid Stays in the Picture (WS, now)

The Karate Kid trilogy

Kick-Ass / Kick Ass 2


Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy


King Kong -2005-

King Ralph

Kiss of Death

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

K-19: The Widowmaker

Knocked Up



The Kids Are All Right (WS, now)

Kickin' It Old Skool (WS, now)

Kingsman: The Secret Service (WS, now)

Kentucky Fried Movie (WS, *, now)

King of California (WS, now)

The Kingdom (WS, *, now)

The Kids in the Hall: Season One (FS, *, now)

The Kids in the Hall: The Complete Season 2 (FS, *, now)

The Kids in the Hall: Season 3 (FS, now)

The Kids in the Hall: Season 4 (FS, now)

The Kids in the Hall: Season 5 (FS, now)

The Kids in the Hall: Death Comes To Town (WS, now)

Kung Fu Hustle (WS, *, now)

Kurt and Courtney (FS, *, now)

Kingdom of Heaven (WS, *, now)

Little Children (WS, now)

Life as a House (WS, now)

Longtime Companion (WS, now)

Levity (WS, now)

The Last King of Scotland (WS, *, now)

Loverboy (WS, now)

L.A Confidential


Land of the Dead

Last Action Hero

The Last Boy Scout

Last Man Standing

The Last Castle

The Last Exorcism

L.A Story

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

A League of Their Own

Lethal Weapon series, 4 films

License to Drive

License to Kill



Little Shop of Horrors

Loaded Weapon 1

Lock Up

Loose Cannons

The Lord of the Rings trilogy, extended editions

Lord of War

The Lost Boys

Love! Valour! Compassion!

Letters from Iwo Jima (WS, *, now)

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (WS, *, now)

The Last Kiss (WS, *, now)

Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World (WS, now)

Lonely Hearts (WS, now)

Love Actually (WS, *, now)

Looper (WS, now)

The Longest Yard -2005- (WS, *, now)

The Lonely Guy (WS, now)

Lake Placid (WS, now)

Looney Tunes: Back In Action (WS, now)

The Libertine (WS, *, now)

The Last Samurai (WS, *, now)

Lean On Me (FS, now)

Les Miserables (WS, now)

Look Who's Talking (WS, now)

Layer Cake (WS, *, now)

Like It Is (FS, now)

Limbo (WS, now)

The Ladykillers (WS, now)

The Legend of Zorro (WS, *, now)

Leap of Faith (WS, now)

Little Big League (FS, now)

Lakeview Terrace (WS, now)

Lost In Translation (WS, *, now)

The Late Shift (WS, now)

Le Divorce (WS, now)

The Limey (WS, *, now)

Larger Than Life (FS, now)

Life Is Beautiful (WS, now)

Life Stinks (WS, now)

Looney Tunes The Golden Collection (FS, *, now)

Looney Tunes The Golden Collection Volume 2 (FS, *, now)

Looney Tunes - The Golden Collection Volume 3 (FS, now)

Looney Tunes - The Golden Collection Volume 4 (FS, *, now)

Looney Tunes - The Golden Collection Volume 5 (FS, *, now)

Looney Tunes - The Golden Collection Volume 6 (FS, now)

The Last Supper (WS, now)

The Lion King (WS, *, now)

Little Miss Sunshine (WS, now)

The Larry Sanders Show: The Complete First Season (FS, now)

The Larry Sanders Show: Season 2 (FS, now)

The Larry Sanders Show: Season 3 (FS, now)

Not Just the best of The Larry Sanders Show (FS, *, now)

Love and Death On Long Island (WS, now)

Little Nikita (WS, now)

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (WS, *, now)

Lucky Number Slevin (WS, now)

The Last of the Mohicans (WS, now)

Let's Go to Prison -unrated- (WS, now)

Last Chance Harvey (WS, now)

Lone Star (WS, now)

Lions for Lambs (WS, now)

The Lovely Bones (WS, now)

L.I.E. -unrated- (WS, now)

Limitless (WS, now)

Last Vegas (WS, now)

Lost Angels (WS, now)

The Lookout (WS, now)

Mrs. Henderson Presents (WS, now)

Michael Clayton (WS, now)

Mafia (WS, now)

Margot at the Wedding (WS, now)

Monster's Ball (WS, now)

My First Mister (WS, now)

The Matador (WS, *, now)

Meet Bill (WS, now)

Mystery Men (WS, *, now)

Mean Machine (WS, now)

The Messengers (WS, now)

Mad City


Mad Dog and Glory


Madonna: Truth or Dare

Malcolm X

Man on the Moon

Mars Attacks

The Mask

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

Masters of the Universe

Matchstick Men


Maximum Overdrive

Meet the Parents / Meet the Fockers


Men at Work

Me, Myself and Irene

Midnight Express

Minority Report

Mr. Baseball

Mr. Brooks

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Mr. Show -TV series-

Money Train

Monsters, Inc

The Monster Squad

Monty Python films; Life of Brian, Meaning of Life, Holy Grail

Moon Over Parador

Mortal Kombat


Mrs. Doubtfire


My Cousin Vinny

My Own Private Idaho

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie

Mystery, Alaska (WS, now)

A Mighty Heart (WS, now)

Meet the Robinsons (WS, now)

My Boyfriend's Back (WS, now)

Men In Black III (WS, *, now)

Mother Night (WS, now)

Matilda (FS, *, now)

Mississippi Burning (WS, now)

Moneyball (WS, *, now)

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (WS, now)

Monster House (WS, now)

Monster (WS, now)

MacGruber (WS, now)

Mysterious Skin (WS, now)

May (WS, now)

Max (WS, now)

March of the Penguins (WS, now)

Mixed Nuts (FS, now)

Mean Creek (WS, now)

Mirrors (WS, now)

Malibu's Most Wanted (WS, now)

My Best Friend's Girl -unrated- (WS, *, now)

Moonrise Kingdom (WS, now)

Madagascar (WS, *, now)

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (WS, now)

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (WS, now)

Mickey Blue Eyes (WS, now)

Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil (WS, now)

Mr. Wrong (WS, now)

Michael Collins (WS, now)

Mouse Hunt (WS, now)

A Mighty Wind (WS, *, now)

Morgan Stewart's Coming Home (N/A)

Mystery Science Theater 3000: 20th Anniversary Edition (FS, now)

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Essentials (FS, now)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 XIV (FS, now)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 XV (FS, now)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 XVI (FS, now)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 XVII (FS, now)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 XVIII (FS, now)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 XIX (FS, now)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 XX (FS, now)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 XXI (FS, now)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 XXII (FS, now)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 XXIII (FS, now)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 XXIV (FS, now)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 XXV (FS, now)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 XXVI (FS, now)

The Mothman Prophecies (WS, *, now)

Major League: Back to the Minors (WS, now)

Matinee (WS, now)

Moulin Rouge (WS, *, now)

Marvel's Agents of Shield: First Season (WS, now)

Match Point (WS, now)

Megamind (WS, *, now)

My Best Friend Is A Vampire (FS, now)

My Fellow Americans (FS, now)

The Manchurian Candidate -2004- (WS, *, now)

The Messenger (WS, now)

Muriel's Wedding (WS, now)

The Man from Elysian Fields (WS, now)

My Boss's Daughter -R Rated- (WS, now)

Miracle (WS, *, now)

Moon (WS, *, now)

Mission to Mars (WS, now)

The Man Who Knew Too Little (WS, now)

The Mask of Zorro (WS, now)

The Muppets (WS, *, now)

The Muppets Take Manhatten (WS, now)

The Manhatten Project (WS, now)

Mystic River (WS, *, now)

The Machinist (WS, now)

Mean Girls (WS, *, now)

Man of the Year (WS, now)

The Mel Brooks Collection (WS, *, now) [includes; High Anxiety, History of the World Part 1, Silent Movie, To Be or Not to Be, Twelve Chairs, Young Frankenstein] Blu-Ray

Midnight Cowboy (WS, *, now)

Mr. Holland's Opus (WS, now)

The Midnight Meat Train -director's cut- (WS, now)

Mr. Destiny (WS, now)

Metallica: Some Kind of Monster (FS, *, now)

Midnight in Paris (WS, now)

Mr. Mom (FS, now)

Marvin's Room (WS, now)

Money Talks (WS, now)

Mobsters (WS, now)

The Majestic (WS, now)

The Mosquito Coast (WS, now)

The Mirror Has Two Faces (WS, now)

Mirrormask (WS, now)

Mission: Impossible III (WS, *, now)

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (WS, now)

Marathon Man (WS, now)

Miami Vice -2006- [unrated] (WS, *, now)

Murder By Numbers (WS, now)

Masters of Horror: Season 1 Volume 1 [includes Cigarette Burns] (WS, now) Blu-Ray

Murderball (WS, *, now)

Mumford (WS, now)

Million Dollar Baby (WS, *, now)

Music and Lyrics (WS, now)

My Best Friend's Wedding (WS, *, now)

Martian Child (WS, now)

Milk (WS, now)

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy (WS, *, now)

Nicholas Nickleby (WS, *, now)

Napoleon Dynamite (WS, *, now)

Never Let Me Go (WS, now)

Nothing but Trouble (FS, now)

North Country (WS, now)

The Next Three Days (WS, *, now)

Nightcrawler (WS, February 10)

Narc (WS, *, now)

9/11: The Filmmakers Commemorative Edition (WS, now)

Neighbors -2014- (WS, now)

9 (WS, *, now)

Nothing To Lose (WS, now)

National Treasure / National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets (WS, *, now)

976-EVIL (FS, now)

Non-Stop (WS, now)

The Naked Gun trilogy

Naked Lunch

Natural Born Killers

Near Dark

Needful Things

The Negotiator

The Neverending Story

New Jack City

Nick of Time


The Nightmare Before Christmas

Night of the Living Dead -1990-

Nine Months

9 to 5

The Ninth Gate


Nobody's Fool

No Country for Old Men

No Escape

Not Another Teen Movie

The Nutty Professor / II: The Klumps

Nothing but the Truth (WS, now)

Next Friday (WS, *, now)

Nico and Dani (FS, now)

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist (WS, *, now)

Notting Hill (WS, *, now)

Night at the Museum (WS, *, now)

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (WS, *, now)

Night Watch (WS, now)

Norma Rae (WS, now)

The Night Listener (WS, now)

Notes on a Scandal (WS, now)

The Notebook (WS, *, now)

A Night at the Roxbury (WS, *, now)

Not Without My Daughter (WS, now)

Next (WS, now)

One Hour Photo (WS, now)

Oz: The Great and Powerful (WS, *, now)

127 Hours (WS, now)

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism (FS, now)

Out Of Time (WS, now)

Over the Hedge (WS, *, now)

Othello -Branagh- (WS, now)

Open Season (WS, now)

Off the Black (WS, now)

O (WS, *, now)

The Other Guys (WS, *, now)

Open Range (WS, *, now)

The Office -UK TV series-

Office Space

The Omen trilogy + remake of original


Only the Lonely

Other People's Money

The Others


Out of Sight

Out to Sea

Once (WS, now)

Once Upon A Time In America (WS, *, now)

Once Upon A Time In Mexico (WS, *, now)

Of Mice and Men (WS, now)

Oz -HBO series-

Orange County (WS, now)

October Sky (WS, *, now)

Opportunity Knocks (WS, now)

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (WS, *, now)

The Order (WS, now)

Out For Justice (WS, now)

On Deadly Ground (WS, now)

Osmosis Jones (WS, *, now)

O Brother, Where Art Thou? (WS, now)

Operation Dumbo Drop (FS, now)

Open Water (WS, *, now)

Observe and Report (WS, now)

The Opposite of Sex (WS, now)

The Object of My Affection (WS, now)

Punch-Drunk Love (WS, *, now)

Pulse -unrated- (WS, *, now)

The Professional (WS, now)

Prick Up Your Ears (WS, now)

Pet Sematary Two (WS, now)

The Package (WS, now)

Panic Room (WS, *, now)

Public Enemies (WS, *, now)

The Pentagon Wars (now)

Pacific Heights


Panic Room

Paradise Lost trilogy




Pearl Harbor

The People Under the Stairs

The People vs Larry Flynt

A Perfect World


Phone Booth


Pineapple Express

Pink Floyd: The Wall

The Pink Panther films, 6 or 7 movies

Pirates of the Caribbean quadrilogy


Planet of the Apes -2001-


Police Academy films, 7 movies

Police Squad -TV series-

Poltergeist trilogy


The Prestige

Primal Fear

Primary Colors

Private Parts


Pump Up the Volume

The Punisher -1989-

The Puppet Masters

Pride & Glory (WS, now)

Puss in Boots (WS, *, now)

Peter's Friends (N/A)

The Proposition (WS, now)

Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (WS, now)

Pan's Labyrinth (WS, *, now)

Precious (WS, *, now)

The Pest (WS, now)

Paul (WS, *, now)

Powder (WS, now)

The Producers (WS, *, now)

Play Dead (N/A)

Pathfinder -unrated- (WS, *, now)

Priest (WS, now)

Pride (WS, now)

The Paper (FS, now)

The Postman (WS, now)

Postcards From the Edge (WS, now)

Peaceful Warrior (WS, *, now)

Paycheck (WS, *, now)

Princess Mononoke (WS, now)

The People vs. Larry Flynt (WS, *, now)

Play It To the Bone (WS, now)

Pieces Of April (WS, now)

Pinero (WS, now)

The Pianist (WS, now)

Patton (WS, *, now)

Phantasm 2 (WS, *, BD, now)

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (WS, now)

The Prince of Egypt (WS, *, now)

Pontypool (WS, now)

Pompeii (WS, now)

Psycho -1998- (WS, *, now)

A Prairie Home Companion (WS, *, now)

Project Greenlight (FS, *, now)

Peter Pan -2003- (WS, *, now)

Playing By Heart (WS, now)

Phantoms (WS, now)

Proof of Life (WS, now)

Platoon (WS, *, now)

Pollock (WS, *, now)

The Pursuit of Happyness (WS, *, now)

PCU (WS, now)

Premonition (WS, *, now)

The Pelican Brief (WS, now)

Prozac Nation (WS, now)

The Pink Panther 2 (WS, now)

Pink Cadillac (WS, now)

Pretty Woman (WS, now)

The Principal (FS, now)

Project X (WS, now)

The Prince of Tides (WS, now)

Party Girl (FS, now)

The Quiet American (WS, *, now)



Quick Change

The Quick and the Dead

Quigley Down Under

The Queen (WS, now)

Quiz Show (WS, now)

Quantum of Solace (WS, *, now)

Queer As Folk -US TV series-

The Queen Symphony (WS, now)

The Ring Two -unrated- (WS, *, now)

William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet (WS, *, now)

Run (N/A)

The Rainmaker

Rain Man

Raising Arizona

Raising Cain





Red Dragon

Red Planet

The Ref

Requiem for a Dream

Resident Evil series

Return of the Living Dead part 2


Revenge of the Nerds

Reversal of Fortune

The Right Stuff

The Ring

Rise of the Guardians

Rising Sun

The River Wild

The Road

Road House

Road to Perdition

Road Trip

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Roger & Me



The Ruins

The Running Man

Rush Hour trilogy


Ruthless People

Rabbit-Proof Fence (WS, now)

Rango (WS, now)

Running Scared -2006- (WS, now)

Red 2 (WS, now)

Repossessed (FS, now)

The Rock

Right at Your Door (WS, now)

Rookie of the Year (WS, now)

The Rookie (WS, now)

The Rundown (WS, *, now)

Run Ronnie Run (WS, now)

Red Eye (WS, now)

The Reaping (WS, now)

Radioland Murders (WS, now)

Rampart (WS, now)

Runaway (WS, now)

Ravenous (WS, *, now)

Run Fatboy Run (WS, now)

Reign of Fire (WS, now)

The Remains of the Day (WS, *, now)

The Rat Pack (FS, now)

Real Genius (WS, now)

Run Lola Run (WS, now)

The Rules of Attraction (WS, now)

Rock N Rolla (WS, now)

Robin Hood -Disney- (FS, now)

A Return to Salem's Lot (WS, now)

Rob Roy (WS, now)

Resurrection (WS, now)

Roxanne (WS, now)

Richard Pryor: Live in Concert (FS, now)

Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip (FS, now)

Richard Pryor: Live and Smokin' (FS, now)

Richard Pryor: Here and Now (WS, now)

Reno 911!: Miami -unrated- (WS, *, now)

Robin Hood -2010- (WS, *, now)

Rogue Trader (WS, now)

The Rocketeer (WS, now)

Ricochet (WS, now)

Robot Chicken -TV series-

Regarding Henry (WS, now)

Rosewood (WS, now)

The Royal Tenenbaums (WS, *, now)

Rocketman (FS, now)

Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (FS, now)

Redbelt (WS, *, now)

River's Edge (WS, now)

The Rescuers Down Under -Disney- (WS, now)

Revolver (WS, * now)

Real Men (FS, now)

Resurrecting the Champ (WS, now)

Runaway Train (WS, now)

Running On Empty (FS, now)

The Recruit (WS, now)

Revolutionary Road (WS, now)

Raising Helen (WS, now)

Rachel Getting Married (WS, *, now)

Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds In Paradise (WS, now)

Repo! The Genetic Opera (WS, now)

Running with Scissors (WS, now)

Ray (WS, *, now)

Religulous (WS, now)

Roger Dodger (WS, *, now)

Role Models -unrated- (WS, *, now)

Renaissance Man (WS, now)

Syriana (WS, now)

Sexy Beast (WS, now)

(Dixie Chicks) Shut Up and Sing (FS, now)

Swingers (WS, *, now)

Snakes on a Plane (WS, *, now)

Session 9 (WS, now)

Sid & Nancy (WS, *, now)

Shopgirl (WS, now)

The Sandlot

Saturday Night Fever


Saving Private Ryan

Saw films, 7 movies


Scary Movie trilogy

Schindler's List

School Ties

Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Scream films, 4 movies


Sea of Love

See No Evil, Hear No Evil


The Serpent and the Rainbow

Sgt. Bilko

The Shadow

Sherlock Holmes -2009- / Game of Shadows

The Shining


Shoot em Up

The Siege


The Silence of the Lambs

Spectre (WS, now)

Silver Streak

The Simpsons Movie

Sin City / A Dame to Kill For

Six Degrees of Separation

The Sixth Sense

Sling Blade





So I Married an Axe Murderer

South Park Bigger, Longer & Uncut



Space Cowboys

Spaced -UK TV series-

Spawn -HBO series-

Spider-Man trilogy


Starship Troopers

Step Brothers

Stir Crazy

Stir of Echoes

The Strangers

Student Bodies

Summer School

The Sum of All Fears


Superman anthology, 5 movies

Super Troopers

The Survivors


Sahara (WS, *, now)

Stealth (WS, *, now)

Set It Off (WS, now)

Super 8 (WS, *, now)

Something New (WS, now)

Stranger than Fiction (WS, *, now)

Salt (WS, *, now)

Secondhand Lions (WS, *, now)

Source Code (WS, now)

School for Scoundrels -unrated- (WS, *, now)

The Squid and the Whale (WS, now)

Seraphim Falls (WS, now)

SLC Punk (WS, now)

The Social Network (WS, *, now)

Storytelling (WS, now)

Skyline (WS, *, now)

Surviving the Game (WS, now)

Super (WS, now)

Soul Survivors (WS, *, now)

The Sitter (WS, now)

Spartan (WS, now)

St. Vincent (WS, now)

The Sweetest Thing -unrated- (WS, now)

Solitary Man (WS, now)

Series 7: The Contenders (WS, *, now)

Seven Psychopaths (WS, now)

Salem's Lot (FS, now)

The Sweet Hereafter (WS, *, now)

Secretary (WS, now)

Something's Gotta Give (WS, now)

Saving Silverman -R rated version- (WS, now)

The Sentinel (WS, *, now)

Sleepless In Seattle (WS, *, now)

Swimfan (WS, now)

Shortbus -unrated- (WS, now)

Stolen Summer (WS, *, now)

Sleeping with the Enemy (WS, now)

Sphere (WS, now)

The Station Agent (WS, now)

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (WS, now)

The Sorcerer's Apprentice (WS, *, now)

The Shipping News (WS, now)

South Park -TV series-

Stay Tuned (WS, now)

Stateside (WS, *, now)

Sold Out: A Threevening with Kevin Smith (WS, now)

The Slammin' Salmon (WS, now)

Shattered Glass (WS, now)

Spirited Away (WS, *, now)

Swing Vote (WS, now)

Starsky & Hutch (WS, *, now)

Seabiscuit (WS, *, now)

Swimming With Sharks (WS, *, now)

A Single Man (WS, now)

The Substitute (WS, now)

Shallow Grave (WS, now)

The Simpsons -TV series-

Strange Wilderness (WS, now)

Say Anything (WS, *, now)

Shadow of the Vampire (WS, *, now)

Superhero Movie -extended edition- (WS, now)

Solaris (WS, now)

The Sum of Us (WS, now)

The Shrimp on the Barbie (N/A)

Strangeland (WS, now)

The Sasquatch Gang (WS, now)

Snatch (WS, *, now)

Street Kings (WS, now)

Super Size Me (WS, now)

Sleuth (WS, now)

Sunshine State (WS, now)

Stander (WS, now)

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (WS, *, now)

Serial Mom (WS, *, now)

Summer Rental (WS, now)

Stop-Loss (WS, now)

Speed Racer -2008- (WS, now)

Silver Bullet (WS, now)

Super High Me (WS, now)

Strangers with Candy (WS, now)

Sonny (WS, now)

17 Again (WS, now)

A Simple Twist of Fate (WS, now)

The Spiderwick Chronicles (WS, *, now)

A Scanner Darkly (WS, now)

The Straight Story (WS, now)

Slacker Uprising (WS, now)

Stuart Little (WS, *, now)

Stuart Little 2 (WS, *, now)

Sky High (WS, now)

Summer of Sam (WS, now)

Stardust (WS, now)

Skyfall (WS, *, now)

Sleepers (WS, now)

Sliding Doors (WS, now)

Sealab 2021 -Season 1- (FS, now)

Sealab 2021 -Season 2- (FS, now)

Sealab 2021 -Season 3- (FS, now)

Sealab 2021 -Season 4- (FS, now)

Surviving Picasso (N/A)

Shooter (WS, now)

State of Play (WS, now)

Suburbia (N/A)

The 6th Day (WS, *, now)

School of Rock (WS, *, now)

Shall We Dance? -2004- (WS, *, now)

Straw Dogs -2011- (WS, now)

The Santa Clause (WS, now)

The Santa Clause 2 (WS, *, now)

Switchback (WS, now)

A Serious Man (WS, now)

16 Blocks (WS, now)

Sommersby (WS, now)

Shutter Island (WS, now)

Sour Grapes (FS, now)

Secret Window (WS, *, now)

Sleeping Dogs Lie (WS, now)

Scenes from a Mall (WS, now)

Smokin' Aces (WS, *, now)

State and Main (WS, now)

The Spanish Prisoner (WS, now)

Stick It (WS, *, now)

Seed of Chucky -unrated- (WS, *, now)

Short Circuit (WS, *, now)

Short Circuit 2 (WS, now)

Shallow Hal (WS, *, now)

Steel Magnolias (WS, *, now)

Savior (WS, now)

Small Time Crooks (WS, now)

THX 1138 (WS, *, now)

Taking Care of Business (FS, now)

The Taking of Pelham 123 -2009- (WS, now)

13 Sins (WS, now)

Twins (FS, now)

Teeth (WS, now)

12 Years a Slave (WS, now)

The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (WS, now)

25th Hour (WS, *, now)

Take the Lead (WS, *, now)

Total Recall -2012- (WS, now)


The Talented Mr. Ripley

Tales from the Crypt -TV series-

Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight / Bordello of Blood

Tales from the Darkside: The Movie

Talk Radio

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby


Tears of the Sun

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre -2003-

That Thing You Do

There Will Be Blood

There's Something About Mary


Thirteen Days

Thirteen Ghosts

30 Days of Night

This Boy's Life

This Is Spinal Tap

This Is the End

Three Amigos

Three Fugitives

Throw Momma from the Train

A Time to Kill




Tommy Boy

Tomorrow Never Dies


Top Secret

Torch Song Trilogy

Total Recall

The Town

The Toy

Toy Story trilogy

Trading Places


Transformers films, 4 movies




Tropic Thunder


True Grit -2010-

True Lies

The Truman Show

12 Monkeys

28 Days Later / Weeks Later

Twilight Zone: The Movie


Terms of Endearment (WS, now)

Trekkies (FS, now)

Trekkies 2 (FS, now)

Thank You for Smoking (WS, *, now)

Tuck Everlasting (WS, now)

30 Minutes or Less (WS, *, now)

Two for the Money (WS, *, now)

21 (WS, now)

Takers (WS, now)

Transamerica (WS, *, now)

Transformers: The Complete Series (FS, now)

Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny (WS, *, now)

Thelma and Louise (WS, *, now)

Total Eclipse (WS, now)

Timeline (WS, now)

Triangle (WS, now)

Treasure Planet (WS, now)

3:10 to Yuma -2007- (WS, now)

21 Jump Street (WS, *, now)

22 Jump Street (WS, now)

The 13th Warrior (WS, now)

13 Going On 30 (WS, *, now)

The Tree of Life (WS, now)

TMNT (WS, *, now)

Thunderheart (WS, now)

Ted (WS, *, now)

Thunderbirds (WS, *, now)

Tadpole (WS, now)

Trade (WS, now)

21 Grams (WS, now)

Wes Craven Presents: They (WS, now)

Thirteen (WS, now)

13 Conversations About One Thing (WS, now)

29th Street (N/A)

Tomorrowland (WS, now)

The TV Set (WS, now)

Timecode (WS, *, now)

The Trip (WS, now)

Timecop (FS, now)

Threesome (WS, now)

2 Days In the Valley (WS, now)

The Terminal (WS, now)

Tank (FS, now)

200 Cigarettes (WS, now)

24 Hour Party People (WS, *, now)

Titan A.E. (WS, now)

The Truth About Cats and Dogs (WS, now)

This Is 40 (WS, now)

Torque (WS, now)

To Wong Foo; Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmarr (WS, now)

The Tailor of Panama (WS, now)

Turistas (WS, now)

Tango & Cash (WS, now)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning -unrated- (WS, *, now)

The Time Machine (WS, *, now)

Truman (FS, now)

Toy Soldiers (FS, now)

12 Angry Men [1997] (N/A)

The Two Jakes (WS, now)

Teen Wolf (WS, now)

Tin Cup (WS, now)

Tough Guys (N/A)

Under Suspicion (WS, now)

Untraceable (WS, now)

Unfaithful (WS, *, now)

Up in the Air (WS, *, now)




Uncle Buck

Uncommon Valor

Under Siege / Dark Territory


United 93

Unlawful Entry

The Untouchables


Up In Smoke


Used Cars

Under the Tuscan Sun (WS, now)

Ultimate Avengers: The Movie (WS, *, now)

Undercover Brother (WS, *, now)

Unstoppable (WS, now)

The Upside of Anger (WS, now)

An Unfinished Life (WS, now)

Up Close & Personal (WS, now)

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (WS, *, now)

Ulee's Gold (WS, now)

Vamp (WS, *, now)

Vantage Point (WS, now)

Veep -HBO series-


Vacancy (WS, now)

Velvet Goldmine

A View to a Kill

The Village (WS, now)

Veronica Guerin (WS, *, now)

Virtuosity (WS, now)

The Visitor (WS, now)

Venus (WS, now)

The Voices (WS, now)

Varsity Blues (WS, now)

VHS 2 (WS, now)

VHS Viral (WS, now)

Valkyrie (WS, *, now)

Vanilla Sky (WS, *, now)

The War At Home (WS, now)

The Weather Man (WS, *, now)

The Wolf of Wall Street (WS, now)

The Witches (FS, now)

What's Love Got To Do With It? (WS, now)

The War Room (FS, now)

Waiting To Exhale (WS, now)

Wag the Dog (WS, *, now)

Welcome to the Dollhouse (WS, now)

Wonderland (WS, *, now)

Waitress (WS, *, now)

War, Inc. (WS, now)

World Trade Center (WS, *, now)

When We Were Kings (WS, now)

White Water Summer (WS, now)

Where the Buffalo Roam (WS, now)

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (WS, *, now)

When A Stranger Calls -2006- (WS, now)

The Wrestler (WS, now)

Wilde (WS, *, now)

Windy City Heat (FS, now)

Waking Life (WS, *, now)

Warrior (WS, now)

Wild Hogs (WS, now)

Wild Wild West (WS, *, now)

West of Memphis (WS, now)

Wal*Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices (WS, *, now)

Wild Things (WS, now)

We Own The Night (WS, now)

Wonder Boys (WS, now)

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (WS, now)

The Woodsman (WS, now)

Waiting for Guffman

The Walking Dead -TV series-


Wall Street


The War of the Roses


Warm Bodies

War of the Worlds -2005-

The Warriors

The Waterboy


Wayne's World / 2

Wedding Crashers

Weekend at Bernie's

Weird Science

What About Bob?

What Lies Beneath

What Women Want

White Men Can't Jump

White Squall

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Who's Harry Crumb


Wise Guys

The Witches of Eastwick


The World According to Garp

The World's End

The World Is Not Enough

Wreck-It Ralph

We're the Millers (WS, now)

Where the Wild Things Are (WS, now)

We Need to Talk About Kevin (WS, now)

Waiting -unrated- (WS, *, now)

Wanderlust (WS, *, now)

White Oleander (WS, now)

Whatever Works (WS, now)

World's Greatest Dad (WS, now)

Wanted Dead Or Alive (WS, now)

Winged Migration (WS, *, now)

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (WS, *, now)

Waxwork II: Lost In Time (FS, now)

White Noise (WS, now)

Wet Hot American Summer (WS, *, now)

The Way Way Back (WS, now)

Walk the Line (WS, *, now)

Wrong Turn (WS, *, now)

W. (WS, now)

The Wild (WS, now)

Welcome to Mooseport (WS, *, now)

The X-Files: Fight the Future / I Want To Believe

Yellowbeard (WS, now)

Youth in Revolt (WS, *, now)

Young Frankenstein

Young Guns / II

You Kill Me (WS, now)

Young Adult (WS, now)

You Can Count On Me (WS, now)

Your Highness (WS, *, now)

Year One (WS, *, now)

The Zodiac (WS, now)

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Zathura (WS, *, now)